When I first encountered THE CORRUPTION FAQ in 2007, the presentation of this most hopeless and despair-filled situation was not anything I could comprehend or imagine being real and accurate.

Then, I lived the experience.

I found the document again in 2011, and found it to be the most complete and precisely accurate documentation of what a victim who has lost their constitutional rights experiences. So precisely accurate and encompassing every aspect of the terror and harassment of the injustice. So exact in every detail where NO ONE HELPED – Lawyers, judges, local, state and federal law enforcement, District Attorneys, Attorneys General, Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Government Bureaucrats, every single level of the government IGNORED me and the overwhelming situation.

So impressed with the completeness and accuracy of the information, I posted the document in it’s entirety for others to find and perhaps find some relief in the knowledge that ‘it wasn’t them’. It was NOT something they were doing or saying or failing to communicate properly. Someone else had documented it. I had lived it. I found the experience exactly as documented.

Rule 1.6 causes and mandates each situation documented in THE CORRUPTION FAQ. I reviewed the FAQ and noted how Rule 1.6 was responsible for each part of the thirty questions presented.


THE CORRUPTION FAQ is not misleading. It does not misinform about anything. It is precisely accurate. My experience corroborates everything in it. EVERYTHING.

bulb-by-mynewslinx.blogspotdotcom WELL, EVERYTHING except….

There were only two things which THE CORRUPTION FAQ missed completely. The complete, precise and accurate, rational, well-written, organized and presented document with only two things missing from it.

The document was written by Dr. Les Sachs. His biography lists the following accomplishments.
– graduated high school at 16
– Native American spirituality
– attended Harvard College on a scholarship (graduated at age 19)
– worked for the U.S. Federal Aviation Association
– worked for City of Boston – Mayors Office
– worked for U.S. Department of Justice
      Superior Performance Award – Law Enforcement Assistance
– Masters Degree Harvard’s Graduate School of Education
– Masters and Master of Philosophy from City University of New York
– Fellowship at Catholic University of Washington, DC
– Car Salesman
– Writer, Author Journalist, Novelist
      The Virginia Ghost Murderers
      How to Buy Your New Car for a Rock Bottom Price

Dr. Sachs had earned 7 degrees and his doctorate by the age of 28.

THE CORRUPTION FAQ definitely reads like the work of a man with experience and education.

Two essential things which are deliberately missing from the document.
THE CAUSE – Rule 1.6 – Confidentiality of Information
THE ESCAPE – Sheriffs – The Chief Law Enforcement Officers in the County

How does a document so completely researched, organized and prepared neglect to include that RULE 1.6 caused the situation and the inescapable circumstances.

How does the author further neglect to present the lawful ability of the County Sheriff to address the injustice and corruption. The single point of failure in the conspiracy to conceal Rule 1.6 was that it would require modification of each state constitution to prevent the Sheriff from enforcing the law. It was necessary to convince the Sheriff’s that they had no power.

The Sheriffs were incorrectly convinced by the judges and lawyers that they do not have any authority. The state constitution contradicts that misinformation. The Sheriff was/is lawfully permitted to prosecute the crimes on behalf of the victims. Each level of the state judiciary participated in the unconstitutional removal of the Sheriff’s authority.

The County District Attorney, a lawyer, then usurped the authority of the Sheriff.

It would seem that THE CORRUPTION FAQ is a document specifically designed to discourage and diminish any hope from any source. It is very suspicious that an author this well educated and informed, with work experience in government and Department Of Justice would neglect the CAUSE, and the only available lawful ESCAPE.


(It confirmed two other people and their organizations were also very likely fake. They had never accomplished any of their goals. They were there to steal hope from the hopeless and desperate victims of injustice in America. Sorry, Bill. Sorry, Ron. I always suspected you were frauds.)

As has been the case all along, what was being said was NEVER the issue. Rule 1.6 is about Confidentiality. It was always what was not being said or provided or addressed.

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