An unconstitutional law enacted by the judiciary without any review during construction for constitutionality is further excluded from any ‘checks and balances’ because ONLY THE COURTS can decide constitutionality which causes judicial corruption and injustice to be ignored while denying basic constitutional rights.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality further mandates that lawyers take no action which would adversely affect the integrity of the court.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality further mandates that an Attorney General not expose corruption within the OAG, by state officials or other state agencies.

Rule 1.6 mandates the victim to be abused and terrorized within the courts made destitute, homeless or incarcerated until their suicide.

Rule 1.6 is so powerful that lawyers, attorneys general and judges will deny law, constitutional rights, human rights, and facts to conceal the corruption and injustice which it causes.

Kids for Cash corruption concealed the crimes of Judge Ciavarella.
Judges, lawyers, prosecutors, district attorneys, attorneys general, public defenders, Supreme Court Justices, Judicial Conduct Boards, Disciplinary Boards,… THEY ALL CONSPIRED TO CONCEAL THAT A JUDGE WAS TRAFFICKING CHILDREN INTO A JAIL FOR KICKBACKS FOR YEARS.


Judge Ann Lokuta who contacted federal authorities was disciplined for violating Rule 1.6 and removed from the bench. She may never hold judicial office again.

It only requires a judge and lawyer commit misconduct. The resulting injustice will overwhelm. Whether aware of the injustice’s existence or not, the target experiences the loss of rights and the denial of the protection of the law. Even if the initial injustice is discovered, there is no method by which a victim may recover or survive. There is no possibility of regaining your rights where they have been deliberately denied by the judiciary.

The victim knows what it means to be terrorized. Any attempt to survive requires the court and judiciary to address the denial of rights. They don’t. They won’t. Ever. It’s their law.

The law was deliberately written without opportunity for escape. It’s intent was destruction. It has been allowed to foreclose on millions of people’s homes. It has thrown innocent children in jail. It has denied parents of their children. It has thrown innocent people in jail.

Homeless. Destitute. Suicide. Incarceration. THE ONLY CHOICES UNDER RULE 1.6. Perseverance is self-torture. Survival is futile.

Rule 1.6 destroys HOPE last. Hope is requisite for justice – even where you know justice will be denied. There is no alternative. You must return to the corrupt court seeking justice that won’t come… …until you are dead.

If you have been involved in litigation and the following description fits. then you are a victim of Rule 1.6.

“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS… NO ONE HELPED… “

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 continues to persevere on behalf of the survivors and to help further victims. BUT, I am exhausted… fighting the misinformation and corruption art every level of the courts. It proves my case against Rule 1.6, while it consumes my life and terrorizes every moment since 2006. There are no vacations, no breaks, no relief, ever… I understand why people break.

It has annihilated my life. Every minute of every day of every week of every year form over 9 years. Not one moment of relief during that entire time. Destitute. Property destroyed. No protection of the law. Constant technology intrusions and attacks. Tech attacks against any friends or supporters – they disappear. Constant fraudulent litigation. Court orders issued without lawful jurisdiction. Ignored Appeals. Further harassing litigation without jurisdiction. Court Records denied and prevented from the appeals court. Somehow I have survived when I would have preferred suicide.

I find Rule 1.6 which causes the situation. Only to discover it was intentionally written and enacted to destroy people, children, families,… Destruction without any empathy or mercy. Rule 1.6 is the purest most vile form of evil I have ever encountered in my life.

Please Persevere. I understand. Terror, destruction and isolation is no life.

Every. Person. Matters. JUSTICE IS COMING.

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