interview with Attorney General Kathleen Kane

Kathleen Kane’s credibility is on the line – MORNING CALL July 5, 2014

Rule 1.6 is a law which mandates confidentiality of information. It’s unconstitutional. it causes judges to sacrifice their integrity. It requires law enforcement to ignore corruption and injustice. Rule 1.6 mandates that Kathleen Kane not explain that it is being used by those who are well aware of it to attack her credibility where she is mandated to conceal their corruption and misconduct.

Rule 1.6 mandated confidentiality is a tool for corruption and injustice – and the denial of constitutional rights. The Kids For Cash scandal. The Sandusky Conspiracy. Foreclosure through fraud. All enabled, delayed, and ignored for years because of a mandate that lawyers and judges MUST ignore judicial corruption and injustice. Rule 1.6 demands that confidentiality from district attorneys and attorneys general.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was undermined by a member of Kathleen Kane’s office. His actions required the integrity of the federal courts to be sacrificed – made the courts deny the law and the constitution and prevented them from explaining. Because of Rule 1.6, Kathleen Kane can take no action to expose the case being undermined by her office.

The Weaponized version of Rule 1.6, seems to be the choice of the District Attorneys of Pennsylvania. They dare to attack the actions of the Pennsylvania Attorney General with the knowledge that she is not lawfully permitted to answer their statements. Seth Williams hired Frank Fina after Fina undermined his own investigation requiring the case to be dropped. Both know that Attorney General Kane is mandated to confidentiality when it would expose the misconduct of employees of the office of the Attorney General.

Same conditions with regard to the stalled Sandusky investigation which was delayed for years.
The Sandusky report was a sham… mandated by Rule 1.6 to not include misconduct of the investigation. The Supreme Court actually updated the Rules of Professional Conduct to conceal the emails – over 8 times they edited the law for the purpose of email confidentiality. BUT, Rule 1.6 prevents AG Kane from saying it. She must protect the integrity of a court which boldly and arrogantly lacks any shred of integrity. A Supreme court which hides behind a curtain of confidentiality THEY CREATED TO CONCEAL JUDICIAL CORRUPTION.

I have been victimized for over 9 years by injustice and corruption – no protection of the law and no constitutional rights. Homeless, destitute and terrorized to the point where I had to find out why they thought it was OK. Rule 1.6 makes it OK to ignore corruption, injustice and terrorism.

JUSTICE IS COMING. And while Kathleen Kane can’t do anything to help because of Rule 1.6 mandating her taking no action, when she is attacked and cannot defend her silences. I CAN.

Rule 1.6 may have been able to annihilate my life… but it does NOT mandate my silence about it’s corruption. It does not prevent me from challenging the constitutionality of a very twisted law which has damaged millions of Americans.

I don’t know how she can restrain herself. As I read the articles attacking her credibility my respect for her grows. People don’t understand. I’m supposed to hate her and be angry at her for what she did NOT do for me. BUT, I understand her silence. Her silent support of my cause. She’s following the law… (even if it kills me.)


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