Plaintiffs have lawfully petitioned the court and served the challenge upon every US Attorney General to address a constitutional calamity which has ‘LAWFULLY BUT UNCONSTITUTIONALLY’ persisted in the United States for decades.

The Plaintiffs have filed in the name of The United States, and served the Challenge on each of the Attorneys General as Rule 1.6 has been enacted into law in each state.

Plaintiffs respectfully request this Court address the national issue by presenting the Plaintiffs inability to escape the injustice by relocating to another state. There is no law which would prevent the injustice experienced in Pennsylvania from being presented in another state court where that state’s version of Rule 1.6 would continue to deny the plaintiffs of life free from injustice.

Additionally, the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 is a national issue. Any law which denies rights and liberties protected by the United States Constitution is unconstitutional in every state.

An act of sedition in every state was committed by the American Bar Association in the conspiracy to promulgate Rule 1.6 to every state. Each state supreme court acting in violation of the US Constitution to enact ‘law’ which violates the rights of the people and prevents denies and obstructs any remedy for the loss.


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