We live in a world of terror excused and ignored. Where anyone targeted has little chance of escape or survival. Where the more you learn about the denial of human and civil rights, the more you will discover and experience that denial and be isolated.

Imagine a place where incomprehensible terror and injustice is executed without accountability or opportunity for resolve concealed behind ignorance and nationalism.

Imagine a place where the illusion of rights and justice is quietly, irreparably and instantly gone when your rights are denied by a judge in any court – and there can be no justice where it exposes the injustice of a corrupted judiciary.

The judiciary conceals the lawlessness and has become a tool of terror, destruction and isolation usurping the power and authority of the entire government while controlling the media and an entire population.


Why is the government IGNORING the Constitution?


Anyone is welcome to join me in asking the simple question on every Facebook and internet post which relates to the government, public officials, corruption and constitutional issues. So far the response has been favorable. The sincerity of the statement has not been perceived as antagonistic.

Maybe if enough people start asking the simple question, we will get an answer.

The information is clear. Everywhere you see and hear people pointing at politicians and judges indicating the failure to follow the Constitution. Even the politicians and judges themselves are doing it to each other. When you remove the blame and negativity of the labels used in remarks, it all boils down to the same issue – across all of the manufactured segments of American society… Something is wrong.

What if ‘The American Government has already collapsed’ and public officials no longer feel any responsibility to follow the Constitution. Is it possible that our elected officials are IGNORING the Constitution with the deliberate purpose being to expose a problem which they have not lawfully been permitted to expose and address?

Are they anticipating the public realization while demonstrating that the Constitution can be ignored without consequence. The judiciary has been undermined, lost their independence and lacks jurisdiction to conduct any proceedings.

After being involved in constant litigation since 2007 where the judges failed to adhere to Rule of Law and Procedure, with Due Process and the US Constitution being IGNORED and every level of law enforcement and government within the state and federally failing to address the injustice, corruption and denial of rights.

Where issues, evidence and supporting law was presented to the court, and neglected and ignored by opposing counsel, the judge additionally neglected and ignored the issues, the evidence and the law in rulings and opinions.

It became necessary to find why EVERYONE believed it appropriate to ignore my situation.

I found the issue which undermined the state and federal judiciary in July 2013 and filed with the Federal Courts. A pre-emptive Constitutional Challenge was served upon every state Attorney General, fifty six (56) public officials, the problem was a national issue.

A law had collaterally caused the complete denial of rights with no protection of the law to litigants who were affected by judicial misconduct and injustice within the courts. Where the affected litigant would present the issue to the court for resolution/correction, the judges and lawyers would not address it. The deliberate silence caused the injustice and corruption to persist affecting every subsequent proceeding.

The SILENCE was explained by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct. An aggressively enforce mandate of silence/confidentiality which affects all lawyers and judges, district attorneys and attorneys general, and law enforcement at state and federal levels.

Their silence ignored the rule of law, due process and procedure, and rights protected by the state Constitution and the US Constitution. The silence caused the my rights to be ignored, denied, obstructed and prevented.

Copies were electronically transmitted and hand delivered to the news media which failed to carry the story and inform the American Public.

Copies were sent to every Governor.
Copies were sent to every state Senator nationwide.
Copies were sent to the entire US Congress – Senate and House of Representatives.
Copies were sent to the US Attorney General Eric Holder.
Copies were sent to every US Attorney nationwide.
Copies were sent to the President.
Copies were sent to every member of the Pennsylvania Legislature – Senate and House of Representatives.
Copies were sent to every county Sheriff in Pennsylvania.

Updated communications were additionally sent when necessary to explain developments and document new examples.

Documents were hand delivered to state senators and representatives local Bucks and Montgomery County offices with a request to meet to discuss the issue.

We met with US Senator Pat Toomey’s staff in Philadelphia. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania Senator Chuck McIlhinney multiple times. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania Representative Kathy Watson. NON-lawyer.
We met with Pennsylvania representative Marguerite Quinn. NON-lawyer.
Multiple requests to assemble the local state legislators were IGNORED. NON-lawyers and lawyers alike.

State and Federal officials are aware and informed, yet they have failed to take any action to address an issue which has undermined the state and federal governments.

Preserve, Protect, Defend, Enforce, Support,… the Constitution.
These are the types of words found in the oath of public office for members of government and public office. Why is the government IGNORING the Constitution?

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality directly applies to lawyers, judges, state and federal law enforcement and federal lawyers.

Where Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information does NOT apply to all public officials.
Why are the non-lawyers IGNORING the issue and their sworn responsibility to preserve, protect, defend, enforce, and support the Constitution?

RULE 1.6 has been demonstrated to cause a loss of substantive rights of litigants. Therefore, the state supreme court lacked the authority to enact the law.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Improperly enacted without authority. No authority under the state constitution. Repugnant to the US Constitution – the Supreme Law of the Land. A NULLITY.

