Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information mandates injustice, fraud, conspiracy and corruption.
It requires the sacrifice of integrity, ethics and morality and contributes to a destruction of dignity.

The victim does not have to follow the Rule. However, they must deal with the fact that the denial of constitutional rights, civil rights, and human rights is being committed by lawyers, judges, district attorneys, attorneys general, prosecutors, public defenders.

Their actions defy explanation – as any explanation is prevented by the mandate of confidentiality which if breached is promptly addressed by an aggressive disciplinary proceeding which can result in sanctions, suspension or disbarrment.

Imagine placing your career on the line everday. Where if you reveal a truth, your career is over, and your ability to work in the future can be denied and prevented… BECAUSE YOU TOLD THE TRUTH.

Though under threat, the lawyers, judges, district attorneys, attorneys general, prosecutors, public defenders are NOT the victims. They are under threat from EACH OTHER and are thus compelled to prevent and deny constitutional rights, civil rights, human rights and any protection of the law from the victim.

… being bullied by his friends because he has not been able to get you to kill yourself.

The terror continues unstoppable and inescapable against the victims who dare to survive and persevere through the destruction and annihilation of their lives while every attempt to address the injustice and lawlessness is ignored.

Their self-respect, integrity and dignity remains in spiteful defiance. Something which is akin to waving a red cape in front of a bull. They abandoned their ethics and morality which they conceal behind empty words and false adulation.

Lawyers, judges, district attorneys, attorneys general, prosecutors, public defenders…

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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