July 28, 2014

Barack Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Please permit us to officially bring this national issue to your attention.

Operation Greylord – An undercover federal investigation of judicial corruption of an unprecedented magnitude has lead to a conspiracy of incomprehensible scope and magnitude where the judiciary is undermined and justice is denied to millions of Americans while and entire profession of lawyers and law enforcement is mandated to silence/confidentiality which prevents exposure and resolution of the unconstitutional injustice by the government.

The surviving victims of nationwide state and federal judicial corruption and injustice are relegated to (1) BEING HOMELESS/DESTITUTE, (2) INCARCERATION UNDER FALSE PRETENSES or (3) SUICIDE.

An unaffected majority does nothing. A responsible minority witnesses and reacts to the ‘broken’ condition of the government. We SEE the cause. We CAN fix this. There IS a resolution.

The response to Operation Greylord, perpetrated by the American Bar Association and enacted into law by state Supreme Courts in every state over a 25 year period from 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine), was a level of corruption by an unchecked and self-policing judiciary giving rise to injustice of a scope and magnitude that ANY government would be unwilling and hesitant to admit.

The United States, the world leader of democracy, has denied the most basic rights of millions of Americans and controlled the media preventing the exposure of the government’s corruption… while doing nothing to address the corruption. There can be no effective reform while Rule 1.6 remains.

Even after presentment to the Judiciary and Government Representatives at state and federal levels, the Government continues to perpetrate a fraud of unfathomable proportions… and continues to deny the citizens of their most basic rights.

Addressing the injustice of Rule 1.6 is an inevitability. Facing it responsibly will affect the public reaction to this realization. Continuing to ignore this national issue is not an alternative. We ask your involvement, or where your direct action is ‘unlawful’, whatever assistance of support and resources which will permit us to succeed for the betterment of the nation in the best interests of every American.

Terance Healy
Todd M. Krautheim

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