AS A NULLITY, Lawyers have had the discretion to act – to expose, suspend and remove the ‘unconstitutional law’ without risk of being disciplined for ‘adversely affecting the integrity of the judiciary, revealing the misconduct of their office, exposing individual liability, or adversely affecting any of their clients; where clients for government attorneys may include the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Governor, the Attorney General’s office, various branches of the government, their agencies and their officers. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

All Lawyers have a MANDATE to act under the Rules of Professional Conduct to expose misconduct and injustice within the court. YET, LAWYERS FAILED TO ACT.

The Judiciary additionally had a MANDATE to act under the Judicial Canons to protect the integrity of the judiciary. YET, JUDGES FAILED TO ACT.

The Lawyers and Judges neglected their responsibility to act to protect the integrity of the judiciary; failed to preserve, protect, defend, support, or enforce the constitutional; and ignored the rights of the People.

WHY? Because, THIS. IS. HUGE.

The SILENCE of the lawyer/public officials concealed their complicity. The Lawyers/Public Officials were members of the organization responsible for the constitutional crisis nationwide.

The American Bar Association (ABA)
– was responsible for presenting and providing the Rules of Professional Conduct to each state supreme court to enact into law;
– no information has been provided to explain what necessitated every state supreme court to act;
– no information has been provided to explain why it was done over 25 years from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine)
– had provided its membership with (CLE) training to conceal, misrepresent, obstruct and deny people’s constitutional rights;
– created Affiliated Organizations at every level of the state and federal government which enabled and concealed membership interference with the administration of justice.
– had effectively influenced and undermined the authority of the judiciary within the state and federally.
– had effectively undermined the law and the integrity of the judiciary within the state and federally.
– having witnessed the affect on the rights of millions of American People was undeterred by conscience or constitution, the ABA sedition continued to roll-out until it involved every state government.
– failed to take any effort to prevent the federal judiciary from incorporating the Rules of Professional Conduct (specifically Rule 1.6) within the ‘Local Rules’ for District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeals which further prevented the federal courts from addressing the denial of constitutional protections to a litigant.
– failed to take any effort to prevent the US Congress from enacting the McDade-Murtha Amendment which prevented federal government attorneys from investigating and prosecuting the denial of constitutional rights by members of the state judiciary – an unconstitutional abuse of power under color of law by the US Congress.
– influenced and interfered with process and procedure, the US Constitution, the state Constitutions and the Rule of Law which secretly undermined the independence of the judiciary – an essential element for the jurisdiction of the courts to conduct proceedings on any matter.
– by leveraging the judiciary to act without proper jurisdiction and without judicial independence, the judicial immunity granted to the court is undone. Immunity was provided to assure and protect judicial independence. The court lacked any independence where exposure of the corruption and extreme violation of the public trust could be used as leverage against judges at every level of the state and federal judiciary.
– caused the courts to have no lawful jurisdiction/authority to hear cases. The courts, unable to revealing they had been undermined and corrupted, continued without authority and the protections of actions within jurisdiction.
– where the ABA act of sedition has caused the judicial branch of state and federal government to become completely UNDONE:

    requiring judges to sacrifice their personal integrity;
    causing an extreme abuse of the public trust;
    obstructing and denying justice, denying and preventing civil rights and human rights;
    preventing affected litigants from any lawful and just resolution within the courts; and
    perpetrating a fraud upon the People for the past 25 years.

– continued the conspiracy between the judiciary and the ABA organization/affiliates making a mockery of justice and trust which lacked respect for the law, the people or the government.
– compelled the necessity for the appearance of judicial integrity by the court enabled the courts to be leveraged, manipulated and controlled improperly extending the authority of the court and usurping the authority of the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the People.

An Organization whose efforts had brought about the damaging actions above clearly would never have hesitated to intimidate and threaten it’s own membership.

However, the lawyers in the legislatures of state governments who could have prevented or acted to address and resolve the issue cannot be excused from their negligence to their oath, the People, and the Constitution.

The Rules of Professional Conduct is a ‘minimal ethical standard’ for the legal profession. The failure within the legal profession to properly differentiate between JUSTICE and CORRUPTION demonstrates a complete failure of ethics, even minimal ethics. Minimal ethics is no ethics at all.

What good is it to say that one values justice, the rule of law, the Constitution, honesty, and above all, the truth, if one is either doing or supporting the exact opposite?

How does a profession advance the cause for good governance and social justice, while supporting the exact opposite? while supporting unethical behavior? corruption? and lawlessness? while trampling the Constitution? while acting without mercy?

Honesty, ethics, principles, morality, compassion, justice, and empathy are societal factors which are learned over time. When you consider the failure of those human principles within the legal profession, it was necessary to determine the motivation of the people involved AND the level of participation. Where the aggressively enforced SILENCE required by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information may explain the failure of the entire profession, it does not necessarily excuse it.

When truth-telling is suppressed, when those who seek to speak the truth are persecuted and maligned, it damages the whole country. We must stand together and demand that the truth be spoken, that corruption and malfeasance are exposed. The shameful SILENCE of those lawyers who failed to stand up to corruption, to lies, to abuses of power, to profiteering, while following the ABA’s false policy of ethics has caused incomprehensible irreparable loss to the victims.

