justice-winnerI am not falling for your bullshit, all of the deceptions have been tried and have failed.

You will not find the fringed, flag, corporation, image of god, sovereign citizen, theocracy, or other related horseshit on this site.

Your comments are recorded, but always laughed at and ignored.

The level of enthusiasm with which the asshat army presents and demands I accept their ideology and explanation is always far too over the top to be believed.

How about you stick to your sick bar association endorsed jokes to embarrass people. It’s not my way.

I do not now nor have I ever sought to embarrass and humiliate anyone. Though the bar association sees that as a weakness, they are grossly mistaken. People are to be believed in, not corrupt organizations.

My site demonstrates my constant belief in people. It demonstrates the perpetual effort of an organization which causes people to engage in criminal actions purportedly on behalf of another, but ALWAYS on the demand of the organization for the protection of the organization.

Take your ridiculous stories elsewhere. But honestly, if you would just STFU the world would be a better place already.

We’re not buying that dumbass hate-spewing, pseudo-legalspeak bullshit in this case.

I demand and assert my rights.

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