The American Bar Association has undermined the United States Government. They have had a 30 year head start on me. I only found their method a year ago. Rule 1.6 – one single law in every state which undermines the entire American Government and everything we are supposed to stand for in this country.

The domestic terrorists have been identified… and they have undermined the government and infiltrated EVERY level of the government… and they have violated The People.

Their impact can be seen in the lawless accusations they make towards each other. A Congress which boldly accomplishes nothing. American Government so bogged down in the effort to keep the secret that they have been undermined and out of control for the last few decades.

Where such dramatics and political theater as a presidential blowjob was used to distract the people from discovering the federal government was being undermined as ONE ‘LAW’ had already been rolled out and enacted in almost 3/4 of the states.

Where every stupid and insipid and dopey news story contributed to the dumbing down of the american people. While complete morons dominated American television making everyone feel so superior and smarter than the folks they see on TV. The news programs ceased being about the facts. They were reading press releases until the arrival of overly biased analysts dividing the population with rhetoric and misinformation – SuperPundits so boldly ignorant and blind of the facts, they assigned labels to groups and unashamedly divided an uninformed nation. We accepted the excuse offered by the networks – the news divisions had been combined with the entertainment divisions and they were whores for ratings.

Where people in american courts have been denied the law and terrorized out of existence….
Where courts EXCUSED FRAUD and foreclosed on millions of peoples’ homes…
children sold to prisons where a judges received a kickback AND EVERY LAWYER KEPT THEIR MOUTH SHUT FOR YEARS…
Where an attorney general contracted creation of a public reports to a lawyer mandated to keep information confidential and mandated to further conceal any liability of the attorney general…
Where a governor contracted creation of a public report to a lawyer mandated to keep information confidential and mandated to further conceal the any liability of the governor.
The public trust of the American People has been violently and repeatedly raped.

Imagine the value of having a district attorney, attorney general, judge or governor in your organization which purports to help children.

Should someone in the organization be preying on the children, Rule 1.6 disables or prevents effective prosecution of their crimes and would cause a scandal – if and when ever revealed.

Children are placed at risk where Rule 1.6 would hinder prosecution and mandate a cover-up by the lawyers responsible for law enforcement and prosecution being active and directly involved in these organizations.

This is not speculative. It happened in the Jerry Sandusky case. These twisted and sociopathic lawyers without integrity… without respect for people… without respect for human dignity.
If you pay attention… They allow people to be victimized. They ignore it until it can be ignored no longer. Then, they arrive like the hero. AND ALWAYS SELF CONGRATULATE AND CELEBRATE THEMSELVES.

YOU MAY THINK THAT IS TWISTED… but it is so commonplace you can find new examples everyday.

The state appointed commission blamed the Kids For Cash scandal on the people of Luzerne County for not complaining, though they had complained and were ignored. That commission was lead by the same judge who ordered the suppression of information to the public regarding the prolonged investigation of Jerry Sandusky. AFTER THE CONVICTION. He also ordered the lawyers involved in the case to provide the names of every person who had viewed any of the evidence or documents related to the investigation. That Court Order sure as hell sounded like a hit list for a coverup.

When judges order people not to help the homeless. The actions of kindhearted and good people become criminal and they are prosecuted. This is happening all over the US.

The injustice and terror is happening to me. Personally. Today and every day for the last 8 years. And their is no escape without them being exposed. No relief except by going directly to their door. And each time before a judicial bench, the failure of court and the denial of justice was deliberate, demonstrated and void of explanation. An American denied their constitutional rights in American Courts is an unimagineable concept. Yet, the unimagineable was experienced and documented at every level of the courts.

It became necessary to determine why everyone in law enforcement thought their failure to take any action was lawful. The needle in the haystack of injustice was concealed nested multiple ways within the cross references and comments of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of Information – An aggressively enforced silence in the face of judicial corruption and injustice.

The unconstitutional Rule 1.6 once removed would permit recovery from their terror. But, it won’t go quietly. The lawyers just won’t let it. Acting with integrity, the state attorneys general were denied their lawful ability to default and expose the unconstitutionality of Rule 1.6. Fifty-six Attorneys General were undermined in the federal courts and remained silent while the district court and the Third Circuit refused to review the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 and perpetuated their injustice against the litigants and the entire country.

The federal courts have made their intention very clear while failing to substantiate their decisions in law, doctrine or constitution. The federal courts have participated by deliberate stupidity. They have demonstrated that they have been undermined to the point where they have no authority and no jurisdiction to even attempt lawful action. ‘Judicial independence’ is managed by the Judicial Independence Department at the American Bar Association. I suppose that the name of the department would be ironic in itself, except it demonstrates the ABA arrogance.

The law is for the protection of the people… and the ABA believed they were/are the law while they undermined and usurped the judiciary, the legislatures, the US Constitution and the entire government.

One thing the American Bar Association failed to see.


The American Bar Association is NOT part of that deal. The PEOPLE only gave to the Government what it needed to govern. The Government promised to secure and protect the rights of the people.

The ABA is not a part of the American Government. They are a non-essential organization with no constitutional necessity. The ABA has no constitutional authority. The ABA is a trade organization for lawyers.