EXPOSE IT!    IT WILL BE GONE… and the Constitution REBOOTED.

The Founding Fathers were aware of a loophole in the US Constitution where the trusted judiciary was left unchecked and could potentially seize power. Alternately, they likely never imagined that a single rule of confidentiality enacted in every state could undermine the state and federal judiciary and usurp the power of the state governments under the permissive negligence of federal government while people observed and accepted the loss of constitutionally protected rights.

Abraham Lincoln indicated “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it.”

Lincoln also suggested that America would only fall from it’s own undoing… “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.”

With Rule 1.6 an unconstitutional nullity and removed, the US Constitution is rebooted and no longer trumped in the silence of a state law. Prepare America. The injustice and corruption of the last 25 years which has been concealed and ignored can now be prosecuted.

A Constitutional Amendment which prevents the judiciary from over-reaching their authority and usurping power and removes the authority to enact law would appropriate at this time. Logically speaking, there are toilets in the courthouses yet the court is not permitted to enact a code of conduct for plumbers. The courts authority to enact laws for the business of the courts should never have extended to include every aspect of the legal profession.



Seems every time that Kathleen Kane is in the news she is being baited by politicians who know she must conceal crimes committed by her clients – they include the Governor, her staff – and former staff members, various state agencies, etc.

Rule 1.6 of The Rules of Professional Conduct improperly and unconstitutionally enacted by the state Supreme court is the noose which Kathleen Kane wears as an accessory every time she goes into the public eye. She’s not permitted to discuss her clients crimes.

Rule 1.6 is Confidentiality of Information – an aggressively enforced mandate of silence where the information
– would affect the integrity of the judiciary,
– would reveal the misconduct of their own office,
– would expose individual liability,
– would adversely affect any client.

Kathleen Kane wears the albatross of Rule 1.6 like Oscar night jewelry… and no one notices. Kathleen Kane knows the law. Kathleen Kane won’t fall into their trap. Joan Rivers wouldn’t have hesitated to ask Kathleen Kane “Who’s shame she is wearing.”

Has Kathleen Kane finally found a way that her clients have authorized a ‘release’… of their Confidential Information?

AG Kane reveals X-rated emails

Corbett, Castille press for names, details on porn e-mails


When those who are informed and knowledgeable about the inner workings of anything begin to speak of it’s superiority without any basis in fact and contrary to reality… yet supported by pride, arrogance and nationalism…

When they have worked with great effort to conceal the failings and the calamity caused by those failures…

When they have done nothing to correct the failure and obstructed and prevented correction of problems and prevented exposure of problems…

When the disinformation comes as a non-sequitur, that totally unnecessary thrown-in statement…

It is a false flag.

You are witnessing and experiencing disinformation created to conceal facts. Recently demonstrated by Attorney General Eric Holder as he resigned – seems he has his eye on a position within the Supreme Court – a possible reward for his not exposing the complete corruption of the US Judicial system. Attorney General Eric Holder knows the issue. he was involved. He has testified to Congress on both sides of the issue. He was informed of findings and filings since the discovery of the issue in July 2013. And, HE IGNORED IT.

The United States does not have the greatest judicial system in the world.

Of the 97 countries in the index…

The US ranks 17th in Limited Government Powers #1 is DENMARK
The US ranks 18th in Absence of Corruption #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 22nd in Order and Security #1 is SINGAPORE
The US ranks 25th in Fundamental Rights #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 13th in Open Government #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 19th in Regulatory Enforcement #1 is SWEDEN
The US ranks 22nd in Civil Justice #1 is NORWAY
The US ranks 26th in Criminal Justice #1 is DENMARK

[Source: The World Justice Project www.WorldJusticeproject.org ]  

1377797277_miley-cyrus-lgThe US is NOT EVEN in the Top 10 in any category.

Usually, the problem has to be big enough to warrant the lies.

In the United States the problem with the judicial system is massive. It is at such an incomprehensible scale that the government prefers to crumble into anarchy than to address how the judiciary has caused themselves to be undermined and the entire government has become undone.

The US government is too ashamed to correct it. Every government representative contacted about the judiciary has failed to take any corrective action for the failure. It is as if the US Constitution never existed. The US Constitution and the Rule of Law is IGNORED without consequence.

The US government is leaving every citizen AT RISK in the unchecked system after allowing over 10% of the population to experience the extreme injustice. Over 40 million people have been victimized by the corruption of the American judicial system without mercy. Survivors are 1) Homeless/Destitute, 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicides. They become “The Disenfranchised”.

Occasionally the media notices and the story of unconstitutional injustices are revealed. BUT, there is no consequence. The victim gains nothing from the exposure and will be further terrorized. No one looked for the root cause of the problem – or the root cause of why everyone thought it appropriate to IGNORE the Rule of Law and the US Constitution.

