After Watergate, the legal profession looked somewhat foolish because the lawyers did not understand who they represented, who they worked for and who they thought they were committing crimes on behalf of. As a result, several went to jail. The American Bar Association realized they had a problem. An ethics problem…. or lack of ethics problem.

The ABA set out to fix their ethics problem by codifying (MAKING LAW) of their Code of Conduct. To sell the concept, they called it ‘ethics’, BUT, the Model Rules of Professional Conduct are not ethical or moral. They are not even lawful. They ARE unconstitutional.

Previously, it was ‘code’ without legal teeth to enforce it. AS LAW, there was an aggressively enforced mandated for non-disclosure… which even went as far as preventing lawyers (District Attorneys, Attorneys general, US Attorneys) from prosecuting crimes. Everything pointed to ONE RULE enacted in every state which controlled the state and federal governments involvement, and denied the constitutional rights of the people who likely felt violated but never understood what happened to them or why. They made the ‘discretionary’ decision, into a mandate of non-disclosure. The difference between code and LAW.

Taking the Canons which had been practiced for hundreds of years, and merging them with the Code Of Conduct was the responsibility of the Kutak Commission. It took years to accomplish, but in the EARLY 80’S, the Model Rules of professional Conduct were presented to the American Bar Association Conference of Delegates – the ABA’s pretend government.

At the loud, vocal, open insistence of over 2/3 of the Conference, the lawyers decided to make fraud legal. They called it ethical. While they focused on protecting their ‘client fraud’, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information also prevented disclosure in a far broader spectrum of incidences.

On Ethics and Expediency: The ABA’s Dubious Vote on Disclosure of Client Fraud by Charles E. Lundberg March-April 1983

THE ABA MADE FRAUD LEGAL AND CALL IT ETHICAL… but only for lawyers, and their clients… without any disclosure of who was responsible for the fraud. The standard exceptions demonstrate a sociopathic and self-indulgent psychosis.

1. Where the victim would be killed, the lawyer had ‘discretion’ to reveal the information. Sadistically keeping a victim on the line for further frauds. (I call this INTENT TO CAUSE SUICIDE.)
– or –
2. Where the lawyer was not compensated for his ‘work’.

The ABA then proceeded to have each state supreme court enact their Model Rules into LAW. Starting in 1984 in New Jersey through 2009 in Maine, Fraud became legal Disclosure of the truth became illegal. Rule 1.6 was aggressively enforced by the state Supreme courts.

The states saw it for what it was AND ENACTED IT INTO LAW ANYWAY. With occasional exceptions added, but none which made the LAW ethical, moral or constitutional. How could they make fraud ethical? legal? As code it was discretionary – the good ole boy network – but as LAW everything changed.

Calling it Attorney Client privilege, lawyers would assert it and giggle through millions of foreclosures while neglecting the FACT that the constitutional rights of the innocent victim had been denied, and prevented from any recourse. Those who survived were left destitute, homeless and suicidal.
Rule 1.6 makes it ILLEGAL for a lawyer to disclose what happened.

Additionally, anyone addressing the unconstitutional affect on their rights, would have to pursue it through the judiciary, who enacted the unconstitutional law, who protected their ‘integrity’, whose shameful failure would allow and destroy millions in foreclosures, and thousands in Kids For Cash.

There are not many terrorized souls who have the wherewithal to find and prove the violation of their Constitutional Rights.

It’s not easy to live, let alone litigate when you have NO RIGHTS, NO PROTECTION OF THE LAW., AND NO ESCAPE. The header of the web site indicates the situation where someone has lost their constitutionally protected rights.

I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPED… NO ONE COULD HELP.

The only difference. They pressed for a suicide that I could not deliver. As a result, I found the needle in the haystack of injustice. The subsequent response of the judiciary demonstrates their loss of judicial independence. Further demonstrating the corruption of EVERY state and federal judiciary. They conceal that they had allowed themselves to become UNDONE.

A problem such as this could be resolved within minutes when the public learned what had occurred…

The media black out of the story demonstrates a very strong controlling power by the ABA. Fraud is legal for lawyers, and that is a tool they use to prevent their exposure.

The US Constitution is stronger. JUSTICE IS COMING.

yes i know that is jennifer carpenterKATHLEEN KANE. My patience with your inaction is running thin. Do your job.

There is not one government official doing anything to preserve, protect, support, defend, or enforce the US Constitution.

Why bother to take an oath if you are mandated to ignore it? MMM YEA… Lawyers are allowed to commit fraud.

Follow your oath, or RESIGN.

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