The tag line of this new television sitcom is UPHOLDING THE RULES BY DAY. BREAKING THEM BY NIGHT.

There is a major flaw in that line. The courts are NOT upholding any rules. The American judicial system is broken. There is nothing funny about the injustice in America.

The American courts are NOT upholding the rules, laws, procedures or constitutions. The arrogance and disdain of the judges who don’t even pretend to follow law, ethics, morals, etc… The judges need not be concerned… their injustice will be ignored on appeal and escalation. The judges can ‘make shit up’ and violate every procedure to prevent their crime from being exposed.

The essence of the judiciary is their integrity and reputation.
Judicial integrity is mandated.
Judicial integrity may not be corrupted or adversely affected.
That is LAW.
A law the judges wrote for themselves.
The People want and expect a judiciary with integrity.
You do not obtain integrity
– by ignoring the judiciary’s complete lack of integrity.
– by law that the integrity of the courts may not be impeached.
– by enacting laws which prevent exposure or prosecution of judicial corruption
– by creative interpretation of the US Constitution,
– by making people call judges ‘YOUR HONOR’ when truthfully they lack honor and have no shame in demonstrating it.

The judiciary is fully self-aware and informed YET continues to ignore the constitutional mandate of the judicial branch. A court majority is impervious to arguments about its proper behavior.

The American courts are in a tailspin in every state… yet, no one is doing anything except watching and pointing it out.

KIDS FOR CASH: A judge denied constitutionally protected rights of children, sent the kids to jail in a kickback scheme, destroyed their young lives, crushed their families, while the lawyers and district attorney and public defenders and attorneys general DID NOTHING. Further, THEY FAILED TO EXPLAIN WHY THEY WERE UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING. THIS WENT ON FOR YEARS AND YEARS AFFECTING THOUSANDS.

THE REASON: A law which mandates CONFIDENTIALITY also mandated confidentiality of the application of the law. The Rule is called CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION. Same rule. Same number 1.6 Same title. EVERY STATE. Rolled out over 20 years, starting in the mid-80’s.

Once a litigant was the victim of judicial injustice, their basic rights were lost. They did NOT have equal protection under the law. There was no liberty and justice. There is no escaping further injustice.

FORECLOSURES: MILLIONS of people discovered the loss of their rights through unlawful and fraudulent foreclosure actions. They still are losing their homes every day. Once the injustice starts, the courts just ruin you without mercy. Suicide is the more humane option when facing this type of terroristic attack on every aspect of your life through fraudulent litigation and deliberate injustice.

No one has been prosecuted in the Foreclosure Crisis. WHY? Confidentiality of Information requires the corruption and injustice delivered by the courts to be suppressed and ignored without explanation.

The robo-signed and fake deeds presented to the court; the false business names utilized by lawyers who refused to identify their client (a plaintiff without standing), THE FRAUD UPON THE COURT which lead to the loss of family homes nationwide by the millions was NOT addressed by any court. The law was ignored in the courts and on appeal. The Courts failure to address their injustice caused the cases to grow exponentially. Any lawyer who wanted to steal ANY house only needed to file with the courts. It did not even matter if the victim had no mortgage. The judiciary became so complacent that they ignored facts, crimes, misleading financial information, fraud, etc…

When the judges recognized that their integrity was suffering because of their injustice, the Legislatures created a mandatory mediation process to prevent the cases from getting before a court. The lawyers could now terrorize people and steal homes without involving the court and hurting the integrity of the court.

The court did not respect the victim, the victim’s rights or the law. The court did not respect itself demonstrating a failure of ethics, morality and any humanity or empathy. The court addressed their integrity issue – while taking no action which could increase their integrity. The courts removed themselves allowing the foreclosures to continue through outside mediation where facts were still a non-essential element.

The courts permitted the lawyers to cause financial havoc by foreclosure fraud in the courtroom, outside the courtroom, while denying equal protection of the law, and obstructing and preventing prosecution of the crime because of a mandate to protect the integrity of the courts. No one ever explained it. There is a reason no one was prosecuted for the fraud. The MANDATE for CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION had been silently concealing injustice and corruption since the mid-80’s. The number of victims had grown to the point where the tactic of isolation by poverty was no longer effective. The mandate of silence continued to protect the integrity of a judiciary which failed the American people. Judicial arrogance without shame. The only believer in justice was the victim who had no choice but to hope and not to despair.

The judiciary violated the public trust, ignored the US Constitution and state constitutions and MANDATED the silent participation of every judge, every lawyer, every court.

The lawyers in the US Congress and the state legislatures must remain silent, too.
The non-lawyers speak out about the injustices and nothing ever gets fixed.
The non-Lawyers informed about the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 are instructed by the lawyers to SHUT UP. They further suggest that the revelation of the judiciary’s sedition would undermine American society. The continued abuse of judicial authority undermines the American government every day.

Continuing the crime and injustice of the judiciary undermines American society and the human and civil rights of every American. It was NOT always this way… there used to be the proverbial ‘good ole boys’ network that ignored the occasional corruption in a discretionary manner.

AND EVERY LEVEL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT – Lawyers, District Attorneys, Attorneys General

The court addressed their responsibility for the shift from a discretionary participation to a MANDATORY participation in their injustice? Further injustice and denial of rights. Financial ruin. Destroying their victim because their victim survives and MUST return to the court for justice. There can be no denying the deliberate motivation and intent of the judiciary when the actions of the court defy law, procedure or explanation.

The court cannot tell you why THEY are mistreating you and addressing your survival of their injustice with contempt because THE COURT MANDATED IT TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. Your lawyer is also obligated NOT to inform you. Your lawyer may NOT take any action to address the courts denial of your constitutional rights without facing disciplinary action. If you sue your lawyer, the courts will cover for the lawyer who was covering for the court. The courts have no integrity – to console themselves they destroy other people’s integrity. Broken, right?

This deliberate and intentional law designed to corrupt, usurp and undermine the american government through the judicial branch is undeniable. The malice and terror inflicted on the victims of judicial injustice is unspeakable – because the courts won’t listen, and they have mandated everyone in law enforcement to silence. Any lawyer who attempts to reveal the issue is swiftly disciplined, suspended or disbarred… AND, they take Rule 1.6 to the grave and beyond.

For proof that the courts are acting with malice aforethought and deliberate intent to undermine the US Constitution, the actions of the courts to diminish the authority of the only Law Enforcement Authority who is NOT required to follow the Rules of Professional Conduct – Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION. The participation of the county District Attorney, the usurper of the constitutional authority of the sheriff, misleads, distracts obstructs and prevents the sheriff from enforcing the law. Case law is application/misapplication of law by the court. CASE LAW IS NOT LAW.

The necessity of misleading the sheriffs out of their constitutional authority.

There is no doubt that we live today under an altered constitutional regime, where the rules are no longer supplied by a written document but by courts defining the powers of government ad hoc, through their own case law.

This profound change from our previous order of government is hidden by political and judicial rhetoric that give honor to and even cites the written constitution. It is further obscured by the fact that this new regime was not ratified by amendment or constitutional convention.

Where a real constitutional right of one person is being violated with the unanimous apathy of the rest of the United States, that right must be vindicated. No amount or length of majority inertia can legitimate what the courts are doing to that right.


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