The Foreclosure Crisis
Kids for Cash
Judicial Corruption
Due Process Failures
Injustice – affected individuals have no protection under any law in any court or forum
Family Courts – the only court where a person who has committed no crime can lose everything
US Congress does NOTHING [except campaign to keep their office]
US President fails to enforce laws
US Court make decisions beyond their authority

US courts had functioned for 200 years. What changed?

Rule 1.6 was enacted by every state supreme court into law – without any constitutional review, without any construction by a legislature, without any governor. Enacted quietly and without explanation of the necessity from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine).

Rule 1.6 is incorporated into federal practice by “Local Rules” in every Federal District Court and Federal Appeals Court.

Rule 1.6 is incorporated into federal law by the McDade-Murtha Amendment preventing ALL federal agencies and attorneys from prosecuting or exposing judicial corruption or constitutional violations.

Rule 1.6 undermines the Rule of Law, the US Constitution and every state Constitution.

Rule 1.6 undermines judicial independence.

Prior to being enacted into law, confidentiality was a discretionary decision of personal ethics for lawyers.

Rule 1.6 is Confidentiality of Information – an aggressively enforced mandate of silence where the information
– would affect the integrity of the judiciary,
– would reveal the misconduct of their own office,
– would expose individual liability,
– would adversely affect any client.
Once an act of judicial misconduct or injustice occurs, the litigant has effectively lost ALL of their rights and has no protection under the laws, the constitutions and is further victimized without mercy because no one may affect the integrity of the judiciary.

An act by the judiciary, EVERY state judiciary, which defies exposure and resolution has undermined the entire US government. The American people see the constitutional problems and the failure to enforce the law but are kept blind in misinformed nationalistic pride and arrogance. They fail to recognize that once they have been denied justice, they are no longer a part of the unaffected majority. They become part of the disenfranchised group without any rights and denied any voice. They are destined to become 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated or 3) Suicide.

Federalism further prevents the Federal Government from taking action while an improperly enacted and unconstitutional state law hinders the function of the state and federal government. Only a Federal Court has authority to address the unconstitutional law.

The Federal Judiciary sacrificed their integrity when dismissing the matter before the court through their own irrelevant fiction. Rule 1.6 would also conceal if the issue never went to any judge and the paperwork was all the misdirection of the lawyers working for the courts. Everything was done on paper – and without signatures.

WatsonAfter the first meeting where a Pennsylvania State Representative offers to address the Rule 1.6 issue, Representative Kathy Watson gets a false warning about threats against her and her office staff. The information of the threat relayed from a Pennsylvania State Senator. Kathy Watson cancels any further meetings in a phone message where you could hear the fear and peril in her voice. Kathy Watson calls the police who go to her office to take a report. The police know there is nothing to the report.

That FALSE ALLEGATION has prevented further meetings with any Pennsylvania government officials. No one responds to any communication. A successful disinformation campaign based on the affirmation that JUSTICE IS COMING. Only the guilty could be threatened by that affirmation… and Kathy Watson had been quick to understand, interested, helpful and eager to resolve the issue. A peculiar report from Senator Tomlinson who had never returned a phone call or letter and had never met with us on the issue. Why would Senator Tomlinson scare Representative Watson? Her voice mail message demonstrated her ‘fear’.

After hearing her message, I went to the police because of the level of panic and terror I heard in her voice. The threat was real, but I was not the one who threatened Representative Watson.

mcilhinneyMeetings occurred with Pennsylvania Senator Chuck McIlhinney starting in December 2013, reports are he was directed to IGNORE the issue and stop any further meetings on the topic.

Kathy Watson and Chuck McIlhinney are NOT required to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct. They are lawfully permitted to act.

Indeed, it is only the Legislature which has the constitutional authority to suspend the law. The last remaining loophole, unless the county sheriffs realize they have been played into their diminished role. ONLY non-lawyer members of the Pennsylvania state legislature may act to suspend Rule 1.6 in Pennsylvania.

corbett-tomThe Pennsylvania Governor through his counsel has written a letter which contains so much of the scripted misinformation it may take a volume to respond to it all. A tactic which is all too familiar. It was litigation by overwhelming chaotic misinformation and fraud which lead to the issue being experienced and exposed – a never-ending, judicial bench-clearing divorce – since 2007 over 20 judges in the unresolved matter.

When lawyers use lawyers, they do it with intent. Rule 1.6 mandates the lawyer conceal information for their client. It suggests a deception. Heck, Rule 1.6 mandates that deception by lawyers. There was no surprise when the scripted misinformation from the governor was identical to the scripted misinformation observed previously. The surprise was that Senator McIlhinney accepted the misinformation when he knew it was incorrect.

The news media remains oddly silent.


In 1987, the PA Supreme Court enacted the Rules of Professional Conduct into state law creating the opportunity to deny constitutional rights of litigants without any explanation in law. This action caused a loss of judicial independence which undermined the authority of every Pennsylvania Court as all courts were mandated to conceal the courts corruption through further inexplicable injustice.

