The following United States Attorneys have been notified of the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 and the affect it has on law enforcement in their state.

They are lawyers obligated to follow Rule 1.6. Under the authority of US Attorney General Eric Holder, they may be permitted to address the issue with each state Attorney General.

The United States Attorney General cannot be restricted from his authority by any law. Rule 1.6 does not apply to him. This authority should be transferrable to the attorneys who report to him throuigh the Department of Justice.


The US Attorneys may now react to the exposure of the nationwide conspiracy perpertrated by the American Bar Association which mandates the participation of every lawyer in their injustice and sedition of the judiciary.

George L. Beck – Alabama, Northern District
Kenyen Ray Brown – Alabama, Southern District
Karen L. Loeffler -Alaska
John S. Leonardo – Arizona
Christopher R. Thyer – Arkansas, Eastern District
Conner Eldridge – Arkansas, Western District
André Birotte, Jr. – California, Central District
Benjamin B. Wagner – California, Eastern District
Melinda L. Haag – California, Northern District
Laura E. Duffy – California, Southern District
John F. Walsh – Colorado
Deirdre Daly – Connecticut
Charles M. Oberly, III – Delaware
Ronald C. Machen – District of Columbia
Lee Bentley – Florida, Middle District
Pamela C. Marsh – Florida, Northern District
Wifredo A. Ferrer – Florida, Southern District
Michael J. Moore – Georgia, Middle District
Sally Quillian Yates – Georgia, Northern District
Edward J. Tarver – Georgia, Southern District
Alicia A.G. Limtiaco – Guam & Northern Mariana Islands
Florence T. Nakakuni – Hawaii
Wendy J. Olson – Idaho
James A. Lewis – Illinois, Central District
Zachary T. Fardon – Illinois, Northern District
Stephen R. Wigginton – Illinois, Southern District
David A. Capp – Indiana, Northern District
Joseph H. Hogsett – Indiana, Southern District
Kevin W. Techau – Iowa, Northern District
Nicholas A. Klinefeldt – Iowa, Southern District
Barry R. Grissom – Kansas
Kerry B. Harvey – Kentucky, Eastern District
David J. Hale – Kentucky, Western District
Kenneth A. Polite – Louisiana, Eastern District
Walt Green – Louisiana, Middle District
Stephanie A. Finley – Louisiana, Western District
Thomas Edward Delahanty, II – Maine
Rod J. Rosenstein – Maryland
Carmen Milagros Ortiz – Massachusetts
Barbara L. McQuade – Michigan, Eastern District
Patrick A. Miles, Jr. Michigan, Western District
Andrew M. Luger – Minnesota
Felicia Adams – Mississippi, Northern District
Gregory K. Davis – Mississippi, Southern District
Richard G. Callahan – Missouri, Eastern District
Tammy Dickinson – Missouri, Western District
Michael Cotter – Montana
Deborah K.R. Gilg – Nebraska
Daniel G. Bogden – Nevada
John P. Kacavas – New Hampshire
Paul J. Fishman – New Jersey
Steven Yarbrough – New Mexico
Loretta E. Lynch – New York, Eastern District
Richard S. Hartunian – New York, Northern District
Preet Bharara – New York, Southern District
William J. Hochul, Jr. – New York, Western District
Thomas G. Walker – North Carolina, Eastern District
Ripley Rand – North Carolina, Middle District
Anne Tompkins – North Carolina, Western District
Timothy Q. Purdon – North Dakota
Steven M. Dettelbach – Ohio, Northern District
Carter M. Stewart – Ohio, Southern District
Mark F. Green – Oklahoma, Eastern District
Danny Williams – Oklahoma, Northern District
Sanford Coats – Oklahoma, Western District
S. Amanda Marshall – Oregon
Zane D. Memeger – Pennsylvania, Eastern District
Peter J. Smith – Pennsylvania, Middle District
David J. Hickton – Pennsylvania, Western District
Rosa E. Rodriguez-Velez – Puerto Rico
*Peter F. Neronha – Rhode Island
*William N. Nettles – South Carolina
*Brendan V. Johnson – South Dakota
William C. Killian – Tennessee, Eastern District
David Rivera – Tennessee, Middle District
Edward L. Stanton, III – Tennessee, Western District
John Malcolm Bales – Texas, Eastern District
Sarah R. Saldaña – Texas, Northern District
Kenneth Magidson – Texas, Southern District
Robert L. Pitman – Texas, Western District
David B. Barlow – Utah
Tristram J. Coffin – Vermont
Ronald W. Sharpe – Virgin Islands
Dana Boente – Virginia, Eastern District
Timothy J. Heaphy – Virginia, Western District
Michael Ormsby – Washington, Eastern District
Jenny A. Durkan – Washington, Western District
William J. Ihlenfeld, II – West Virginia, Northern District
R. Booth Goodwin, II – West Virginia, Southern District
James Santelle – Wisconsin, Eastern District
John William Vaudreuil – Wisconsin, Western District
Christopher A. Crofts – Wyoming

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