When those who are informed and knowledgeable about the inner workings of anything begin to speak of it’s superiority without any basis in fact and contrary to reality… yet supported by pride, arrogance and nationalism…

When they have worked with great effort to conceal the failings and the calamity caused by those failures…

When they have done nothing to correct the failure and obstructed and prevented correction of problems and prevented exposure of problems…

When the disinformation comes as a non-sequitur, that totally unnecessary thrown-in statement…

It is a false flag.

You are witnessing and experiencing disinformation created to conceal facts. Recently demonstrated by Attorney General Eric Holder as he resigned – seems he has his eye on a position within the Supreme Court – a possible reward for his not exposing the complete corruption of the US Judicial system. Attorney General Eric Holder knows the issue. he was involved. He has testified to Congress on both sides of the issue. He was informed of findings and filings since the discovery of the issue in July 2013. And, HE IGNORED IT.

The United States does not have the greatest judicial system in the world.

Of the 97 countries in the index…

The US ranks 17th in Limited Government Powers #1 is DENMARK
The US ranks 18th in Absence of Corruption #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 22nd in Order and Security #1 is SINGAPORE
The US ranks 25th in Fundamental Rights #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 13th in Open Government #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 19th in Regulatory Enforcement #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 22nd in Civil Justice #1 is NORWAY
The US ranks 26th in Criminal Justice #1 is DENMARK

[Source: The World Justice Project www.WorldJusticeproject.org ]  

1377797277_miley-cyrus-lgThe US is NOT EVEN in the Top 10 in any category.

Usually, the problem has to be big enough to warrant the lies.

In the United States the problem with the judicial system is massive. It is at such an incomprehensible scale that the government prefers to crumble into anarchy than to address how the judiciary has caused themselves to be undermined and the entire government has become undone.

The US government is too ashamed to correct it. Every government representative contacted about the judiciary has failed to take any corrective action for the failure. It is as if the US Constitution never existed. The US Constitution and the Rule of Law is IGNORED without consequence.

The US government is leaving every citizen AT RISK in the unchecked system after allowing over 10% of the population to experience the extreme injustice. Over 40 million people have been victimized by the corruption of the American judicial system without mercy. Survivors are 1) Homeless/Destitute, 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicides. They become “The Disenfranchised”.

Occasionally the media notices and the story of unconstitutional injustices are revealed. BUT, there is no consequence. The victim gains nothing from the exposure and will be further terrorized. No one looked for the root cause of the problem – or the root cause of why everyone thought it appropriate to IGNORE the Rule of Law and the US Constitution.

The Foreclosure Crisis
Kids for Cash
Judicial Corruption
Due Process Failures
Injustice – affected individuals have no protection under any law in any court or forum
Family Courts – the only court where a person who has committed no crime can lose everything
US Congress does NOTHING [except campaign to keep their office]
US President fails to enforce laws
US Court make decisions beyond their authority

US courts had functioned for 200 years. What changed?

Rule 1.6 was enacted by every state supreme court into law – without any constitutional review, without any construction by a legislature, without any governor. Enacted quietly and without explanation of the necessity from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine).

Rule 1.6 is incorporated into federal practice by “Local Rules” in every Federal District Court and Federal Appeals Court.

Rule 1.6 is incorporated into federal law by the McDade-Murtha Amendment preventing ALL federal agencies and attorneys from prosecuting or exposing judicial corruption or constitutional violations.

Rule 1.6 undermines the Rule of Law, the US Constitution and every state Constitution.

Rule 1.6 undermines judicial independence.

Prior to being enacted into law, confidentiality was a discretionary decision of personal ethics for lawyers.

Rule 1.6 is Confidentiality of Information – an aggressively enforced mandate of silence where the information
– would affect the integrity of the judiciary,
– would reveal the misconduct of their own office,
– would expose individual liability,
– would adversely affect any client.
Once an act of judicial misconduct or injustice occurs, the litigant has effectively lost ALL of their rights and has no protection under the laws, the constitutions and is further victimized without mercy because no one may affect the integrity of the judiciary.

An act by the judiciary, EVERY state judiciary, which defies exposure and resolution has undermined the entire US government. The American people see the constitutional problems and the failure to enforce the law but are kept blind in misinformed nationalistic pride and arrogance. They fail to recognize that once they have been denied justice, they are no longer a part of the unaffected majority. They become part of the disenfranchised group without any rights and denied any voice. They are destined to become 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicide.

Federalism further prevents the Federal Government from taking action while an improperly enacted and unconstitutional state law hinders the function of the state and federal government. Only a Federal Court has authority to address the unconstitutional law.

The Federal Judiciary sacrificed their integrity when dismissing the matter before the court through their own irrelevant fiction. Rule 1.6 would also conceal if the issue never went to any judge and the paperwork was all the misdirection of the lawyers working for the courts. Everything was done on paper – and without signatures.

WatsonAfter the first meeting where a Pennsylvania State Representative offers to address the Rule 1.6 issue, Representative Kathy Watson gets a false warning about threats against her and her office staff. The information of the threat relayed from a Pennsylvania State Senator. Kathy Watson cancels any further meetings in a phone message where you could hear the fear and peril in her voice. Kathy Watson calls the police who go to her office to take a report. The police know there is nothing to the report.

That FALSE ALLEGATION has prevented further meetings with any Pennsylvania government officials. No one responds to any communication. A successful disinformation campaign based on the affirmation that JUSTICE IS COMING. Only the guilty could be threatened by that affirmation… and Kathy Watson had been quick to understand, interested, helpful and eager to resolve the issue. A peculiar report from Senator Tomlinson who had never returned a phone call or letter and had never met with us on the issue. Why would Senator Tomlinson scare Representative Watson? Her voice mail message demonstrated her ‘fear’.

After hearing her message, I went to the police because of the level of panic and terror I heard in her voice. The threat was real, but I was not the one who threatened Representative Watson.

mcilhinneyMeetings occurred with Pennsylvania Senator Chuck McIlhinney starting in December 2013, reports are he was directed to IGNORE the issue and stop any further meetings on the topic.

Kathy Watson and Chuck McIlhinney are NOT required to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct. They are lawfully permitted to act.

Indeed, it is only the Legislature which has the constitutional authority to suspend the law. The last remaining loophole, unless the county sheriffs realize they have been played into their diminished role. ONLY non-lawyer members of the Pennsylvania state legislature may act to suspend Rule 1.6 in Pennsylvania.

corbett-tomThe Pennsylvania Governor through his counsel has written a letter which contains so much of the scripted misinformation it may take a volume to respond to it all. A tactic which is all too familiar. It was litigation by overwhelming chaotic misinformation and fraud which lead to the issue being experienced and exposed – a never-ending, judicial bench-clearing divorce – since 2007 over 20 judges in the unresolved matter.

When lawyers use lawyers, they do it with intent. Rule 1.6 mandates the lawyer conceal information for their client. It suggests a deception. Heck, Rule 1.6 mandates that deception by lawyers. There was no surprise when the scripted misinformation from the governor was identical to the scripted misinformation observed previously. The surprise was that Senator McIlhinney accepted the misinformation when he knew it was incorrect.

The news media remains oddly silent.

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