Judge-Silhouette-Question-MarkHow do you continue to treat the judiciary with the necessary respect when they are being complete asses?

Each Petition and document filed since May 2011 has indicated the defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

Each Appeal (Carluccio, Page, Weilheimer) has indicated the defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

Each Concise Statement includes the indication that the order is defective and void. AB INITIO.

Each Opinion issued by the judges fails to address the defect, fails to address the void, and then mistates and misrepresents random irrelevant items.

It’s almost laughable when they cite law. When the law they cite is not applicable and they are ignoring the one law that DOES apply. The LAW THAT INDICATES THE JUDGE HAD NO JURISDICTION FOR THE MAY 9th order, and each subsequent order is undone because they are based on a defective and void order. All nullities based on a nullity.

The issue has been properly raised and presented over a hundred times… before three judges. Never contested or refuted. Never addressed by opposing counsel. YET, Ignored by the judiciary.

SIMPLY PUT: If the order was not defective, they would prove that and back it up with relevant statements and be done with it.

But the judges can’t. So they don’t. And Rule 1.6 forces them to stupidity and irrelevance to avoid addressing the lack of jurisdiction.

It should be no big deal. Why wouldn’t they address the issue? It’s not a matter of interpretation. It is a procedure which MUST be followed. But, it wasn’t.

Instead of facing the issue, Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio made such a deliberate malicious mess pushing for my suicide… Her courtroom was lawless fraud, intimidation and judicial terror. Carluccio was attempting to ‘bury’ years of injustice and corruption by the entire Montgomery County Bench.

ANSWER: Follow the law. End the deception. End the lawlessness. End the corruption.

In the long run, there is no possible way for the effective order to ever have jurisdiction. Jurisdiction cannot be created retroactively. There’s no fixing it. IT MUST BE FACED.

THE ONLY ANSWER: Follow the law. End the deception. End the lawlessness. End the corruption.

The judiciary and the lawyers have terrorized my life for over 8 years… all documented on the court record. The excessive volume of injustice and the clear intent is so undeniable and all consuming that it backfired in such a massive way to reveal the injustice was nationwide AND DELIBERATE AND ALL CAUSED, ENABLED, IGNORED AND UN-PROSECUTED BECAUSE OF RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY WHEN IT ADVERSELY AFFECTS THE JUDICIARY.

NEWSFLASH: JUDICIAL CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE ADVERSELY AFFECTS THE INTEGRITY OF THE JUDICIARY. Rule 1.6 conceals judicial corruption and injustice and is aggressively enforced. By design, it promotes corruption and undermines the courts.

And considering the continuing collateral damage that the Rule 1.6 Confidentiality/Conspiracy requires… It’s about time the judiciary faces their truth.

The American Bar Association has undermined the judiciary in every state. Overthrown the government to the point where everything is broken or breaking. There is no ignoring the mess.


Any delay is only going to exacerbate the situation more and more. The civil unrest will escalate further when the People learn that the Courts have failed to take responsibility and that they were informed (“caught”) a year ago. The Rule 1.6 secret is not going back in the box.

In Kids for Cash, Ann Lokuta was Rule 1.6 – Disciplined and removed from the bench for contacting the FBI. Every lawyer in the state kept confidential, even the district attorneys, prosecutors and attorneys general and governors.

A Commission of lawyers deliberately neglected to expose that Rule 1.6 was the silence of “those who knew but failed to speak; those who saw but failed to act.”

The Commission did NOTHING which would prevent a recurrence, or a continuation of the judicial corruption and injustice.

Far more frightening, these lawyers now know how to do it… and how to get away with it.

Ciavarella and Coonahan went to jail ONLY BECAUSE they were inept at money laundering.

The ABA has done well by its membership. Their profession creates an economy and a case whenever it chooses, requiring the use of their membership at $200-500/hour. Even when lawyers are stealing houses through fraudulent foreclosures using fake companies, false and robo-signed deeds, they expect you to hire a lawyer to help you. While Rule 1.6 prevents them from helping because they cannot acknowledge the fraud and misrepresentation.

They even created programs which could occur before going to court where again the lawyers were the ones getting paid.

And everyone fell for it.

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