Why is the government IGNORING the Constitution?


Anyone is welcome to join me in asking the simple question on every Facebook and internet post which relates to the government, public officials, corruption and constitutional issues. So far the response has been favorable. The sincerity of the statement has not been perceived as antagonistic.

Maybe if enough people start asking the simple question, we will get an answer.

The information is clear. Everywhere you see and hear people pointing at politicians and judges indicating the failure to follow the Constitution. Even the politicians and judges themselves are doing it to each other. When you remove the blame and negativity of the labels used in remarks, it all boils down to the same issue – across all of the manufactured segments of American society… Something is wrong.

What if ‘The American Government has already collapsed’ and public officials no longer feel any responsibility to follow the Constitution. Is it possible that our elected officials are IGNORING the Constitution with the deliberate purpose being to expose a problem which they have not lawfully been permitted to expose and address?

Are they anticipating the public realization while demonstrating that the Constitution can be ignored without consequence. The judiciary has been undermined, lost their independence and lacks jurisdiction to conduct any proceedings.

After being involved in constant litigation since 2007 where the judges failed to adhere to Rule of Law and Procedure, with Due Process and the US Constitution being IGNORED and every level of law enforcement and government within the state and federally failing to address the injustice, corruption and denial of rights.

Where issues, evidence and supporting law was presented to the court, and neglected and ignored by opposing counsel, the judge additionally neglected and ignored the issues, the evidence and the law in rulings and opinions.

It became necessary to find why EVERYONE believed it appropriate to ignore my situation.

I found the issue which undermined the state and federal judiciary in July 2013 and filed with the Federal Courts. A pre-emptive Constitutional Challenge was served upon every state Attorney General, fifty six (56) public officials, the problem was a national issue.

A law had collaterally caused the complete denial of rights with no protection of the law to litigants who were affected by judicial misconduct and injustice within the courts. Where the affected litigant would present the issue to the court for resolution/correction, the judges and lawyers would not address it. The deliberate silence caused the injustice and corruption to persist affecting every subsequent proceeding.

The SILENCE was explained by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct. An aggressively enforce mandate of silence/confidentiality which affects all lawyers and judges, district attorneys and attorneys general, and law enforcement at state and federal levels.

Their silence ignored the rule of law, due process and procedure, and rights protected by the state Constitution and the US Constitution. The silence caused the my rights to be ignored, denied, obstructed and prevented.

Copies were electronically transmitted and hand delivered to the news media which failed to carry the story and inform the American Public.

Copies were sent to every Governor.
Copies were sent to every state Senator nationwide.
Copies were sent to the entire US Congress – Senate and House of Representatives.
Copies were sent to the US Attorney General Eric Holder.
Copies were sent to every US Attorney nationwide.
Copies were sent to the President.
Copies were sent to every member of the Pennsylvania Legislature – Senate and House of Representatives.
Copies were sent to every county Sheriff in Pennsylvania.

Updated communications were additionally sent when necessary to explain developments and document new examples.

Documents were hand delivered to state senators and representatives local Bucks and Montgomery County offices with a request to meet to discuss the issue.

We met with US Senator Pat Toomey’s staff in Philadelphia. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania Senator Chuck McIlhinney multiple times. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania Representative Kathy Watson. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania representative Marguerite Quinn. NON-lawyer.
Multiple requests to assemble the local state legislators were IGNORED. NON-lawyers and lawyers alike.

State and Federal officials are aware and informed, yet they have failed to take any action to address an issue which has undermined the state and federal governments.

Preserve, Protect, Defend, Enforce, Support,… the Constitution.
These are the types of words found in the oath of public office for members of government and public office. Why is the government IGNORING the Constitution?

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality directly applies to lawyers, judges, state and federal law enforcement and federal lawyers.

Where Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information does NOT apply to all public officials.
Why are the non-lawyers IGNORING the issue and their sworn responsibility to preserve, protect, defend, enforce, and support the Constitution?

RULE 1.6 has been demonstrated to cause a loss of substantive rights of litigants. Therefore, the state supreme court lacked the authority to enact the law.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Improperly enacted without authority. No authority under the state constitution. Repugnant to the US Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land. A NULLITY.

AS A NULLITY, Lawyers have had the discretion to act – to expose, suspend and remove the ‘unconstitutional law’ without risk of being disciplined for ‘adversely affecting the integrity of the judiciary, revealing the misconduct of their office, exposing individual liability, or adversely affecting any of their clients; where clients for government attorneys may include the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Governor, the Attorney General’s office, various branches of the government, their agencies and their officers. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

All Lawyers have a MANDATE to act under the Rules of Professional Conduct to expose misconduct and injustice within the court. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

The Judiciary additionally had a MANDATE to act under the Judicial Canons to protect the integrity of the judiciary. YET, JUDGES FAILED TO ACT.

The Lawyers and Judges neglected their responsibility to act to protect the integrity of the judiciary; failed to preserve, protect, defend, support, or enforce the constitutional; and ignored the rights of the People.

WHY? Because, THIS. IS. HUGE.

The SILENCE of the lawyer/public officials concealed their complicity. The Lawyers/Public Officials were members of the organization responsible for the constitutional crisis nationwide.

