The graph demonstrates the dramatic increase in judicial complaints as Rule 1.6 was enacted in each state. Most complaints are dismissed without review or investigation.

Ronald Reagan Years (enacted in 30 states/jurisdictions)
1984 – New Jersey, Arizona
1985 – Minnesota, Montana, Washington, Missouri, Delaware, North Carolina, Arkansas
1986 – New Hampshire, Nevada, Maryland, Connecticut, New Mexico, Florida, Idaho, Wyoming, Indiana, Louisiana
1987 – Mississippi, Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, South Dakota
1988 – Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia, Rhode Island

George H.W. Bush Years (enacted in 8 states/jurisdictions)
1989 – Kentucky, Texas
1990 – South Carolina, Illinois, District of Columbia, Alabama
1991 – Virgin Islands
1992 – Colorado

Bill Clinton Years (enacted in 6 states/jurisdictions)
1993 – Alaska, Hawaii
1997 – Massachusetts
1999 – Virginia, Vermont
2000 – Georgia

George W. Bush Years * (Enacted in 6 states/jurisdictions)
2002 – Tennessee
2005 – Oregon, Iowa, Nebraska
2006 – Ohio
2008 – New York

Barack Obama Years (Enacted in 1 state/jurisdiction)
2009 – Maine

* It is within the realm of possibility that the involvement of the US Supreme Court in the Presidential Election was leveraged using Rule 1.6. The US Supreme Court could have been instructed to give the election to George W. Bush, or face charges of sedition and treason based on Rule 1.6.

That sedition would demonstrate how Rule 1.6 undermined the judiciary in every state which had enacted Rule 1.6. The revelation that the United States Courts had undermined the constitutionally protected rights of the people AND IGNORED THE INJUSTICE could cause civil unrest throughout the country.

The US Supreme Court caves to the pressure giving George W. Bush the presidency. Al Gore quietly accepts their ruling for the sake of the entire country. Tennessee is the next state to enact Rule 1.6 into law – this would mandate Al Gore’s silence.

The Foreclosure Crisis in the US which became a national issue during the Bush years is demonstrative of Rule 1.6 undermining the rights of the people by the Courts with the mandate of confidentiality of lawyers and judges assured by the law.

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