The America Rebirth Tour arrived in Philadelphia on Constitution Day where the people on Independence Mall heard from speakers, politicians, advocates and civil rights leaders.

Congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski spoke about the failures within the judicial system which are contrary to constitutional standards and defy checks and balances.

Civil Rights legend Jesse Epps announced a program where people can become involved in the Constitution by adding their name to the document which will be presented to President Obama at next year’s event.

Advocate Terance Healy spoke about the loss of constitutional rights and the failure of government to take any actions which “preserve protect or defend” the constitution. He further explained the improperly enacted and unconstitutional laws which are being followed that are offered as an explanation for the failure to address loss of basic constitutional rights within the American courts.

Jesse Epps and Todd Krautheim at the America Rebirth Tour PhiladelphiaActivist Todd Krautheim addressed the set-backs to the civil rights movement from the 60’s which have been undermined by a deliberate and racially motivated effort. The nation’s prison population contains a disparate cross section based on race where peoples rights have been ignored and allowing the nations private prisons to meet occupancy obligations.

The Constitution is not DEAD DEAD DEAD – that is the exaggeration of a Supreme Court Justice who has some metaphor issues. The Constitution of the United States IS BEING IGNORED.

Ignored by government officials who swear to preserve protect and defend the Constitution but lack any understanding of how to go about it or are directly prevented from action by laws enacted to undermine the judiciary and law enforcement.

Ignored by the People who have not yet been affected by the loss of constitutional protections. The unaffected majority content in the illusion has never effected any change until the reality is exposed.

Laws which undermine the basic and primary concept of the Constitution… TO ESTABLISH JUSTICE… have caused the current Constitutional Crisis in the United States. When the President, Congress and Supreme Court stop pointing at each other with dramatic unconstitutional accusations, they will realize that their actions and their inability to take any direct corrective action has been designed and executed by the seditious efforts of the American Bar Association. But, as ABA members, they are not inclined to reveal the embarrassing details of their social organization’s acts of treason.


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