The injustice began with the issuing of the secret order (undocketed, undistributed to Terance Healy) by Judge Rhonda Daniele in August 2007.

Judge Dickman was not likely aware of the secret order. Judge Dickman’s notes on an Agreed Order indicated her anticipation for vexatious litigation by Angst & Angst. Judge Dickman died in late 2007.

Judge Ott reviewed considerable documentation and evidence and issued a Protection from Abuse order with regard to the technology intruding into computers, phones and networking equipment.

Judge Tilson dismissed The Protection from Abuse order regarding technology intrusions of computers, phones and networking equipment.

Judge DelRicci failed to enforce Sonya Healy’s compliance, or sanction her contempt of ANY AND EVERY court order.

Judge DelRicci incarcerated me for contempt of an order which had not yet been before a judge, or signed by any judge.

Judge Del Ricci participated directly in the conspiracy to conceal the secret order, and prevent the scheduling of custody proceedings.

Judge Del Ricci intervened with the police, county detectives and the District Attorneys Office to prevent Sonya Healy, and 20 others (including the parties children) from being prosecuted for breaking and entering, and burglary in defiance of an Agreed Court Order and misrepresenting to police that the ‘secret order’ authorized her to have access to the house.

Judge DelRicci prevented custody or visitation, delayed custody proceedings, issued ex parte orders without holding proceedings, and then recused himself while threatening me with litigation accusing me of liable and slander on the internet. (He never produced the offending document.)

Judge DelRicci neglected enforcement or excused compliance by Sonya Healy of any discovery order which would reveal her technology intrusions.

Judge Tilson issued several ex parte custody orders without holding or scheduling any proceedings and threatening incarceration should I take any action to prevent my son from leaving the United States alone – even where his orders were contrary to procedure, state and federal law, and the Hague Convention.

Judge Bertin manipulated the pleadings, delayed scheduling of hearings, and issued orders which caused criminal actions to be ‘not cognizable’ once they were no longer a part of the family court pleading from which it was split.

Judge Bertin failed to enforce Sonya Healy’s compliance, or sanction her contempt of ANY AND EVERY court order.

Judge Coonahan refused to act on Emergency Petitions, failed to enforce Sonya Healy’s compliance, or sanction her contempt of ANY AND EVERY court order, or to schedule any proceedings while the case was assigned to her.

Judge Barrett showed such extreme disrespect that his recusal was requested after the first hearing before him. It was granted.

Judge Carluccio took me for a complete fool who would believe everything she said no matter how preposterous.

Judge Carluccio failed to enforce Sonya Healy’s compliance, or sanction her contempt of ANY AND EVERY court order.

Whenever she realized that I was prepared for emergency hearings and had filed hearing statements, she would continue the proceedings; then, repeatedly reschedule in anticipation that I might not appear and the petitions would be dismissed for non-appearance. As a result, I had to be prepared for any and all of 15 petitions which had been outstanding and unheard for over a year.

When I appeared for an uncancelled hearing, based on an Order to Appear, Depuities were provided a false report of a threat. Opposing counsel and parties failed to appear after having indicated their understanding that the hearing was not cancelled in a letter to the court.

Judge Carluccio was corrupt and manipulative from her first action.

Judge Carluccio refused to recuse and was determined to do damage.

As the President of the Montgomery County Bar Association, Judge Carluccio always concealed the deliberate errors and misconduct of lawyers in her court – even where the lawyers actions caused the court to not have proper jurisdiction.

Judge Carluccio prevented the Appeal from delivery to Superior Court of Philadelphia.

Judge Haaz upon realizing that he had no jurisdiction for the hearing, ended the proceeding and instructed Court Administration to schedule it.

Judge Coonhan failed to schedule any proceeding while assigned the case.

Judge Page was assigned the case in December 2012. Though the court lacked jurisdiction while an appeal was pending in the Superior Court, Judge Page ordered the proceeding to occur.

Judge Page rescheduled the proceeding just about every day for a period of a month. An attempt to confuse and prevent the scheduling of witnesses.

Judge Page indicated during the hearing that I had plenty of time to schedule witnesses to appear even though he had only scheduled the proceeding the night before.

Judge Page ignored that he did not have proper jurisdiction to conduct a hearing.

Judge Page ignored the evidence of the defective divorce decree.

Judge Page ignored that there had been no evidence of contempt. Though Judge Carluccio’s orders were defective and void, I followed the orders.

Where orders were issued part on paper and part on the court record/transcript, Judge Page lacked documentation of the judge’s complete order.

Judge Page instead chose to issue an absurd order for over $300,000 in penalties for contempt to a party kept unemployed by years of constant litigation, and made destitute and homeless by judicial corruption and lawlessness.

The Montgomery County Judiciary continued to ignore their complete disregard for the law.

