Each time there has been a prosecution or the public has been made aware of judicial corruption, misconduct and injustice, the state Supreme Courts modify Rule 1.6 and the Rules of Professional Conduct to close the loophole. This leaves a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ which demonstrates the true purpose for enacting the ‘rules’ into law without constitutional review, legislative oversight or a governors signature.

Where in the Constitution does it permit the Judiciary to enact trade rules for any profession. Just because lawyers conduct ‘some’ work in courts, WHY DO THE JUDICIARY BELIEVE THEY CAN MAKE THE LAW FOR THE ENTIRE LEGAL PROFESSION and allow those rules to deny constitutional rights.

hackers-have-figured-out-how-to-take-over-your-toiletThere are toilets in the courthouses, does that place the plumbing code under the purview of the state supreme court? I don’t think so.

WHO PERMITTED THE JUDICIARY TO DENY PEOPLE’s RIGHTS IN ANY PROCESS? That’s not in any constitution that I have read.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality has caused the Constitutional Crisis in America.

Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional.

As such, the state supreme courts had no authority to enact law.

Why did the American Bar Association put them up to it? Why have the state and federal Courts neglected and ignored the Constitutional rights of EVERY AMERICAN simply because they made a HUGE mistake and refuse to own up to it?

Nationwide Foreclosures based on fraudulent documents.
Kids for Cash in Luzerne County PA.
Incarceration of the Innocent to fill private prisons.
Widespead injustice causing families to be destitute, homeless and suicidal.

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