There have been many groups attempting to address the constitutional crisis in the United States. Their approaches include the following:
Civil Disobediance
Constitutional Conventions
Court Reforms
Enacting New Laws
Grand Juries

Unfortunately, the same problem which is causing the crisis prevents those approaches from being successful.

Where a national approach is necessary, Americans are very apathetic when it comes to their rights. Those who are unaware that they have lost their rights are content to ignore the people who have lost their rights.

Once you experience a loss of rights, you will be forced to turn to the very courts which deny your rights for a resolution. A court where no one will acknowledge your loss of rights. A Court where the issue is ignored with a deliberate silence that overwhelms the matter.

The best definition I have found for the victim of this type of inescapable loss of rights is…

“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS”

Those in govt did not expect proactive attempts at a resolution. This may be why the government is trying to get guns off the streets while seemingly preparing for a sort of martial law in every community.

The government never expected anyone to find the needle in the haystack of injustice.

It was a necessity in my case. I needed to find out why the courts and every level of law enforcement failed to address the denial of my constitutional rights while annihilating every aspect of my life in the process. The injustice continually delivered by the 20 judges over the course of my court appearances since 2007.

Nationally, 30 years of denial of constitutional rights could come to an end.

Once I knew the problem, everyone’s failure to take action on my behalf was clear. I had an explanation. FINALLY.

ONE LAW. Enacted by the Supreme Courts in each state. IS THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. Same ‘law’ in every state. Same number. Same Name. Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Rule 1.6 makes it illegal for a lawyer to address the problem. I am not a lawyer.

Rule 1.6 makes it illegal for a state Attorney General to address the problem. They are lawyers mandated to follow the rule or face disciplinary action… disciplinary action is swift to occur and deliberately intended to prevent exposure of the unconstitutional ‘law’. Disciplinary proceedings are kept CONFIDENTIAL.

The ‘law’ in place makes it illegal for the state Supreme Courts to fix the problem the state Supreme courts caused when they enacted the ‘law’.

The ‘law’ in place makes it illegal for lawyers within the legislature to fix the problem caused when the state Supreme Courts enacted the ‘law’.

Truth be told, Most lawyers just accept it and had no idea what caused the constitutional crisis.

Lawyers who knew the effect were the same lawyers who foreclosed on millions of Americans and threw people out of their homes. An act of judicial misconduct or fraud upon the court was all that was required to cause the loss of rights. Fraudulent robo-signed documents served to the court.

The DOJ and the Courts (every level of the Courts) were all aware of the Constitutional Crisis. The ‘law’ makes it illegal for them to take any action to fix the problem.

Only one person in government would be able to lawfully address the problem. BUT, doing so would expose the active participation of every member of the judiciary and the membership of American Bar Association in the matter. Every judge and lawyer in the country.

Rule 1.6 was enacted into law starting in 1984 in New Jersey. Quietly and gradually it was enacted in every state.

When Rule 1.6 was a trade code, it was a guideline for legal professionals. HOWEVER, when enacted into law, CONFIDENTIALITY became a MANDATE for all lawyers, district attorneys and attorneys general.

When it became a mandate people experienced the denial of constitutionally protected rights and liberties. This denial was committed by the courts and the entire judiciary. Those responsible to make sure a persons rights were available to them in a courtroom were the very ones ignoring people’s rights. The denial was done without mercy by those who knew their actions were unconstitutional, but the ‘law’ mandated the denial of those rights and liberties. An Appeal to a higher court would only cause the same results, because the courts are mandated to keep the injustice CONFIDENTIAL. Opinions from higher courts became documents of misinformation which ignored the lower courts injustice.

Any law which denies rights and privileges guaranteed by the US Constitution is a nullity. And while the judges and lawyers know this, they allowed Rule 1.6 to undermine the courts, the law and the constitution in every state.

The failure of lawyers and judges to stop the deliberate injustice demonstrates the intimidating and threatening disciplinary power of the courts conspiracy of confidentiality. The courts self-regulation disciplinary processes used to conceal the court’s injustice.


The US Attorney General may not be prevented from addressing issues regarding ANY LAW in the country. Rule 1.6 does not prevent the US Attorney General from action. I think the mess is considered so massive, that the US Attorney General have opted to permit the continued injustice to occur instead of having civil unrest throughout the nation..

The only other person in the country who could lawfully address the matter is a pro se litigant (non-lawyer) who has experienced the injustice, survived the injustice, found the cause of the injustice, documented the injustice, and would have standing to address the matter in the Federal Courts. THEY NEVER ANTICIPATED THIS POSSIBILITY. It was the last place I looked. Only when it was realized that everyone who was failing to act had to directly or indirectly follow the Rules of Professional Conduct. They were lawyers or were guided by lawyers.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was filed on August 8 2013 and served upon every state Attorney General.

No news media has carried the story. We tried.

The Federal Courts have deliberately acted improperly to attempt to dismiss the matter. This causes more courts to become involved in the actions to continue

The State Attorneys General failed to respond to the Summons & Challenge. Rule 1.6 mandates their silence. They defaulted.

Currently in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals with the anticipation it must go on to the US Supreme Court, the recommendation of certiori by the Third Circuit judiciary would be beneficial.

Since August 2013, you may have noticed changes in the justice system. The quick end to some injustice which has caused people to be released from jail. The government seems to be preparing to restore justice. But simply put they know that people are going to be angry. Justifiably angry.

I never imagined I’d find the fix. But like I said, I had no choice. The victims are relegated to homelessness, prison or suicide… and that was just not an option for me.

Once Rule 1.6 is out of the way, justice and the constitution and the law will be restored.

When South Africa was writing their Constitution they recognized that the apartheid in South Africa was extended by the courts who falsely imprisoned civil rights activists. The courts were used to intimidate and threaten the people. The Courts were the enforcers of apartheid.

South Africa’s Constitution makes sure that their judiciary is the weakest and most vulnerable branch of their government.

The US Judiciary has been permitted to self regulate their courts. The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 exposes that the courts betrayed the trust of the People and were unable to handle that responsibility.

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