The volume of paperwork required to survive the corruption and injustice… to survive, to stay out of prison, to persevere… to not grant them the suicide which they seek.

Non-stop litigation since 2007. Over 20 judges. 3 undecided appeals. Every level of state court. federal district court and court of appeals. The US Congress contacted for intervention.

Direct communication with every law enforcement agency in the government – nationwide, Department of Justice and US Attorney within each and every state. Direct communication with every state representative and senator. Direct communication with every state Attorney General. ( <<< - - All in the last 3 weeks) Over 30 archive boxes of paperwork. Computers and phones hacked and intercepted. No end in sight. No explanations. No rule of law. No escape. This is one month of litigation.... Sometimes the Bitstrips are too accurate. 2014-08-26 18.28.57 (1)10622919_10152438916924398_9196551205694772838_n

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