The-monkey-wrench-that-can-slow-down-analyticsPay attention Frank Fina.
Pay attention Randall Henzes.

If you want to destroy a case in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office… it’s simple.
All you needs to do is one misdeed which MANDATES the Attorney General into submissive silence.

The Attorney General’s clients include the people in her office. Like Frank Fina, Randall Henzes, Claudia Tesoro, etc…

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information applies to revealing information about your client. Who is the Attorney General’s client?

So if any of the Attorney General’s ‘clients’ wants a prosecution in the toilet all they need to do is toss that monkeywrench…

PERHAPS, improperly sending all surveillance information to the FBI. Surveillance data obtained properly through a judge may not be shared with other jurisdictions.

IF THIS HAPPENS, Rule 1.6 prevents the Attorney General from speaking about it because she must represent her client.

LIKE WHEN Frank Fina sent all the information on a multi-year Philadelphia sting to the FBI… and THEN everyone accused Kathleen Kane of refusing to talk about it… even the lawyers who knew exactly why she couldn’t speak. Even Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams who blasted Kathleen Kane in the press… and hired Frank Fina into his office.

OR PERHAPS, after the Attorney General deliberately defaults on a national issue. Someone improperly files a document LATE with the court, doing it wrong and getting assistance from the clerk, and then failing to substantiate the matter sacrifices the integrity of the court.

IF THIS HAPPENS, Rule 1.,6 prevents the Attorney General from speaking about it or taking any actions to discipline the person in her office, or any action to retract it because it would reveal the corruption caused by Rule 1.6. The court has to protect the court without concern for justice.

LIKE WHEN Randall Henzes filed a document on September 6, 2013, which was not done properly so the clerk of courts MODIFIED (something they NEVER DO) the filing on September 9, 2013. Then submitting documents which couldn’t substantiate his claim, BUT the court’s integrity was at stake and the court is mandated to protect it no matter the injustice. The Attorney General’s office is required to protect the perpetrator even going so far as to assign another person to the appeal in the Third Circuit Court to respond without any substantiation of the claim. Because, they knew the court would not be able to lawfully rule in any other way than to protect the courts.

And all those lawyers, district attorneys, prosecutors, judges, etc… who ignored the Luzerne County Kids for Cash scandal for years… and then the Commission filed a completely fraudulent account of why it happened.

Rule 1.6… it’s the law that let’s crimes become conspiracies without any regard to the number of people harmed. The law which deliberately denies justice and constitutional rights.

All those foreclosures nationwide across the United States where people lost their homes based on fraudulent documents and fraudulent business practices and no one was prosecuted… Rule 1.6 mandates the silence of lawyers when their clients are stealing peoples homes through fraud. Without regard to how many millions are harmed. And no one goes to jail.


And why they had so little regard for Joe Paterno that they allowed him to be blamed for their inaction in prosecuting and stopping Jerry Sandusky.

So next time you wonder WHY ATTORNEY GENERAL KATHLEEN KANE IS SAYING NOTHING keep in mind, that’s how we cover up injustice and corruption in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Your constitutional rights are being denied and ignored in the courts by the very people trusted to regulate themselves. THEY BLEW IT. And they mandated each other to keep the secret.

Enter the Constitutional Challenge Of Rule 1.6 filed by Pro Se litigants where every state attorney general defaulted to restore the constitutional rights of the people ion their state. UNTIL RANDALL HENZES threw the ‘monkeywrench’.

The clerk helped to hide the case somewhat… removing the attorneys general from the docket and not communicating with them. Or in the Third Circuit telling the state attorneys general to not participate.

It doesn’t matter who is watching or directly involved, the court, 55 other state attorneys general,… in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one man (RANDALL HENZES) can prevent the lawful action seeking to restore the constitutional rights of every American citizen which have been denied by Rule 1.6 – CONFIDENTIALITY.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 will move on to the Supreme Court of the United States…. and concurrently to the United States Congress.



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