The basis for judicial immunity is that ‘independence’ to make a decision based only on the facts of the case. Where there is a lack of judicial independence, which is concealed from the public and the litigants, there is simply no basis for judicial immunity.

The bias and pre-determination that the judge will IGNORE injustice and corruption of their court, or other courts/judges, is required to be kept confidential by law even where it interferes with the law, due process, or constitutional rights. The victim of judicial corruption and injustice has no escape and must suffer the indignity and further loss and further litigation… which only demonstrates the issue and further undermine the integrity of the courts. The courts will retaliate against their victim for exposing their shame.

This demonstrable lack of independence further undermines the jurisdiction of the court to the point where the courts have undermined their own authority. The judiciary nullified themselves and made it illegal for lawyers and judges to point that out.

The courts continue to deny litigants their rights protected by the Constitution and the protection of the law. The courts foreclose improperly, put children in jail for kickbacks, and annihilate families without regard for their lawlessness. Civil, criminal and family courts are all affected.

The courts in every state and federally were undermined by this simple action committed IN EVERY STATE between 1984 and 2009 causing the Constitutional Crisis in the US and undermining the rule of law without mercy or opportunity for redress.

Preserve. Protect. Support. Defend. Enforce.
These are the words of those public officers who IGNORE the US Constitution and the state constitutions.

Rule 1.6 has hooks into everything. It hides in the local state’s Rules of Professional Conduct yet
… is incorporated by reference to EVERY Department of Justice attorney (McDade-Murtha Amdnement)
… is incorporated by reference to every government attorney (McDade-Murtha Amendment)
… is incorporated by reference to Federal District Court (FRCP ‘Local Rules’)
… is incorporated by reference to Federal Circuit Courts for Appeals (FRAP ‘Local Rules’)
REMARKABLE: Injustice and judicial corruption is protected from any law enforcement at every level within the state and federally.

Really, it is being IGNORED. IGNORED. IGNORED.

The Constitution cannot enforce itself. The judiciary has created and concealed [poorly] their ‘mess’ for over 25 years. The public trust has been violated and the judiciary are not about to take responsibility for WHAT THEY DID. So it will continue, until the Rule of Law and the Constitution is rebooted.



What happens if the Supreme Court imposes ITS will upon the nation, contrary to the specific provisions of the Constitution? The Founders knew this possibility existed, and Alexander Hamilton wrote:

“The courts must declare the sense of the law; and if they should be disposed to exercise WILL instead of JUDGMENT, the consequence would equally be the substitution of their pleasure to that of the legislative body.”

Hamilton had already pointed out that an unconstitutional act of the legislative body is null and void. It should be clear, then, that an unconstitutional edict by the Supreme Court would be equally invalid.

But if this happens, where is the remedy? By what means do the people protect themselves against an unconstitutional edict by the Supreme Court? Apparently the Founders were so concerned about an overzealous Congress that they neglected to protect themselves from an overzealous judiciary. The only checks and balances provided in the Constitution are as follows:

All judges have to be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Article III, section 2, authorized the Congress to restrict the jurisdiction of the federal courts, but this has been rarely attempted.

The Congress can impeach judges for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,” but not for an unpopular decision. Even when the Supreme Court has seriously violated its constitutional limitations by making new laws through judicial decree, no effective congressional action has been asserted.

From this it will be readily seen that insofar as checks on the judiciary were concerned, a major loophole was left in the basic structure of the Constitution. Perhaps the Founders were too busy to read an article in a New York paper signed “Brutus” (believed to have been Robert Yates) which said:

“It is of great importance to examine with care the nature and extent of the judicial power, because those [Supreme Court judges] are to be rendered totally independent, both of the people and the legislature, both with respect to their offices and salaries. No errors they commit can be corrected…. The only causes for which they can be displaced [are] convictions of treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors…. The power of the judicial will enable them to mold the government into almost any shape they please.”

While the loophole is acknowledged, the Founders likely never imagined that the American Bar Association would present a constitutional calamity where over 25 years (1984-2009) EVERY state supreme court would enact one (1) law which violates a litigants rights protected by both the state Constitution AND the Constitution of the United States with all enforcement actions being kept Confidential with every level of state and federal law enforcement prevented from prosecuting the crimes (injustice and judicial corruption) by a Federal Law enacted by the US Congress and FURTHER prevented from addressing the litigant’s loss of constitutional rights by LOCAL RULES enacted by the Federal District and Appeals Courts which incorporated the one (1) repugnant law.

The only remaining constitutional law enforcement authority, THE SHERIFF, has been convinced of a greatly diminished role by their lawyers and the state judiciary.

This type of circumstance does not happen by chance.

These were the deliberate and secret retaliatory actions of the American Bar Association after the FBI’s Operation Greylord investigated and prosecuted such extreme judicial and courthouse corruption within the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago.

The US Congress can address a repugnant law by modifying the jurisdiction of the Federal Court to exclude jurisdiction to hear actions based on the Courts ability to create law for the operation of the courts.

