The Cease And Desist letter sent to the ABA is not a joke or prank or goof.

Once the Model Rules of Professional Conduct were enacted into law by a state supreme court, your constitutional rights were no longer available to you. You would not know this until you discovered they were unavailable… IGNORED… HUH? No lawyer or judge could help you. Friends would think you turned into a radical or went crazy. Unaffected people would not believe it could happen.

Everyone has Constitutional Rights up until they don’t. And then, there’s nothing you can do about it. No where to turn. No politicians to help. The lawyers are mandated to ignore you. The non-lawyers ask their lawyers what it’s all about… and are misinformed into ignoring you.

Deliberately rolled out from 1984 through 2009. (ABA Site)

One Law – Rule 1.6 referred to by cross reference in comments throughout the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Laws which applied only to lawyers but could leave a litigant without their constitutional rights. The mandate for Confidentiality of Information IS the needle in a haystack of injustice and corruption nationwide.

The question remains… What motivated each state supreme court to do this?
Why make a change where the only actual effect is
– to prevent the ability to prosecute a judge for judicial corruption and injustice
– to deny and prevent constitutional rights to litigants who were victims of judicial corruption and injustice in the court.

No Legislature. No Governor.
No Reason to make the change from code to LAW. Except, the Silence of the lawyers was no longer discretionary. It was a lawful mandate. An aggressively enforced MANDATE of silence.

The lawful mandate was unconstitutional to the victim denied and prevented from any explanation for the injustice.

The victim is left without any recourse. The local state Rules are used in Federal District and Appeals courts.

The ABA has undermined the US Constitution…. and concealed it for years while their members were paid to perform a task which they were prevented by law from ever accomplishing.

The Judiciary in whom the public placed their trust and granted judicial immunity has allowed their independence to be undermined and their integrity to be sacrificed and their authority to be silenced.

State Adoption of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct
(previously the Model Code of Professional Responsibility)
Dates of initial adoption

Jurisdiction Date of Adoption
Alabama 5/2/90
Alaska 4/14/93
Arizona 9/7/84
Arkansas 12/16/85
Colorado 5/7/92
Connecticut 6/23/86
Delaware 9/12/85
District of Columbia 3/1/90
Florida 7/17/86
Georgia 6/12/00
Hawaii 12/6/93
Idaho 9/3/86
Illinois 2/8/90
Indiana 11/25/86
Iowa 4/20/05
Kansas 1/29/88
Kentucky 6/12/89
Louisiana 12/18/86
Maine 2/26/09
Maryland 4/15/86
Massachusetts 6/9/97
Michigan 3/11/88
Minnesota 6/13/85
Mississippi 2/18/87
Missouri 8/7/85
Montana 6/6/85
Nebraska 6/8/05
Nevada 1/26/86
New Hampshire 1/16/86
New Jersey 7/12/84
New Mexico 6/26/86
New York 12/16/08
North Carolina 10/7/85
North Dakota 5/6/87
Ohio 8/1/06
Oklahoma 3/10/88
Oregon 1/1/05
Pennsylvania 10/16/87
Rhode Island 11/1/88
South Carolina 1/9/90
South Dakota 12/15/87
Tennessee 8/27/02
Texas 6/20/89
Utah 3/20/87
Vermont 3/9/99
Virgin Islands 1/28/91
Virginia 1/25/99
Washington 7/25/85
West Virginia 6/30/88
Wisconsin 6/10/87
Wyoming 11/7/86

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