The latest in convoluted disinformation arrived from the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Thirteen pages of a complete disregard for the issue, and absence of facts.

Why do they persist in the foolishness of ignoring the issue. It’s no game for me.

Their fraud has corrupted the entire Montgomery County Bench, the Eastern District Court, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and revealed a systemic problem throughout every state and federal judiciary regarding fraud.

It has demonstrated the complete failure of every level of state and federal government – politicians and law enforcement – to take ANY action to preserve, protect, defend, support or enforce, the United States Constitution. Responsibility for the Constitutional Crisis in the US rests with the Judicial Branch – undermined and usurped by the American Bar Association.

A problem created when the American Bar Association decided it was ethical to commit fraud and made it illegal to disclose it. Fraud is not ethical, moral or legal. Concealing it from the victim, the courts and law enforcement while obstructing justice is a violation of constitutional rights. Even when somehow the ABA convinced the supreme courts in every state to ‘go along’.

The victim of the ‘fraud’ injustice will end up 1) Homeless/Destitute, 2) Incarcerated, or 3) Suicide.

A deliberately defective order issued without jurisdiction which has been repeatedly enforced and acted upon while the court neglects the fact that the order is defective and void.

That is not something which is going to change. Jurisdiction is not retroactive.

1) The Court quashes the Appeal filed on August 15, 2011.
In doing so, the court has acknowledged the existence of a properly filed and timely appeal which was neglected by the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. A VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS.

By their own acknowledgement, Judge Page lacked jurisdiction to issue the order of April 5, 2013 after improperly and ILLEGALLY conducting hearings during a pending appeal. A VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS.

2) The Superior Court neglects with clear intent and disinformation efforts to address the defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio neglected her lack of jurisdiction. A VIOLATION OF PA LAW.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio neglected to address her clearly defective order. A VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio neglected THE LAW, and the Constitutional rights of a litigant, choosing instead to further victimize the litigant with subsequent corrupt orders in support of her defective one. JUDGES ARE ALLOWED TO BE MALICIOUS.

– –

With the August 2011 Appeal pending, the litigant was left to await the decision.

UNTIL, a petition attempting to enforce the order was filed during the pending appeal.

– Angst & Angst neglected to address the multiple failures in jurisdiction. This was a deliberate act to compel the judge to sacrifice his integrity.
– Judge Haaz did not oblige their manipulation.
– Judge Coonahan did not oblige their manipulation.
– Judge Page scheduled the hearing – in spite of the evidence of the pending appeal on the court record.

Judge Page then further ruled while COMPLETELY neglecting the evidence of the defective and void order.
– Angst & Angst had presented no evidence in support of jurisdiction, or countering the evidence in the court record of the defect in the order of May 9, 2011. This was a deliberate act to compel the judge to sacrifice his integrity.


In the Appellant Brief it was clearly presented that the May 9, 2011 order was defective and void and that the evidence was presented during the improperly held hearings.

Angst & Angst neglected to address the defective and void order in their Breif, and failed again to counter ANY of the evidence which demonstrated the lack of jurisdiction for the court to issue of May 9, 2011. This was a deliberate act to compel the judges to sacrifice their integrity.

So we have a MEMORANDUM by DONOHUE, J. which neglects the central issue – the defective and void order of May 9, 2011. Neglects to address the denial of due process and the rights of the litigant. OH, and also completely neglects to mention that THE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE OF RULE 1.6 is based on this matter.

Rule 1.6 is the unconstitutional law which encourages this type of misdirected, disinformed injustice through overwhelming and excessive litigation which results when a lawyer commits a fraud upon the court and attributes it to a client.) and then alleges the information is protected by attorney-client privilege.

The thing is that ALL OF THE DISINFORMATION AND RHETORIC IN THE WORLD is never going to give Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio jurisdiction to issue her defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

FAILURE to address the defective and void order involves all further judges in the conspiracy to commit treason. That is what the crime is called when a judge issues an order without jurisdiction.

The MEMORANDUM by DONOHUE, J. also gets the facts completely wrong. Does that really matter? Not really… BECAUSE the incorrect information is just the disinformation tactic to distract from the fact that they are attempting to enforce a defective and void order issued without jurisidciton…

JUST BECAUSE THE JUDICIARY IGNORES THE LACK OF JURISDICTION does not provide proper jurisdiction. The fly in their disinformation.

Sadly, I filed out of necessity, not any intention to embarass the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. They panel, Donohue, Wecht, and Platt have sacrificed their integrity without provocation.

It’s a simple procedure. It was not followed – the reasons being totally malicious and vile – Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio wanted to be a monster.

The problem is, in order for the judge to get away with being a monster, they have to follow procedures.

Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio failed – – perhaps she has a touch of the Downs.

Forcing me to rewrite the terror which I have lived through since 2007 in repeated filings which are ignored is just cruelty. An inescapable cruelty because if I fail to meet their deadlines (and I have not) the facts don’t matter.

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