BUT, this is a state law. IN EVERY STATE. Federalism may be a factor which prevents federal intervention into a state law.

THE STATE Supreme Court is not permitted by law to adversely affect their own integrity by exposing the most egregious violation of the public trust by any government.

This repugnant state law MUST be suspended by the Legislature pursuant to their EXCLUSIVE AUTHORITY TO SUSPEND LAWS.

Article I, Section 12 “No power of suspending laws shall be exercised unless by the Legislature or by its authority.”

Article I, Section 26 “Neither The Commonwealth nor any political subdivision thereof shall deny to any person the enjoyment of any civil right, nor discriminate against any person in the exercise of any civil right.”

Article I, Section 1 “All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation, and of pursuing their own happiness.”

Article I, Section 2 “All power in inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace safety and happiness. For the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper.”

Article I Section 20 “The citizens have a right in a peaceable manner to assemble together for their common good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances or other proper purposes, by petition, address or remonstrance.”

Article II, Section 7 “No person hereafter convicted of embezzlement of public moneys, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime shall be eligible to the General Assembly, or capable of holding any office of trust or profit in this Commonwealth.”

THE PEOPLE will accept resignations from Senators and Representatives who are members of the American Bar Association and affiliated federal, state and local organizations whose seditious and treasonous actions
– have undermined the state and federal judiciary and compromised the integrity, judicial independence and jurisdiction of the courts;
– who have violated, neglected and ignored their oath of office;
– who have conspired, obfuscated, prevented and denied without mercy, empathy or conscience the inherent rights of the people which are protected and secured by the US Constitution and the Constitution of Pennsylvania;
– who have deliberately ignored their sworn responsibilities to the Constitution in a persistent and intentional dereliction of the public trust;
– who have failed to act to address, resolve or discuss the situation created by their organization

The actions of other public officials / members of the American Bar Association and affiliates were mandated by the state Supreme Court to inaction and conflicting legality without opportunity to expose, address and resolve the issue. Their circumstances should be reviewed by a citizens committee/organization with recommendations to the House of Representatives with regard to impeachment and prosecution.

Senators and Representatives had the information and knowledge of the situation and the constitutional authority YET FAILED TO MEET with litigants, AND FAILED TO TAKE ANY ACTION to suspend the repugnant unconstitutional law permitting the problem to persist within the courts on a state and federal level without concern for the irreparable damage done to the People.

Pennsylvania Senator Stewart Greenleaf who had full knowledge of the matter of Healy v Healy and the effect of the loss of constitutional rights on a litigant AND was the chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary should be prosecuted criminally and civilly for his criminal abuse of power.



The America Rebirth Tour arrived in Philadelphia on Constitution Day where the people on Independence Mall heard from speakers, politicians, advocates and civil rights leaders.

Congressional candidate Andy Ostrowski spoke about the failures within the judicial system which are contrary to constitutional standards and defy checks and balances.

Civil Rights legend Jesse Epps announced a program where people can become involved in the Constitution by adding their name to the document which will be presented to President Obama at next year’s event.

Advocate Terance Healy spoke about the loss of constitutional rights and the failure of government to take any actions which “preserve protect or defend” the constitution. He further explained the improperly enacted and unconstitutional laws which are being followed that are offered as an explanation for the failure to address loss of basic constitutional rights within the American courts.

Jesse Epps and Todd Krautheim at the America Rebirth Tour PhiladelphiaActivist Todd Krautheim addressed the set-backs to the civil rights movement from the 60’s which have been undermined by a deliberate and racially motivated effort. The nation’s prison population contains a disparate cross section based on race where peoples rights have been ignored and allowing the nations private prisons to meet occupancy obligations.

The Constitution is not DEAD DEAD DEAD – that is the exaggeration of a Supreme Court Justice who has some metaphor issues. The Constitution of the United States IS BEING IGNORED.

Ignored by government officials who swear to preserve protect and defend the Constitution but lack any understanding of how to go about it or are directly prevented from action by laws enacted to undermine the judiciary and law enforcement.

Ignored by the People who have not yet been affected by the loss of constitutional protections. The unaffected majority content in the illusion has never effected any change until the reality is exposed.

Laws which undermine the basic and primary concept of the Constitution… TO ESTABLISH JUSTICE… have caused the current Constitutional Crisis in the United States. When the President, Congress and Supreme Court stop pointing at each other with dramatic unconstitutional accusations, they will realize that their actions and their inability to take any direct corrective action has been designed and executed by the seditious efforts of the American Bar Association. But, as ABA members, they are not inclined to reveal the embarrassing details of their social organization’s acts of treason.





The scripts which people find on the web are disinformation tactics. They are designed to convince you of the uselessness in combating ‘the system’ by presenting information to use while combating the system. Yea, see that complete shift in logic there. That’s another clue.

