Your lawyer is bragging about the injustice of the Weilheimer decision. Seriously?

How laughable that a lawyer in a large Philadelphia law firm records his 2014 successes – TWO – and the one entry is based on corruption and fraud with no support in law and an appeal is pending.

Your lawyer wasn’t representing the Millers.* The Millers didn’t even bother to show up. If the Millers had shown up maybe they could explain that “Weilheimer for Judge” sign on the lawn? Judge Weilheimer couldn’t explain it.* Are we supposed to believe that in a local election, people believe so much in a candidate that they do not know and have never met that they seek out and obtain a sign supporting their election?

The lawyer failed to address the essential issue.** The lack of jurisdiction of the order they were seeking to enforce.** No mention of anything which supported jurisdiction in the entire transcript.** Yet the lack of jurisdiction was proven beyond any doubt on the court record… AND COMPLETELY IGNORED BY JUDGE WEILHEIMER.***

In the Appeal, Judge Weilheimer delayed 5 months in issuing her opinion. Justice delayed is justice denied. In her opinion she neglects to offer any support for the jurisdiction of the defective and void order.***

YET, THE LAWYER IS BRAGGING ABOUT THIS ‘WIN’ ON THE COMPANY WEB SITE. The lawyer who neglected to reveal that his client was Genuine Title Company.**** He never met the Defendants.

Bragging about the deliberate infliction of injustice. A big win – still pending appeal. A pathetic display of arrogance in the face of judicial corruption and injustice. Keeping a man homeless and destitute for a prolonged period while trying to regain his rightful property after enduring constant litigation since 2007.

* Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of client identity
** Rule 1.6 – Do not adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary
*** Rule 1.6 – Do not self incriminate. Do not adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.
**** Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of client identity

Ejectment Action Against Homeowners Dismissed – April 9, 2014


Is this posted on your mother’s fridge?


The illusion of hope I present exists as much for myself as for the others who endure it.

A rare emotional presentation of information.

When the GATEKEEPER who answers the phone and becomes TOTALLY CLUELESS and doesn’t even know his supervisors name – the walls prevent information from getting to those who can make a change.

Spencer. We have tried for over a month to get in touch with people in your office. Computers and phones are hacked here. Internet is blocked and emails prevented. The Pennsylvania Republicans BLOCK this web site – making it impossible to inform them. So we go to their offices with information. We endure the scheduling issues and the insulting innuendo.

I face the impossibility of contacting those who can make a difference on a daily basis. Do you think maybe people are calling about an issue of importance and deserve an answer? Some respect? I have been doing this since 2007, you are not the first GATEKEEPER.

The first GATEKEEPER experience in 2007 had exposed the ridiculous pretend investigation by the DEA while purporting to be the FBI. No one at any FBI office knew Agent “Rose” when I called. After speaking with her for over a month, I left a message on her phone to buy donuts for her office because they did not know who she was. She never called back.

Rep Kathy Watson, YES, it took 10 months to get a meeting with you. After repeated contact and visits to your office because the phones are intercepted. I have no cell phone. Most homeless and destitute folks have no phones. The messages were left at my mother’s house. So Yes, after being ignored in person and on the phone for months, I again walked into your office. When confronted, your staff strongly indicated it was my fault for not repeatedly contacting them – though I had. ONLY THEN DID WE GET THE MEETING.

You finally met with us and understood the issue.

During that meeting, I had to accept criticism for raising my voice at your staff about their neglecting to contact me. I had to accept criticism about how I was dressed. I am homeless. I have no money in my pocket. You are talking about the expense of replacing your desk. My underwear is ripped. My clothes are clean, but there ARE NOT MANY HOMELESS FOLKS IN BUSINESS SUITS. I was not supposed to live through the experience – and I wish I hadn’t. Forgive me for taking things personally but I am experiencing it personally. The interference is personal. The ability to not fall apart completely fails on occasion. Because I am human like that.

There is never enough time to meet to discuss the issues. There is always time to make excuses and criticize the victim who is begging for help. I realize the perception that because I write about what happened, I’m the ungrateful one. EVEN THOUGH, I noticed and appreciated your preparedness and knowledge of the issue.

I receive the disrespect and rudeness from strangers on a daily basis. You cannot imagine what it is like to spend an hour in my existence. I wouldn’t wish it on you or anyone.

