Classes and conferences provided by the American Bar Association confirm the silence and secrecy when Rule 1.6 is involved. In this conference, they look at three cases of injustice from Pennsylvania and acknowledge the failure to act only makes matters worse. Does this ABA conference acknowledge and demonstrate responsibility for the failure to act?

ABA CLE Psychology of Secrets – Flyer

On the map of Pennsylvania, the municipalities of Wilkes barre, State College and Philadelphia form a triangle linking three sordid stories that collectively might be called “The Judges, The Coaches and The Priests.” Why do people believe they can keep such enormous secrets?

Lawyers who work with people caught up in such scandals will speak to us about their work in ‘handling’ these cases.

Why do victims stay quiet?


The District Attorney fails to act. The Attorney General fails to act. Law Enforcement fails to act. Why are they blaming the victims for THEIR failure to act? The involvement of professionals mandated by Rule 1.6 obstructs justice, prevents resolution and results in misdirection of the issues involved. The ABA is familiar and experienced with the psychology of secrets. (Lawyers will offer that Rule 1.6 is attorney-client privilege and negate the scope of a rule very accurately titled CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.)

The longer we ignore the “elephants,” the larger they loom because each negation sets off a deeper pit of denial.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 addresses the denial of the constitutional rights of the victims of injustice and judicial corruption. In the mid 80’s, the scandal quietly began when the state supreme court enacted the Rules of Professional Conduct into LAW. Lawyers and judges have maintained the secret which required ‘convincing’ the sheriffs (the non-lawyer) that they had no authority or jurisdiction to prosecute them. The judiciary undermined the constitution of every state to conceal their conspiracy.

Why do they believe they can keep such an enormous secret? They have controlled, ignored and denied their victims of any resolution or relief for over 25 years. It is illegal for any attorney to prosecute the sedition and treason of their actions.

It is necessary for the people to become involved and for the state legislatures and the US Congress to take action to end the unconstitutional corruption of a judiciary which has arrogantly and egregiously violated the public trust. One law, Rule 1.6, has undermined state and federal law and the US Constitution. Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional.

Keep in mind, Rule 1.6 mandates that lawyers take no action which will adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary. Law professionals will likely ignore you.


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