“If you want to do something evil, do it inside something boring.” – John Oliver

How many people have read the Rules of Professional Conduct?

How many NON-LAWYERS have read the Rules of Professional Conduct?

The Rules of Professional Conduct directly apply only to lawyers and legal professionals, but collaterally some of the laws are unconstitutional. Once a person is affected by the unconstitutional aspect, they lose their rights.

No Constitutional protections. No equal protection under the law.

Oh, and your lawyer is not allowed to tell you about it, or explain it, or fight against it. They would be disciplined or disbarred.

NO HELP. NO ESCAPE. NO HOPE … until you find out why.

Every lawyer is required to follow Rule 1.6 even after their death. So even a retired lawyer, or a disbarred lawyer, is not lawfully allowed to present the issue. What better way to conceal deliberate crime, judicial corruption and terroristic legal actions – like foreclosure based on fraud, child trafficking, financial ruin by false litigation, false incarceration….

The 90+ pages of laws enacted by the state supreme courts which undermine justice and make judicial misconduct and corruption impossible to expose and prosecute within the state, and further avoids attention unless someone violates the RULES and asks for federal intervention.

Even when the report of corruption is investigated and prosecuted by the federal government, the person who reported it is disciplined for violating the Rules.

A review of the Rules requires more than a cursory review of the rules. Each rule contains comments which are fully incorporated into the rules and explain how each rule is to be applied and interpreted. Most of the comments further refer to another rule by cross reference.

The needle in the injustice haystack… Rule 1.6 – CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.

The unconstitutional aspect is buried in a book of laws you do not have to follow,…
inside a rule which every lawyer understands to be attorney-client privilege, …
where on the surface the rule requires all misconduct, or the appearance of misconduct to be reported,…
but, in the comments section every requirement to report the misconduct is excused…
and there is a MANDATE to conceal anything which adversely affects the integrity of the judiciary or the legal profession.

The American Bar Association has demonstrated their knowledge that IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING EVIL, DO IT INSIDE SOMETHING BORING.

And if you dare to survive to expose their crime,
every aspect of your life will be destroyed…
to conceal their crime.

When CAROLYN TORNETTA CARLUCCIO learned that the corruption of the judiciary was documented and on the court record, she issued a deliberately defective and void court order where she lacked jurisdiction – throwing me out of my home, selling it illegally, disposing of EVERYTHING I owned.
She knew her order was defective and void.
She knew her actions were not part of her judicial immunity.
She knew other judges would not expose her crime.
She knew her actions would negate the judicial immunity for the entire matter.
The matter has been before 20 judges of the Montgomery County Judiciary.
Their terror and injustice is documented on the court record since 2007.
The matter has been stalled on Appeal in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.
The county judges know they have committed treason.
The county judges know the Appeals Court will become involved in concealing their treason.
At the time she issued her MALICIOUS defective and void order and subsequent orders designed to cause desperation and suicide, Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was the President of the Montgomery County Bar Association.
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio’s prior employment in the US Attorneys Office grants her an exemption from any investigation by that office.
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio believes herself to be untouchable.
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio brags about her breach of ethics in Real Estate dealings where she has had a clear conflict of interest.
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio is a carefully and deliberately constructed judicial sociopath, and to hear her floundering from the bench MAKING INCREDIBLE SHIT UP you discover she is completely stupid.

The crimes remain unprosecuted because District Attorney Risa Ferman can’t prosecute a judge.
The crimes remain unprosecuted because Attorney General Kathleen Kane can’t prosecute a judge.
The crimes remain unprosecuted because Attorney General Linda Kelly couldn’t prosecute a judge.
The crimes remain unprosecuted because Attorney General Tom Corbett couldn’t prosecute a judge.
The crimes remain unprosecuted because the FBI will not enter a jurisdiction without an invitation from the District Attorney or the Attorney General.
The crimes continue.

There are now three Appeals before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania… each being prevented and obstructed by the judges… Carluccio, Page and Weilheimer.
The appeals court judges will become involved in the treason of the lower court judges.

The Federal Court judges have demonstrated their corruption, treason and conspiracy to conceal the matter.

Their terror has not stopped. I face it every minute of every hour of every day… since 2007. They won’t stop. There is no incentive for them to stop. They believe themselves to be untouchable. There is no relief. There is no escape…

It became necessary to find out why… and I found Rule 1.6 which undermined every court in the United States. Written by the American Bar Association to deliberately undermine JUSTICE. They have succeeded in undermining and nullifying the entire Judicial Branch of he American government.

Sedition… by an Organization… Conspiracy of CONFIDENTIALITY.

It could have been resolved at any time by judges and lawyers who recognized the UNCONSTITUTIONALITY.
When I ‘made a federal case out of it’ it could have been resolved, but the federal courts stuck their heads up their asses.
So it is going to require an Act of Congress for me to get divorced… and they exposed the deliberate corruption of the American Bar Association and their effective overthrow of the United States Government… Everything that goes before the judiciary is without jurisdiction as it is biased by the sedition and treason of the ABA and missing a very essential element of due process.


“Occam’s Razor” is a principle which suggests that “all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the right one.”

Rule 1.6 is the simplest answer to the corruption and injustice in the United States and the nationwide indications that the United States Constitution is being ignored and people are losing their constitutional rights.

Rule 1.6 demonstrates it’s fault and can be applied to EVERY story of injustice, judicial corruption, failure of law enforcement to act and deliberate acts of lawlessness within the law enforcement community.

Kids for Cash
Sandusky @ Penn State
The National Foreclosure Crisis
The Injustice in Family Courts
The Injustice in Criminal Courts
Malicious Abuse of Power Under Color of Law
If you have a matter which defies explanation, write it in the COMMENTS section below. I can likely explain it by applying Rule 1.6

Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, corrupting, and an unnecessary mandate within any system of justice.

Rule 1.6 has undermined the Judicial Branch of the United States government. The actions in the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 has demonstrated that the federal courts refuse to address their responsibility for the ‘law’ and have further engaged in an unconstitutional and fraudulent conspiracy to deliberately deny, obstruct and prevent the rights and privileges guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

THE BEAUTIFUL THING is that once Rule 1.6 removed, all the laws currently in place are good.

Justice restored.

All the reforms which failed because of the secret override enabled by Rule 1.6 begin to actually function. As it stands the reforms may have only been attempts by the corrupt to misdirect attention from their conspiracy to conceal their involvement and responsibility.

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