bob-caseySenator Robert Casey, Jr.
Senator Pat Toomey

Re: The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6

Repeated efforts to meet on this topic have been ignored.

This national issue requires your attention and the attention of the United States Congress.

The Third Circuit Court has been formally requested to notify the United States Congress and to provide Certiori to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Please review the following documents and share them with the US Congress.

It is requested that you immediately notify President Barack Obama of this matter.

Please contact us regarding scheduling of a meeting so that the matter can be lawfully and properly addressed within the United States Congress. ( Your email, and web based forms have not been successful in maintaining any contact. )

This Cover
+ Notice of Challenge to Constitutionality of Statute (5 pages)
+ Motion for Reconsideration (10 pages)

Additional information and documents filed within the Pennsylvania Courts, the Eastern District Court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals can be found at www.work2bdone.com/live
Terance Healy
Todd M. Krautheim

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