An attorney may not disclose information which would harm a client… and offend the sacrosanct attorney-client privilege which continues into the beyond after the death of the attorney… WHY IS IT THAT FOR 30 YEARS THE WORLD HAS NEGLECTED TO CALL THE ABA ON THEIR BULLSHIT (quietly made law in every state since 1984.)

I assure you that ‘ACP’ has affected WAY MORE cases in civil and family court, than the criminal cases which the ABA loudly presumes to necessitate the privilege. Where the horseshit ascends to take on constitutional propriety, you just know they are making this stuff up. It is FLAWED to think that the attorney-client privilege is more important than EVERYONE ELSE’s constitutional rights.

Eric Holder is the retiring US Attorney General. Prosecutor, judge, high-powered lawyer representing the President, the NFL, Merck (Pharmaceuticals), Halliburton and big banks…

When Holder was presented for the position of US Attorney General… “Colleagues and admirers see his impressive range of work as a sign of a lawyer who has seen the law from all sides.” TRANSLATION: His former clients just renewed their license to commit fraud without fear of prosecution at state and federal levels.

20111005_FastFuriousTell me again why they fail to acknowledge that ERIC HOLDER can be prevented from prosecuting any of his former clients? … and those who report to him are similarly trapped. As the top lawyer in the DOJ, he cannot reveal any wrongdoing by his department (his client). So the Rule 1.6 ‘law’ made him silent on Fast & Furious. They have big shoulders to take the personal aspersions, while laughing at Americans who don’t see what is right in front of them. They have made it illegal to expose corruption.

That stupid headline allegation was such clear disinformation.
“NOT ONE BANK WAS PROSECUTED DURING THE FORECLOSURE CRISIS” – If you think it was personal, you have little faith in the morality and ethics of humans. It was NOT the lawyer, but ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE which protected the banks.

Once they made Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY into “LAW”. Rule 1.6 prevented any prosecution for the fraud by District Attorneys, Attorneys General and US Attorneys, the entire US DOJ and every government lawyer must follow the very same Rule 1.6 – See McDade-Murtha Amendment.

(Why is everything surrounding Rule 1.6 CORRUPTION BY CONFIDENTIALITY coming out of Pennsylvania – with emphasis on Scranton-Wilkes Barre? I really do not know that answer. I was one breath away from that question almost being answered yesterday. The call disconnected. Not able to reconnect.)

Where lawyers advanced fraudulent and robosigned paperwork, and successfully foreclosed on people – some homeowners did not even have mortgages on the property. Get this, that same attorney-client privilege may have also concealed that ‘there was NO BANK INVOLVED’, just a lawyer who knew his actions would be protected by Rule 1.6 Attorney-Client Privilege. BUT, Rule 1.6 is not called that.

Rule 1.6 is called CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION – it is a very broad application of confidentiality which conceals and protects, the courts, the judges, the lawyers, and possibly their clients too. lipstick-on-a-pig BUT, if you do any reading on the topic, the protection for their clients is moreso the pretty dress on a pig named “INJUSTICE”.

Rule 1.6 is SO CLEARLY STOOPID, that it prevents prosecution where the lawyer (aka prosecutor, DA, Attorney General, US Attorney) has ever represented the ‘accused’. THEY MADE IT A LAW… and the courts enforce it aggressively. They must conceal that the courts were undermined. To protect their judicial integrity… that ship has sailed… and has also been prevented from docking ever again (even when under the name of Reform.)

Ethics Reforms by the American Bar Association… ROFLMAO. The ABA made ethics illegal.

The ABA deliberately removed two fraud provisions from their Rule of Professional Conduct in 1983. The provisions had prevented a fraud from continuing, or ever being rectified… THE LAWYERS REMOVED THE LAW FROM THEIR ‘PROFESSIONAL ETHICS” DELIBERATELY. ON PURPOSE. BY VOTE (est 200-100). IN SPITEFUL DEFIANCE OF THE KUTAK COMMISSION’s documents.


Rule 1.6 is responsible for shredding the US Constitution. Well-written and Noted Horse’s ass Monroe Freedman, (Author of In Praise of Overzealous Representation – Lying to Judges, Deceiving Third Parties, and Other Ethical Conduct) always has a lie ready in defiance of ethics, indicated that

“We live in a Surveillance State in a Surveillance World. It is ever-expanding and omnipresent. It can never be removed or restricted, and our Constitution, with its Bill of Rights and separation of powers, has been lost forever.”

EXCUSE ME… Mr. Asshole… You have written about ethics ad vomitum. Are you claiming a victory in that sentence? Or are you a some special kind of new stupid?

CONSIDER the American Bar Association neglected to consider the rights of the innocent victim of their fraud (or their client’s fraud). When their ‘mythical duty’ of attorney-client secrecy stepped all over the rights and liberties secured and protected by the US Constitution… and wasn’t just a trade standard anymore because THEY MADE IT LAW.

Well, their ‘mythical duty’ is repugnant. Not a law. A nullity. Unconstitutional.

While they may have made it ‘legal’ for every lawyer, every judge and every level of law enforcement to conceal their crime, and obstruct justice, and deny constitutional rights.

Abuse of power under color of law – seems that you are not allowed to pretend it is ok to deny a person of their constitutional rights. When you oathed ‘preserve, protect, defend, support, enforce…’ you failed when you IGNORED… the Constituition of the United States.

AND along comes Krautheim and Healy, swinging the US Constitution, where the systemic infiltration of RULE 1.6, has been demonstrated by further acts of obstruction, denial and abuse EVEN IN THEIR ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE litigation. They demonstrated the loss of the very constitutional rights we filed to address. We didn’t need more evidence… or further failures of ethics and integrity.

Now when you have to turn to those who have committed a federal crime to fix the situation… where do you begin?

1) Expose the Problem and have everyone FIX IT.
2) Prosecute the crime against those same folks – who neglected to fix it when asked previously. NEGLECTED ALOT.
3) File for Civil Damages against the same folks. This must wait until it is fixed. Because SERIOUSLY… you proved it… you have no constitutional rights, no protection of the law, and “Constitution, with its Bill of Rights and separation of powers, has been lost forever.”… courtesy of the American Bar Association.

The Constitution is not LOST. Scan for problems. Fix/Purge. REBOOT!



In Praise of Overzealous Representation – Lying to Judges, Deceiving Third Parties, and Other Ethical Conduct by Monroe Freedman

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