Douglas R. Praul
Steve Watson
Court Administrator
55 E. Court Street
Doylestown, PA 18901


We wish to call to your attention a national Constitutional issue which is in the Federal Courts as the issue relates to cases in the Bucks County Courts.

Please be advised and on notice of the activity which causes the denial of rights and liberties protected by the United States Constitution.

I respectfully request distribution of this letter and attachment to the Bucks County Judiciary.


Todd M. Krautheim Terance Healy

(Attachment 2 pages)

Honorable Jeffrey L. Finley, President Judge
Honorable Susan Devlin Scott
Honorable Rea B. Boylan
Honorable Alan M. Rubenstein
Honorable Robert J. Mellon
Honorable C. Theodore Fritsch Jr.
Honorable Albert J. Cepparulo
Honorable Clyde W. Waite
Honorable Diane E. Gibbons
Honorable Wallace H. Bateman
Honorable Robert O. Baldi
Honorable Gary Gilman
Honorable James M. McMaster
Honorable R. Barry McAndrews
Honorable John J. Rufe

By Fax to District Courts:
Hon. Leonard J. Brown
Hon. Frank W. Peranteau, Sr.
Hon. Joanne V. Kline
Hon. Robert L. Wagner
Hon. John I. Waltman
Hon. Daniel Baranoski
Hon. John J. Kelly, Jr.
Hon. Daniel J. Finello, Jr.
Hon. Jan Vislosky
Hon. Michael J. Burns
Hon. Joseph P. Falcone
Hon. William J. Benz
Hon. Mark D. Douple
Hon. Charles W. Baum
Hon. C. Robert Roth
Hon. Donald Nasshorn
Hon. Maggie Snow
Hon. Jean Seaman
Hon. Gary Gambardella

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