In 1987, the PA Supreme Court enacted the Rules of Professional Conduct into state law creating the opportunity to deny constitutional rights of litigants without any explanation in law. This action caused a loss of judicial independence which undermined the authority of every Pennsylvania Court as all courts were mandated to conceal the courts corruption through further inexplicable injustice.

The basis for judicial immunity is that ‘independence’ to make a decision based only on the facts of the case. Where there is a lack of judicial independence, which is concealed from the public and the litigants, there is simply no basis for judicial immunity.

The bias and pre-determination that the judge will IGNORE injustice and corruption of their court, or other courts/judges, is required to be kept confidential by law even where it interferes with the law, due process, or constitutional rights. The victim of judicial corruption and injustice has no escape and must suffer the indignity and further loss and further litigation… which only demonstrates the issue and further undermine the integrity of the courts. The courts will retaliate against their victim for exposing their shame.

This demonstrable lack of independence further undermines the jurisdiction of the court to the point where the courts have undermined their own authority. The judiciary nullified themselves and made it illegal for lawyers and judges to point that out.

The courts continue to deny litigants their rights protected by the Constitution and the protection of the law. The courts foreclose improperly, put children in jail for kickbacks, and annihilate families without regard for their lawlessness. Civil, criminal and family courts are all affected.

The courts in every state and federally were undermined by this simple action committed IN EVERY STATE between 1984 and 2009 causing the Constitutional Crisis in the US and undermining the rule of law without mercy or opportunity for redress.

Preserve. Protect. Support. Defend. Enforce.
These are the words of those public officers who IGNORE the US Constitution and the state constitutions.

Rule 1.6 has hooks into everything. It hides in the local state’s Rules of Professional Conduct yet
… is incorporated by reference to EVERY Department of Justice attorney (McDade-Murtha Amdnement)
… is incorporated by reference to every government attorney (McDade-Murtha Amendment)
… is incorporated by reference to Federal District Court (FRCP ‘Local Rules’)
… is incorporated by reference to Federal Circuit Courts for Appeals (FRAP ‘Local Rules’)
REMARKABLE: Injustice and judicial corruption is protected from any law enforcement at every level within the state and federally.

Really, it is being IGNORED. IGNORED. IGNORED.

The Constitution cannot enforce itself. The judiciary has created and concealed [poorly] their ‘mess’ for over 25 years. The public trust has been violated and the judiciary are not about to take responsibility for WHAT THEY DID. So it will continue, until the Rule of Law and the Constitution is rebooted.


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