Your lawyer is bragging about the injustice of the Weilheimer decision. Seriously?

How laughable that a lawyer in a large Philadelphia law firm records his 2014 successes – TWO – and the one entry is based on corruption and fraud with no support in law and an appeal is pending.

Your lawyer wasn’t representing the Millers.* The Millers didn’t even bother to show up. If the Millers had shown up maybe they could explain that “Weilheimer for Judge” sign on the lawn? Judge Weilheimer couldn’t explain it.* Are we supposed to believe that in a local election, people believe so much in a candidate that they do not know and have never met that they seek out and obtain a sign supporting their election?

The lawyer failed to address the essential issue.** The lack of jurisdiction of the order they were seeking to enforce.** No mention of anything which supported jurisdiction in the entire transcript.** Yet the lack of jurisdiction was proven beyond any doubt on the court record… AND COMPLETELY IGNORED BY JUDGE WEILHEIMER.***

In the Appeal, Judge Weilheimer delayed 5 months in issuing her opinion. Justice delayed is justice denied. In her opinion she neglects to offer any support for the jurisdiction of the defective and void order.***

YET, THE LAWYER IS BRAGGING ABOUT THIS ‘WIN’ ON THE COMPANY WEB SITE. The lawyer who neglected to reveal that his client was Genuine Title Company.**** He never met the Defendants.

Bragging about the deliberate infliction of injustice. A big win – still pending appeal. A pathetic display of arrogance in the face of judicial corruption and injustice. Keeping a man homeless and destitute for a prolonged period while trying to regain his rightful property after enduring constant litigation since 2007.

* Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of client identity
** Rule 1.6 – Do not adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary
*** Rule 1.6 – Do not self incriminate. Do not adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.
**** Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of client identity

Ejectment Action Against Homeowners Dismissed – April 9, 2014


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