When seeking to appeal Judge Page’s Order, there was not one judge in the courthouse willing to hear the Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis. There had been multiple IFP’s filed over the years, each was ignored without proceedings.

Judge Wall having failed to issue any decision after two proceedings.

The judiciary was content that they had left me destitute and homeless and had deliberately perpetrated the disposal of everything I owned.

Judge Austin left me standing in the hallway outside her court for hours while she entertained guests in her courtroom, only to send out a member of her staff to indicate she would not conduct the IFP hearing.

At the end of the long day, Judge Page signed the IFP. The Appeal moved forward. Transcripts were ordered.

Once the Concise statement was delivered to his chambers, Judge Page revoked the IFP without any proceeding or explanation, further instructing the Court Reporters to NOT produce the transcripts.

To Appeal THAT corrupt and void order would require a judge to approve a new IFP. A new IFP must be filed for every action. Apparently, the fact that I was destitute and homeless and terrorized by litigation since 2007, was no reason to stop the injustice.

It became very clear that there was no denying that the corruption and injustice of the Montgomery County Judiciary was meant to compel my suicide. Something which I was not capable of delivering.

The County then failed to send the complete court records to the Superior Court. Even the exhibits from the proceeding before Judge Page were NOT included. The Superior Court denied a motion to compel without explanation. The Supreme Court would do the same. Even if they issued a Mandamus Order for the court to provide the paperwork, the lower court could refuse… BECAUSE TO PROVIDE THE COURT RECORD OF THE EXTREME INJUSTICE EXPERIENCED ON THE RECORD WOULD ADVERSELY AFFECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE JUDICIARY.

I sent a short letter to the Judiciary of Montgomery County asking the direct question, “WHAT THE F%&K IS WRONG WITH YOU?” There was no response from any judge to the question.

In July 2013, I discovered the undocumented power (and purpose) of Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of Information.

Rule 1.6 was rolled out by the American Bar Association and enacted to prevent the prosecution of judges for judicial corruption and injustice. To protect the integrity of the Cook County Courts reeling from the sting of the FBI’s OPERATION GREYLORD, the AMA would undermine the judiciary in every state with the LAW which further MANDATED the compliciteness and participation of EVERY lawyer.


Each state Supreme Court aggressively enforces Rule 1.6. The state policy even conceals the entire situation where a lawyer admits to the violation and submits to the discipline – there is no publication, or public record of the lawyers violation of the rules of professional conduct. Where a case has been undermined by unethical and unscrupulous lawyers, all the lawyer need to do is admit it (in private) and they are permitted to continue the injustice… CONFIDENTIALITY.

The lawyers may then proceed further with complete disregard for due process and procedures, and the injustice continues with a judge trying to conceal the deliberate misconduct of the attorneys in the case. For example, Judge Page holding a hearing without jurisdiction while the matter is with the Superior Court. The failure to permit the first Appeal (August 2011)to proceed causes the corruption to continue, and to grow.

Healy v Healy includes more corrupt judges and courthouse personnel than the FBI’s Operation Greylord prosecuted and jailed.

The Courts were all hiding behind Rule 1.6 and preventing evidence and obstructing justice. The courts could ignore every law, procedure, constitution, etc by writing fiction in their Orders and Opinions.

It became necessary to address the loss of constitutionally protected rights. The loss was clearly evident without delving into the full story once the matter had arrived in Superior Court.

After the deadline for an Answer had passed for the Pennsylvania Attorney General and it was clear that the 56 state Attorneys General would default to restore people’s constitutional rights nationwide, a unexplained and unexcused late filing under an improper title was filed by an attoerney electronically without a signature purportedly on behalf of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

The Eastern District Court follows Rule 1.6 as enacted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane could not violate the confidentiality of an employee in her office. As her staff are her clients, she is mandated to maintain confidentiality of information. EVEN WHERE HER LAWFUL AND CONSTITUTIONAL ACTION TO DEFAULT HAS BEEN UNDERMINED… and would further undermine the matter for the other 55 Attorneys General who have also defaulted in the matter.

The integrity of the Eastern District Judge was sacrificed as he failed to substantiate his decisions based on fiction and misinformation. Rule 1.6?s MANDATE of confidentiality had undermined it’s own constitutional challenge.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals follows Rule 1.6 as enacted by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In affirming the dismissal the Third Circuit panel neglected to present any facts which would support their decision. Their integrity was sacrificed pursuant to Rule 1.6 to conceal the injustice caused by Rule 1.6.

The Constitutional Challenge is currently being presented to President Barack Obama and the United States Congress concurrently with submission to the Supreme Court of the United States. A necessity as SCOTUS may not be lawfully permitted to address the corruption which the state judiciaries have caused IN EVERY STATE.

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