The scripts include

The Sovereign Citizen
The Fringed Flag
The Corporation
The Law of Man
The New World Order

among others…

pile-of-scriptsUsually identified because they use the same exact wording everytime, everywhere and they indicate nothing will ever work because ‘THEY’ don’t follow the law based on the premise of the script.

The reason they exist is because the American Bar Association has seriously fucked up the state and federal judiciary so badly that they had to create distractions. Methods by which their unfortunate targets can quickly succumb to their fate/destination. The victims of judicial injustice/corruption end up in the target destinations which are 1) Homeless/Destitute 2) Incarcerated 3) Suicide

Bear in mind, the divide and hate tactics which blame sex, religion, age, nationality, race, personality, etc… are still often presented as the excuse for the injustice.

You may even encounter ‘The Shill’. The person who purports to help by collecting your story and exposing the injustice to a larger audience. Their collection of horror stories will bring an end to the injustice. These folks never deliver.

There have been over 40 million fraudulent foreclosures in the US.
Kids for Cash affected thousands of children and their families.
There is no mercy. They have no shame. The system is affected. It is NOT personal and should not be taken personally – even though the system is annihilating you. Understanding it is NOT acceptance. Understanding it removes some of the emotion from your experience.

“God grant me the ability to change the things which I cannot accept.”

Persevere. We will address the Constitutional Crisis. We know the cause and what must occur to restore rights and privileges protected by the US Constitution. As soon as THE PEOPLE learn what has occurred the problem will be resolved. Until that occurs, persevere.


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The Preamble to the US Constitution clearly indicates the intent and scope of the document.

The first action item on the list – ESTABLISH JUSTICE – is a necessity for the remaining actions. Without JUSTICE a government cannot insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

The U.S. Constitution is not Dead, Dead, Dead.

JUSTICE was entrusted to the Judicial Branch which has failed to acknowledge and accept that the judiciary has been undermined by state supreme court actions which has affected every court in the country and caused the current Constitutional Crisis.

The American Bar Association presented their MODEL RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT to each state supreme court to enact into law.


After 200 years, WHY was it necessary to enact the Model Rules into law?

Why do it quietly over 25 years? (1984 New Jersey to 2009 Maine)

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct include Rule 1.6 “Confidentiality of Information”.


When judicial misconduct or injustice occurs, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality triggers a denial of constitutionally protected rights to litigants without any recourse within the state, without equal or ANY protection of the law.

Attorneys General, District Attorneys, Prosecutors – Every level of law enforcement and the judiciary within the state are prohibited from action to address the corruption of the judiciary. The only exception, the Sheriffs, have been incorrectly convinced of their diminished responsibilities … by lawyers, the Attorneys General and the courts.


When a litigant turns to the Federal Government for help, they are ignored.

By 1998 after 90% of the states had enacted the Model Rules into LAW, the McDade-Murtha Amendment (28 U.S.C. 530B) required Department of Justice staff and US Attorneys to follow the Model Rules of Professional Conduct enacted in the respective state.


The Federal District Courts across the country have enacted “LOCAL RULES” which require attorneys to follow the Model Rules of Professional Conduct enacted in the respective state. The Confidentiality causes a further denial of due process. Cases are summarily dismissed under improper doctrine or fictional inferences- while the court deliberately neglects to acknowledge the facts OR the denial of constitutional rights.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was filed to address SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY the constitutional issue. A pre-emptive constitutional challenge of a state law which collaterally results in the loss of rights and liberties. The state courts dockets, records and actions would demonstrate the unconstitutional issue. After, the litigants could return to the state court with their previously ignored rights available to them.

The Federal District Court improperly dismissed the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 which had been filed and served on 56 United States Attorneys General.

The Federal District Court failed to certify the law being challenged with each state. Certification is a process where the federal courts request that the state supreme courts indicate if the challenged law is constitutional.

The Federal District Court Clerk neglected to certify the matter with any state. The failure to follow the federal law was ignored. The District Court Clerk is a lawyer MANDATED to Confidentiality by Rule 1.6.


EVERY ONE of the 56 United States Attorneys General failed to answer the challenge and DEFAULTED (as was appropriate and expected). Yet, the challenge was dismissed by the District Court.

The 56 state attorneys general, parties and witnesses to this injustice, did nothing. They are lawyers mandated to remain silent pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

No lawyer may expose the unconstitutional affect of Rule 1.6 without violating it and facing disciplinary action.

Those disciplinary actions are also kept confidential under Rule 1.6.


The Federal Circuit Courts across the country have enacted “LOCAL RULES” which require attorneys to follow the Model Rules of Professional Conduct enacted in the respective state. The Confidentiality causes a further denial of due process constitutional rights when appeals are not handled according to the applicable law. Facts are ignored. The litigant is further denied justice without explanation which erodes justice and destroys the integrity of the judiciary.

The Federal Circuit Court affirmed the district court dismissal of the Constitutional Challenge and refused reconsideration en banc to address an issue of national importance. The careless paperwork indicated their deliberate and ADMITTED failure to address the issues raised on appeal.