Rep Marguerite Quinn. I am not the enemy. You could have been prepared for the meeting.

You accused me of bashing lawyers. Though I present WHY lawyers are perceived to be corrupt and the law which mandates that participation in corruption.

You suggested I was about to insult your uncle when I began to speak about the Federal case. When I am presenting how this issue affects the integrity of the judiciary by mandating judges to conceal the injustice and corruption of prior judges in the matter. IT IS PROBABLE THAT “UNCLE JUDGE” NEVER EVEN SAW THE MATTER BECAUSE IT WAS INTERFERED WITH BY THE COURT CLERKS – LAWYERS MANDATED TO CONCEAL INJUSTICE.

Your preconceived notions of me were dead wrong. I demonstrated that and didn’t shy away from anything you raised about ME. You realized that whatever information you thought you knew was incorrect. POINTS to Archbishop Wood Class of 81. Me too.

Then the game of send information by email begins – when the information is in your hands. Our Computers and phones are hacked. We cannot trust the technology. ( Think about what Snowden reported and put it in the hands of the local bar association and the private investigators who are outside the law. )

Why are the Pennsylvania Republicans blocking the Work2BDone web site? That same information blocking program prevents email from getting through also.


Rep Todd Stephens. Clueless and trained stupid. In practice, the judges can destroy people by ignoring the law and the constitution. In law, they cannot. The law we are talking to the lawyer about causes this injustice to be ignored BY MANDATE. AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE which requires lawyers to ignore the rights of the litigants.

Senator Stewart Greenleaf. You prevent resolution while sitting on the judiciary committee. You are a coward who cannot even face the victim of the injustice you proliferate, endorse and maintain. Your staff are well informed about the experience. They watched as I begged for help. They watched as I found the problem. They watched as I presented numerous examples of the injustice WITHIN THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA. YOU ARE MORE THAN PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM PERSONIFIED.

Senator Chuck McIlhinney. What gives? We ask you to bring the issue to the PA legislature in December 2013. We meet. We keep you informed. You stall. You delay. You stop responding. We hand deliver letters. You tried to pawn it off onto Senator Greenleaf instead of working together. He’s a lawyer. You are not. He is prevented by law. You are not. You both know the seriousness of the issue. Could the ‘Bucks County Machine’ really tell you to SHUT UP and stop meeting with those guys. And is that what you’ve done?

Attorney General Kathleen Kane. You’ve seen first hand in this issue how the staff of the Attorney general’s office can undermine justice, the law and a persons constitutional rights. It was done on a public stage with 55 other attorneys general. And still you hide behind a law which has been demonstrated to be unconstitutional and corrupt and affecting millions. You cannot be disciplined for addressing what will be deemed a nullity. It’s not a law, it’s a nullity.

We have provided documentation about the issue to:
every Governor,
every US Senator,
every US Representative,
every Pennsylvania legislator,
every Pennsylvania Sheriff,
every US Attorney,
every judge in Bucks County Pennsylvania,
every judge in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

The homeless and destitute victim was able to communicate the issue, file in federal court, repeatedly refile motions in Superior court to address ‘pretend’ per curiam orders, the paper, postage, copying, the expense of enduring the lawlessness, and of courser they don’t have to provide the court records so prepare your appeal without the documents necessary for the appeal.

You are fighting for your rights.

The courts think you are trying to expose their corruption when THEY are providing the evidence of their own corruption. You are just trying to survive it.

The lies of the American government agencies are tremendous. DOJ tells us to write to the US Attorney. The US Attorney indicates that they only have jurisdiction where a federal law has been broken. The US Constitution is a federal law – the supreme law of the land.

Doesn’t the US Attorney know that? Once you lose your constitutional rights, the refusal to commit suicide is considered spite. The disappointment at your not going ‘mad’ so they can arrest you is clear. They will make you homeless, destitute and alone… writing stupid letters if you still have an address. You were not supposed to survive and expose the problem. And ONLY a victim would have standing to present it in court – without any lawyer involved. You are not supposed to have survived this long.


The walls and blockades erected by the lawyers to whom everyone turns for advice. THEY ARE MANDATED TO CONCEAL THE PROBLEM. And I know this. I have experienced this. I excuse them because their twisted unconstitutional law MANDATES they do this to people and to me.

