Where those who permit injustice while ignoring the rule of law and the principles contained in the Constitution are causing liberty to be in peril; holding justice hostage; undermining the essence of judicial independence; and usurping the authority of the judicial branch while concealing continued corruption by unethical, immoral and unscrupulous actions in the name of ‘integrity’,…

Every American has a responsibility to take action to preserve, protect, support and defend the integrity of the judiciary from any further jeopardy.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct was improperly enacted by the state Supreme Court(s) when presented by the American Bar Association within their Model Rules of Professional Conduct causing the collateral, indirect, and absolute denial of rights secured and protected by the Constitution of the United States while denying and preventing any protection of the law to a litigant who has been the victim of fraud concealed from disclosure by every person, and organization, directly mandated to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct – who include all lawyers, all judges, and all law enforcement within each state, within each state government, and within the federal government.

By freeing the courts from a crippling shameful burden and further self-sabotage, we restore the integrity of the judiciary, reestablish authority and jurisdiction, and return the government provided by the Constitution of the United States to purpose: to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

a-woman-illuminates-darkness-using-a-match-to-light-a-candleBy our own necessity, and on behalf of the People of the United States of America,
We respectfully and sincerely petition for your immediate attention and action.


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