10250341_694239333955642_1377715543737369813_nVice President Biden is absolutely CORRECT!!!

The meme/picture gets alot of play on the web with people indicating that the Vice President is wrong, uninformed, and a variety of other aspersions.

Americans have been trained to ignore the TRUTH. In spite of facts and experience, the TRUTH and the messenger are attacked for challenging a belief and trust. The American Government would never let that happen.

BUT, it did.

When you consider that the American Bar Association began implementing their effort in 1984 in New Jersey. Sold as Ethics Policy for Lawyers, every state supreme court enacted the ABA Model Rules between 1984 and 2009. The Model Rules have no basis in ethics or morality.

The ABA knew that their Confidentiality clause would require an attorney to NOT expose a fraud committed by their client EVEN where the attorney was manipulated into being a part of the crime.

Attorney-Client privilege. BULLSHIT! It is a mandate to participate in fraud and further frauds against a victim who is being denied their constitutional protections.

Those who swear to preserve, protect, defend, enforce, support, … the US Constitution were also mandated to conceal the fraud. It affects every level of state and federal court, every lawyer and federal attorney.


Over 40 million homes foreclosed through fraud.

Over 4000 children and families affect in Cash for Kids.

Uncounted suicides by those victimized by the injustice and prevented any resolution or escape.

Simple execution. Get each court to enact their Professional Code into LAW under their authority to enact law for the business of the courts. Conceal that the Rules cause an unconstitutional denial of protected rights. The choice regarding confidentiality which had been discretionary as LAW is MANDATED.

In 1983, the ABA had removed two provisions from Rule 1.6 Confidentiality which permitted a lawyer to speak where silence would conceal or permit “substantial injury to the financial interests or property of another”;
where the lawyer was seeking “to rectify the consequences of a client’s criminal or fraudulent act in the furtherance of which the lawyer’s services have been used.”

Yep, the American Bar Association planned ahead for foreclosure fraud and more… no one went to jail.

BUT, the unconstitutional impact of the law prevents the state supreme court from proper authority to enact the law. BUT, THEY DID ENACT THE LAW IN EVERY STATE.

The CONFIDENTIALITY of Rule 1.6 prevents any lawyers from exposing the situation, and prevents the courts from correcting or resolving the situation. BUT, IT’S NOT A LAW SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW IT.

The level of intimidation and threat which prevents this issue from being addressed must be big. Very big. So much so that no one has fixed it while it has destroyed millions of lives. MILLIONS.

In Pennsylvania, the ability to suspend law is available only to the Legislature. The entire Legislature has been notified. NOTHING. Meetings held with state Senator Chuck McIlhinney. NOTHING. Meetings with State Representative Marguerite Quinn and Kathy Watson.

The level or fear, terror and peril in Kathy Watson’s voicemail message when she cancelled subsequent meetings was palpable. She had gone to police. I went to police also. I assured police that I had not made any threat against Rep Watson. Knowing that she was preparing to formally present the matter before the Legislature, it is entirely conceivable that she had been threatened.

This is big. The American Bar Association planned and executed the sedition of the judicial branch, in every state and federally. The ABA had undermined the Rule of Law, the US Constitution, the state constitution.

With the courts authority usurped, the courts were subjected to leverage and manipulation. Courts lost their judicial independence which is a necessity for jurisdiction. That independence is so essential that the judiciary is granted immunity from prosecution for anything as a safeguard of their independence. The courts continued to function without lawful authority.

The affect on the integrity of the courts was visible. The public trust had been violated. YET, STILL NO ONE EXPLAINED, OR CORRECTED, or preserved, protected, defended, supported, or enforced the US Constitution.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality prevents lawyers and the judiciary from action.

Though an unconstitutional law is a nullity, exposing sedition and treason by the American Bar Association with it’s over 400,000 members might be somewhat intimidating.

The lawyers are silent. The politicians are silent. The courts are silent.

Because their unconstitutional law, which denies constitutional rights, has undermined the government and been used to terrorize the American People.

And Americans watched as the rights of their neighbors were denied. They did nothing.
It affected millions. They did nothing.
The fraud upon the court was exposed and publicized. They did nothing.
When Americans need their rights, they are NOT available.

Americans do not care about their Constitutional Rights. Joe Biden is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, BUT that is about as much as counselor Biden is permitted to reveal without violating Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

Notice the politicians ignoring the US Constitution. They want Americans to notice. BUT, perhaps they are trying to demonstrate that it is time for American to care.

Remove Unconstitutional Rule 1.6 and the US Constitution is reBooted.

Let’s clarify the Veeps message:

No ordinary American cares about their Constitutional Rights, … I wish they did.


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