The American Bar Association (ABA)
– was responsible for presenting and providing the Rules of Professional Conduct to each state supreme court to enact into law;
– no information has been provided to explain what necessitated every state supreme court to act;
– no information has been provided to explain why it was done over 25 years from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine)
– had provided its membership with (CLE) training to conceal, misrepresent, obstruct and deny people’s constitutional rights;
– created Affiliated Organizations at every level of the state and federal government which enabled and concealed membership interference with the administration of justice.
– had effectively influenced and undermined the authority of the judiciary within the state and federally.
– had effectively undermined the law and the integrity of the judiciary within the state and federally.
– having witnessed the affect on the rights of millions of American People was undeterred by conscience or constitution, the ABA sedition continued to roll-out until it involved every state government.
– failed to take any effort to prevent the federal judiciary from incorporating the Rules of Professional Conduct (specifically Rule 1.6) within the ‘Local Rules’ for District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeals which further prevented the federal courts from addressing the denial of constitutional protections to a litigant.
– failed to take any effort to prevent the US Congress from enacting the McDade-Murtha Amendment which prevented federal government attorneys from investigating and prosecuting the denial of constitutional rights by members of the state judiciary – an unconstitutional abuse of power under color of law by the US Congress.
– influenced and interfered with process and procedure, the US Constitution, the state Constitutions and the Rule of Law which secretly undermined the independence of the judiciary – an essential element for the jurisdiction of the courts to conduct proceedings on any matter.
– by leveraging the judiciary to act without proper jurisdiction and without judicial independence, the judicial immunity granted to the court is undone. Immunity was provided to assure and protect judicial independence. The court lacked any independence where exposure of the corruption and extreme violation of the public trust could be used as leverage against judges at every level of the state and federal judiciary.
– caused the courts to have no lawful jurisdiction/authority to hear cases. The courts, unable to revealing they had been undermined and corrupted, continued without authority and the protections of actions within jurisdiction.
– where the ABA act of sedition has caused the judicial branch of state and federal government to become completely UNDONE:

    requiring judges to sacrifice their personal integrity;
    causing an extreme abuse of the public trust;
    obstructing and denying justice, denying and preventing civil rights and human rights;
    preventing affected litigants from any lawful and just resolution within the courts; and
    perpetrating a fraud upon the People for the past 25 years.

– continued the conspiracy between the judiciary and the ABA organization/affiliates making a mockery of justice and trust which lacked respect for the law, the people or the government.
– compelled the necessity for the appearance of judicial integrity by the court enabled the courts to be leveraged, manipulated and controlled improperly extending the authority of the court and usurping the authority of the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the People.

An Organization whose efforts had brought about the damaging actions above clearly would never have hesitated to intimidate and threaten it’s own membership.

However, the lawyers in the legislatures of state governments who could have prevented or acted to address and resolve the issue cannot be excused from their negligence to their oath, the People, and the Constitution.

The Rules of Professional Conduct is a ‘minimal ethical standard’ for the legal profession. The failure within the legal profession to properly differentiate between JUSTICE and CORRUPTION demonstrates a complete failure of ethics, even minimal ethics. Minimal ethics is no ethics at all.

What good is it to say that one values justice, the rule of law, the Constitution, honesty, and above all, the truth, if one is either doing or supporting the exact opposite?

How does a profession advance the cause for good governance and social justice, while supporting the exact opposite? while supporting unethical behavior? corruption? and lawlessness? while trampling the Constitution? while acting without mercy?

Honesty, ethics, principles, morality, compassion, justice, and empathy are societal factors which are learned over time. When you consider the failure of those human principles within the legal profession, it was necessary to determine the motivation of the people involved AND the level of participation. Where the aggressively enforced SILENCE required by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information may explain the failure of the entire profession, it does not necessarily excuse it.

When truth-telling is suppressed, when those who seek to speak the truth are persecuted and maligned, it damages the whole country. We must stand together and demand that the truth be spoken, that corruption and malfeasance are exposed. The shameful SILENCE of those lawyers who failed to stand up to corruption, to lies, to abuses of power, to profiteering, while following the ABA’s false policy of ethics has caused incomprehensible irreparable loss to the victims.

EXPOSE IT!    IT WILL BE GONE… and the Constitution REBOOTED.

The Founding Fathers were aware of a loophole in the US Constitution where the trusted judiciary was left unchecked and could potentially seize power. Alternately, they likely never imagined that a single rule of confidentiality enacted in every state could undermine the state and federal judiciary and usurp the power of the state governments under the permissive negligence of federal government while people observed and accepted the loss of constitutionally protected rights.

Abraham Lincoln indicated “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.”

Lincoln also suggested that America would only fall from it’s own undoing… “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

With Rule 1.6 an unconstitutional nullity and removed, the US Constitution is rebooted and no longer trumped in the silence of a state law. Prepare America. The injustice and corruption of the last 25 years which has been concealed and ignored can now be prosecuted.

A Constitutional Amendment which prevents the judiciary from over-reaching their authority and usurping power and removes the authority to enact law would appropriate at this time. Logically speaking, there are toilets in the courthouses yet the court is not permitted to enact a code of conduct for plumbers. The courts authority to enact laws for the business of the courts should never have extended to include every aspect of the legal profession.


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