The Constitutional Challenge litigants who had been denied “access to the court for redress of grievances” were never permitted the opportunity to address the federal district court or the circuit court in person.





All of which could well have been written and executed by the lawyers in the court offices AND left unexplained and ignored by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

The actions of the judicial branch to conceal that
– their judicial independence had been compromised
– their jurisdiction was invalid and
– their integrity undermined
by a ‘law’ improperly and unconstitutionally enacted by each state supreme court without proper construction by any state legislature and without the signature of any Governor.

Misinformed by lawyers mandated to CONFIDENTIALITY,
– Non-Lawyer state representatives fail to act.
– Non-Lawyer state senators fail to act.
– Non-Lawyer governors fail to act.

The MANDATE of CONFIDENTIALITY prevents the state supreme courts from any corrective action.


Provided by the American Bar Association and enacted by each state supreme court from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine), this ‘law’ which usurped the authority and independence of the court; caused a lack of jurisdiction; undermined the integrity of the judiciary; and had nullified the U.S. Constitution.

The American Bar Association which has affiliated organizations which exist within every level of state and federal courts AND every level of state and federal law enforcement.

American Bar Association membership includes lawyers, judges and court personnel, senators and representatives, governors and attorneys general.


The CONFIDENTIALITY by the ABA membership has caused the Constitutional Crisis which the United States is experiencing. That CONFIDENTIALITY prevents them from actions which expose the unconstitutional law. That CONFIDENTIALITY prevents them from taking any corrective action.


The American People have noticed the government’s disregard for the US Constitution.
The American People have recognized the overwhelming disinformation in the news media.
The American People have been terrorized by corruption ignored by lawyers and judges.
The American People are denied justice when lawyers are MANDATED to conceal the corruption and injustice of unconstitutional laws.

The Judicial Branch who was uniquely entrusted with JUSTICE find themselves incapable of acknowledging that they have been undermined. Rule 1.6 MANDATES that they keep their downfall CONFIDENTIAL. The MANDATE OF CONFIDENTIALITY prevents corrective action by persons mandated to follow the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT.

The American Bar Association presented their MODEL RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT to each state supreme court to enact into law.


After 200 years, WHY was it necessary to enact the Model Rules into law?

Why do it quietly over 25 years? (1984 New Jersey to 2009 Maine)


– The Foreclosure Crisis brought about using fraudulent and robo-signed documents affected over 40 Million people without mercy.
– Kids For Cash continued for years affecting 4000 families. There was no intervention until Judge Ann Lokuta called the FBI. FBI investigated and prosecuted. Ann Lokuta was disciplined and removed from the bench (Rule 1.6 violation).
– The destructive injustice of Family Court judges nationwide annihilates families and leads too many people to suicide.

The FBI’s Operation Greylord decimated the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago. In the end—through undercover operations that used honest and very courageous judges and lawyers posing as crooked ones… and with the strong assistance of the Cook County court and local police — 92 officials had been indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, eight policemen, 10 deputy sheriffs, eight court officials, and one state legislator. Nearly all were convicted, most of them pleading guilty.

The ABA acted to make sure corruption like that was never exposed again… by making it illegal to prosecute judicial corruption and injustice… by mandating CONFIDENTIALITY.

Feeble denials that Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information does not directly indicate any MANDATE demonstrate the duplicity of the ABA actions – Each Rule includes Comments which explain the application of the rule. If you want to do something evil, do it inside something boring…. or unnecessary.

Duplicity is further exposed when people misrepresent that the state constitution ALLOWS the courts to enact the laws. THEY ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS paraphrase and fail to include the condition that the laws enacted by the courts cannot abridge the substantive rights protected by the state constitutions and the US Constitution.


The refusal to acknowledge the incomprehensible amount of irreparable damage done to tens of millions of Americans is not an acceptable reason for perpetuating the injustice to Americans. A treasonous organization has deliberately and intentionally committed sedition to undermine the government of the United States. They have conspired and acted to conceal their actions by manipulating the law. They have coordinated their efforts and infiltrating every level of law enforcement. They have organized and trained their membership to continue their actions without mercy denying human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights. The same tactics which were used in Germany and lead to a Holocaust.

A CEASE AND DESIST letter was sent to the American Bar Association and every affiliated organization on August 29, 2014 with instructions to stop all operations and activities. The ABA has defiantly failed to reply or heed the letter.


The Judiciary and Government must face responsibility for the corruption and injustice. Prosecute the corrupt and unjust.

Those who took an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States are now presented with the opportunity to act in accordance with their oath.

The US Constitution REQUIRES some preserving, protecting and defending.

An unconstitutional state law has undermined the judicial branch of state and federal government. The repugnant law threatens and affects domestic tranquility, the common defense, the general welfare and the blessings of LIBERTY.

We the People of the United States, DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT
2. insure domestic Tranquility,
3. provide for the common defense,
4. promote the general Welfare, and
5. secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
returning to the principles established in the Constitution for the United States of America.

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