I excuse the govt officials who are prevented from exposing that the judiciary has failed because they may not expose the collapse of the govt. WHILE ALL AROUND US WE SEE THE FALL.

The inhumanity of their actions and how they turn a society at will.

Lawyers can create a economy. Have a cop shoot an unarmed kid and the lawyers revenue goes through the roof. Riots, media, govt officials, victims, innocent bystanders, all brought together and needing a lawyer.

The only ones who are getting paid are the lawyers…. and by those who have not got the money to afford it.

I persevered thru the nightmare, I found the cause of the issue, not just for me but for millions. I have endured the hatred the misinformation and the redirection. Been denied simple respect from people who were afraid once they heard that the LAWYERS HAVE UNDERMINED THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. I exposed HOW they did it. I backed up every statement with well-known examples and evidence.

And still… The injustice continues. I was not supposed to survive. Family friends and everyone are gone. They were exhausted and frightened by the experience.

I sit alone most days. Trying to live. Explaining the corruption of an entire society and a country. A deliberate crime committed by the lawyers, the American Bar Association. They have the ability to block every resolution and prevent exposure by the media.

The reasons to ignore the issue are overwhelming. The ability to present it are quickly undermined by misconceptions, misinformation, or a simple expression. I am accused of everything that THEY are doing to me. I walk in the front doors. I ask for help. I try to summarize the issue. They ask for more information and when they hear it they become more and more frightened by what they are hearing.

No one has ever said I was wrong. Yes, I have thought about most every angle. I have explanations for every scenario. Not because I am a know-it-all… but because I have lived this nightmare.

Accuse me of anger. You’re wrong but the reality is that I am supposed to be angry – who wouldn’t be angry after going through this experience. That’s how they usually have the victim thrown in jail.

There is no happiness in the isolation of the prison of information to which I am confined. And no one gives a damn until they are in the ‘next cell’ and no one is listening to them either. I understand the suicides.

There’s no joy. The illusion of hope I present exists as much for myself as for the others who endure it.


This document has been sent to every Pennsylvania Senator via their web based form. This web site is blocked by the Republicans in the legislature. Though, Democrats can see it. Email to the legislature is blocked and prevented by a similar program. I receive over 11,000 emails per day which prevent me from receiving email – the mailbox is always full. The reason this issue has not seen the light of day is because they have made it impossible to maintain effective communications with anyone. Phones and computers are hacked. You cannot trust the technology.
The Pennsylvania Senate.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

Alloway, Richard L. (R)
Argall, David G. (R)
Baker, Lisa (R)
Blake, John P. (D)
Boscola, Lisa M. (D)
Brewster, James R. (D)
Browne, Patrick M. (R)
Brubaker, Mike (R)
Corman, Jake (R)
Costa, Jay (D)
Dinniman, Andrew E. (D)
Eichelberger, John H. (R)
Erickson, Edwin B. (R)
Farnese, Lawrence M. (D)
Ferlo, Jim (D)
Folmer, Mike (R)
Fontana, Wayne D. (D)
Gordner, John R. (R)
Greenleaf, Stewart J. (R)
Hughes, Vincent J. (D)
Hutchinson, Scott E. (R)
Kasunic, Richard A (D)
Kitchen, Shirley M. (D)
Leach, Daylin (D)
McIlhinney, Charles T. (R)
Mensch, Bob (R)
Pileggi, Dominic (R)
Rafferty, John C. (R)
Robbins, Robert D. (R)
Scarnati, Joseph B. (R)
Schwank, Judith L. (D)
Smith, Matt (D)
Smucker, Lloyd K. (R)
Solobay, Timothy J. (D)
Stack, Michael J. (D)
Tartaglione, Christine M. (D)
Teplitz, Rob (D)
Tomlinson, Robert M. (R)
Vance, Patricia H. (R)
Vogel, Elder A. (R)
Vulakovich, Randy (R)
Wagner, Scott (R)
Ward, Kim L. (R)
Washington, LeAnna M. (D)
White, Donald C. (R)
Wiley, Sean (D)
Williams, Anthony H. (D)
Wozniak, John N. (D)
Yaw, Gene (R)
Yudichak, John T. (D)

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