Over 20 judges.

Over 400 petitions.

A manifest disregard for the law, civil rights, human rights, ethics, and morals.

Using every county resource available to harass… to attack… to prevent any quality of life.

Using every federal resource available to terrorize… to ignore… to isolate.. to abandon.

Every level of state and federal judiciary shown to be undermined and corrupt and acting without jurisdiction.
All to terrorize ONE MAN who just refused to commit suicide even when facing the monster, Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, president of the Montgomery Bar Association, who had accrued immunity from investigation because of her resume with the US Attorneys office, political dalliances, etc.

Judge Carluccio demonstrated her lack of ethics in her business dealings with the county.
Judge Carluccio demonstrated her disregard for families in her courtroom.
Judge Carluccio demonstrated she was a complete moron… just making ridiculous stuff up and acting ‘like’ it was law.

All done to conceal the malevolence of Rhonda Lee Daniele’s secret court order which undermined an entire bench, undermined justice, undermined the law, undermined society and attempted to destroy one man. There were so many others whose suicides she had secured.

Healy v Montgomery County, et al is coming. BILLIONS.

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