The American Bar Association has undermined, usurped and infiltrated the government through the judicial branch. Each state Supreme Court carelessly enacted the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct into ‘law’. Discretionary rules became lawful mandates and the law and rights of the people were aggressively attacked and denied without mercy. Judges acted witl clear intent and full knowledge of their abuse of power under color of law. The ABA’s controlled judiciary has proceeded to act in a very unconstitutional manner overreaching their authority and ignoring, concealing and continuing their violation of the public trust.

The lawyers in the Congress were somehow convinced that ignoring the overthrow of the judicial branch was in the best interest of the People AND were additionally mandated to confidentiality by Rule 1.6. The lawyers in Congress further convinced the non-Lawyers in Congress to ignore what had to be an obvious problem – their jobs were empty. They did nothing. Even when shut down, the country did not fall. Could it be possible that those government shut downs were threats to the Congress to ‘play along’ or the government will fall. Oversimplification, maybe. Think Occum’s razor.

So let’s go THERE. Take notice of how the sedition and treason of the United States was ignored, concealed and further enabled.

The US Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush as President. A court which had been usurped and undermined and controlled, while lacking judicial independence, succumbed to the threat of exposure. They appointed the son of the President who was in office while Rule 1.6 was being rolled out and enacted in each state. George H. W. Bush, the former head of the CIA who had indicated that “the Constitution is just a god damned piece of paper.”

The People survived that incompetent presidency and ELECTED the next president who has been prevented from effective efforts by a Congress which refuses to cooperate or do anything – and a judiciary who believes they can do absolutely anything they like.


Reboot the United States under it’s existing Constitution but without the unconstitutional Rule 1.6 – unconstitutional in every place where it was ever improperly enacted, followed and enforced – by professionals who knew what they were doing was wrong – morally, ethically, constitutionally.

Rule 1.6 is a nullity repugnant to the United States Constitution which remains the supreme law of the United States of America.


This information has already been provided to the US Senate.


The constitutional authority of the sheriffs must be used to maintain order while the government re-establishes the justice system. The sheriff has the authority, the resources available and the staff to accomplish this responsibility. The sheriff may also expand his organization as needed by calling for the assistance of local and state police to assist in maintaining order.

Any suggestion that the sheriff lacks constitutional authority in this instance is incorrect. It is necessary to recognize that the courts – judges and lawyers undermined by the American Bar Association – were responsible for convincing the sheriffs of their diminished role and authority. A deliberate and intentional fraud to enable and permit the corruption and injustice to continue.

As the only non-lawyer with authority in law enforcement, the Sheriff as Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county is essential to the non-violent restoration of the government.

Authority of the Sheriff pre-dates the state constitutions, as such their authority is broad and absolute and includes all areas of law enforcement. It is only by specific direction by the Legislature within a law or statute that the authority of the sheriff can be removed or excluded from law enforcement responsibilities.

I have presented the problem, the cause, the organization responsible, their motivation, their corruption, their sedition and treason, their crimes, their efforts to evade detection, their efforts to avoid prosecution, their theft of property, their lack of empathy or mercy, their efforts to undermine an entire society.

When presented with the evidence which would become their undoing, the arrogant and defiant demonstration of their usurpation of power and authority and corrupting influence on the federal judiciary to subvert and to obstruct the authority of the United States Constitution.


The American Bar Association has taken control of everything. Their actions to misdirect and perpetrate artificial conspiracy theories to distract and prevent their exposure… ALL EVIDENCE now that Rule 1.6 provides an explanation and a reason for the lawless of the American Government and the American Courts.

When you view the actions of the American Government for the last 25 years through the Rule 1.6 filter… Every stupid action, every injustice, every corruption, every scandal, every unfathomable court decision done without authority, morals, ethics, civility, humanity… Every unconstitutional and lawless act. All violations against people’s rights and dignity, which distracted an apathetic population from the conspiracy of the American Bar Association.

Perhaps distracted by prosperity during the 80’s, in the 90’s while an entire country was distracted by stains on an interns dress, which honestly should not have been headline news, the coup had been silently accomplished. Civil rights were being denied. Constitutional rights were being denied. Human rights were being denied.

And no one could explain it. Because the lawyers mandated SILENCE under Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

Once the unconstitutional Rule 1.6 was exposed, the lawyers and the state and federal judiciary had a responsibility to address it and take immediate action against a law which could no longer require their silent participation. The Mandate of Confidentiality was removed where educated and informed legal professionals who had witnessed the unconstitutional results knew the ‘law’ to be a nullity, without any effect.

As part of the REBOOT, there should be no authority outside of the Legislature to make law unless expressly granted by the legislature. The judiciary has demonstrated their failure to take responsible action when their abuse of power and authority was raised in their own courts.

The founding fathers expressed great concerns about the potential for abuse of power within the judicial branch… there was no shame in trusting.

The SUPREME COURT has clearly tried to have the People recognize their lack of judicial independence for quite some time. Their bold and obvious decisions which lacked any basis in the law and exceeded their authority defined in the constitution. Could there have been a more BLATANT CRY FOR HELP AND ATTENTION than the Supreme Court’s preposterous decisions indicating Corporations were people… and have the right to freedom of religion. Such was the level of public trust placed in the courts, that their corruption and injustice was ignored.

Rightfully so. But, not ever again.

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