This week we traveled around Bucks County stopping to deliver packages of the letters and the newspaper from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and requesting meetings with Congressmen, State Senators and Representatives regarding the unconstitutionality and the injustice of Rule 1.6.

We appreciate the interest and the support we are receiving from those who have been informed and anticipate further cooperation and effort from those who are only now learning about this national constitutional issue.

US Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick received a copy of the documents and newspaper in his office near Newtown. Then, as luck would have it, we ran into him at the Courthouse in Doylestown to hand deliver a set and quickly discuss the urgency of meeting on the issue. A meeting with the congressmen has not yet been scheduled by his office.

Representative Scott Petri’s people had some time to sit with us for a discussion of the issue. A meeting with the representative was requested.

Representative Marguerite Quinn has scheduled a meeting.

Representative John T. Galloway’s assistant Brenda sat with us and reviewed the documents left for the representative. A meeting with the representative was requested.

Representative Tina Davis’s Chief of Staff met with us and heard an overview of the issue. The package was left with him to review with the representative. A meeting with the representative was requested.

Representative Steven J. Santarsiero’s people had some time to review the issue. Chief of Staff Rosemary Wuenschel accepted the paperwork to review with the representative and schedule a meeting to discuss the topic.

Our neighbor in Doylestown, Senator Chuck McIlhinney, was not available to meet. We left updates and documents with his staff and AGAIN requested an opportunity to discuss the silence from the Pennsylvania Senate since December 2013 regarding the issue.

Senator Robert Tomlinson’s assistant accepted the paperwork and the request for a meeting on the topic.

Representative Frank Farry’s office manager sat down for a very good meeting and discussion of the topic. After reviewing the documents and newspaper articles, a meeting with the representative was requested.

Representative Kathy Watson had obviously reviewed the documentation delivered prior to our meeting. A very productive discussion and explanation and review of the issue ended with a request for the PA Legislature to be formally informed of the issue. Representative Watson understood and recognized the problem we were reporting and attempting to address. We anticipate her involvement in the resolution of the matter for the sake of the Commonwealth and the country.

Representative Clymer’s office was not open when we visited.

Senator Bob Mensch’s office is on our list for Montgomery County visits.

Senator Stewart Greenleaf’s office refuses to schedule a meeting on the issue. As head of the Judiciary Committee this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We will continue to pursue the involvement of Senator Greenleaf while questioning his deliberate, intentional and well informed avoidance of the issue. His silence demonstrates complicity.

Representative Todd Stephens was caught in his office and denied meeting with Healy before in 2011 about the corruption in Montgomery County. That was when Healy v Healy had only involved 16 judges. Now it’s at 20 with two appeals in Superior Court pending. Rep. Stephens has been trained to believe that judges may deny people’s rights which are protected by the US Constitution. TODD STEPHENS IS WRONG. After that foolishness was addressed, the impromptu meeting ended abruptly. A meeting with the representative was requested to further discuss the issue.

While we were out enjoying the back roads of beautiful Bucks County, the fax was sending copies to EVERY Pennsylvania State Representative. Confirmations received.

The government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been notified of the issue.

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