With 90% of the state supreme courts having inexplicably enacted the Model Rules of Professional Conduct into law, in 1998, using the distraction of ‘No Contact’ situations, McDade-Murtha appears to be a critical point in the effort to make certain that federal authorities could not prosecute / investigate / expose judicial crimes within any state.

The Model Rules – and specifically the much-referenced Rule 1.6 Confidentiality – were applicable to all lawyers within the state, and all federal lawyers working in the state. The conspiracy of silence was secured by an unconstitutional state law, a memo from US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, and a federal law requiring the US Attorney to be complicit and silent. Clearly, a great deal of effort went into every action which would prevent recognition and revelation that the Judicial branch at the state AND federal levels had been compromised, judicial independence undermined, and lack of jurisdiction for the court to act was being ignored – by lawlessness which persisted through state law, federal law and the US Constitution.

CK-Tyranny-Hands-Tied-with-FlagAfter McDade-Murtha, there could be no federal intervention when a state judge violated your constitutional rights. The 1983 abuse of power claims already had their prepared scripts which enabled dismissal when filed against judges. There is no indication that the complete lack of any constitutional review of the law by the states before enacting the Model Rules was ever mentioned.

McDade-Murtha ‘doubled-down’ using a federal law which obligated federal authorities to follow a state law which had had no constitutional review, no proper construction by the legislature, no signature of a governor, and had collateral effect of denying, obstructing and preventing constitutional rights. The unavailability of constitutional protections overwhelms every aspect of the target’s life.

Responding to the corruption which decimated Cook County Courthouse (Operation Greylord), judges had secured a lawful ability to commit judicial corruption, injustice, denial of constitutional rights, and ignore the law within their courtrooms without ANY accountability. Judicial immunity covered decisions and was necessitated by judicial independence. BUT, this absolute above-the-law and unaccountable to any law, conduct board or authority, demonstrated a loss of judicial independence which undermined jurisdiction and nullified judicial immunity.

The reasoning for judicial immunity, or absolute immunity, was no longer applicable when the court’s actions to ignore the constitutional rights of litigants deliberately lacked lawful authority and violated the US Constitution – the supreme law of the land. As the state judiciary had undermined their own authority, immunity should NOT be applicable for their deliberate corrupt actions.

The Federal law was referred to as the CITIZENS PROTECTION ACT and HOFFA’s REVENGE. Many scoffed at the contradiction of referring to the law as the Citizen’s Protection Act – it was designed to hinder, prevent or undermine any federal prosecution effort. The Model Rules enacted into state law prevented prosecution of judges within the state by prohibiting attorneys, district attorneys and attorneys general from action which would adversely affect the integrity of the courts.

While protecting the integrity of the courts is essential, the convoluted and twisted logic of protecting integrity by sacrificing the integrity of the entire judiciary and the entire legal profession to conceal massive crimes of the corrupt is more than simply wrong. It is evil – a crime against humanity.

This has been demonstrated by Kids for Cash affecting thousands of children and families. This has been demonstrated by the MILLIONS of families affected by fraudulent foreclosures nationwide. This has been demonstrated by the destructive actions of ‘family court’ judges. The Kids for Cash judges went to jail for tax evasion, NOT their obvious offense. These three types of corruption CONTINUE to occur daily in the American courts. There is no law in America to stop or prevent judicial corruption and denial of basic constitutional and human rights. THIS IS EVIL, PROTECTED BY LAW.

McDade was successful in his efforts to ensure DOJ attorneys adhere to state bar ethics standards. The text of the statutory change he authored, commonly referred to as the “McDade Amendment,” is as follows:

(a) An attorney for the Government shall be subject to State laws and rules, and local Federal court rules, governing attorneys in each State where such attorney engages in that attorney’s duties, to the same extent and in the same manner as other attorneys in that State.
(b) The Attorney General shall make and amend rules of the Department of Justice to assure compliance with this section.
(c) As used in this section, the term “attorney for the Government” includes any attorney described in section 77.2(a) of part 77 of title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations and also includes any independent counsel, or employee of such a counsel, appointed under chapter 40.

The McDade Amendment principally applies to DOJ lawyers but is also applicable to attorneys from other federal government departments and agencies working with the DOJ.

The McDade-Murtha Amendment, 28 U.S.C. 530B, requires federal prosecutors to follow state and federal rules of professional responsibility in effect in the states where they conduct their activities.

It also continues in place the sixty year old directive that federal prosecutors follow the ethics rules promulgated by the states in which they are licensed to practice.

Proponents claim the change will confirm that federal prosecutors must follow the same ethical rules as other lawyers and will enhance the prospect of some protection against wayward federal prosecutors.

Opponents charge that it will implicitly undermine the Attorney General’s authority to preempt state laws that conflict with federal law enforcement interests
that in doing so it will jeopardize the use of undercover techniques against terrorists, drug kingpins and child predators because of possible interpretations of the so-called no contact rule.

The Pennsylvania connection is evident in EVERY effort relating to undermining the state and federal judiciary AND the impossibility of the victim surviving the overwhelming effect.

Dick Thornburgh, Joseph McDade, and John Murtha were all from Pennsylvania.

I assure you, EVERY US Attorney was contacted.

Jimmy Hoffas Revenge- White-Collar Rights Under the McDade Amendment

The Effect of State Ethics Rules on Federal Law Enforcement
The McDade Amendment principally applies to DOJ lawyers but is also applicable to attorneys from other federal government departments and agencies working with the DOJ. See Memorandum for Command Counsels, Office of Command Counsel Newsletter (U.S. Army Material Command, Office of the Command Counsel, Ft. Belvoir, Va.), Dec. 1999, at 52–53.

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