The scripts which people find on the web are disinformation tactics. They are designed to convince you of the uselessness in combating ‘the system’ by presenting information to use while combating the system. Yea, see that complete shift in logic there. That’s another clue.

The scripts include

The Sovereign Citizen
The Fringed Flag
The Corporation
The Law of Man
The New World Order

among others…

pile-of-scriptsUsually identified because they use the same exact wording everytime, everywhere and they indicate nothing will ever work because ‘THEY’ don’t follow the law based on the premise of the script.

The reason they exist is because the American Bar Association has seriously fucked up the state and federal judiciary so badly that they had to create distractions. Methods by which their unfortunate targets can quickly succumb to their fate/destination. The victims of judicial injustice/corruption end up in the target destinations which are 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated 3) Suicide

Bear in mind, the divide and hate tactics which blame sex, religion, age, nationality, race, personality, etc… are still often presented as the excuse for the injustice.

You may even encounter ‘The Shill’. The person who purports to help by collecting your story and exposing the injustice to a larger audience. Their collection of horror stories will bring an end to the injustice. These folks never deliver.

There have been over 40 million fraudulent foreclosures in the US.
Kids for Cash affected thousands of children and their families.
There is no mercy. They have no shame. The system is affected. It is NOT personal and should not be taken personally – even though the system is annihilating you. Understanding it is NOT acceptance. Understanding it removes some of the emotion from your experience.

“God grant me the ability to change the things which I cannot accept.”

Persevere. We will address the Constitutional Crisis. We know the cause and what must occur to restore rights and privileges protected by the US Constitution. As soon as THE PEOPLE learn what has occurred the problem will be resolved. Until that occurs, persevere.


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