FALSE ALLEGATIONS TO POLICE is an all too common occurrence. The victim of the false allegation suffers while the LIAR gets away with it. Had Hook hurt Emma there would have been a PSA.

Emma committing the crime of falsely accusing Hook being accepted as a goof or a prank only encourages THIS CRIME AGAINST MEN.

This action did not occur in the fictional town of Storybrooke or any of the other ‘realms’ where the show takes place. It happened in ‘the real world’ in New York. It involved New York Police arresting a man, keeping him overnight, and releasing him when the charges were dropped. The police got played. This is not activity which should be encouraged, endorsed or accepted.

The good guy gets hurt and the damage is ignored. False allegations to police destroy lives. Emma is the hero of the show – “The Savior”. Resorting to illegal dirty tricks are not the traditional qualities of a hero. Also, Emma never even apologized before she reconnected with the victim and drove off to Storybrooke. Emma knew she was in the real world because she referred to her victim as Killian, and not Hook.COLIN O'DONOGHUE

If you think it is a small matter you have no idea how terroristic divorce has become. Take it from the victim of A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE, you have no idea what goes on once you head down the rabbit hole of the American Judicial system. Eight years of injustice left me homeless and destitute with no future while under constant litigation.

It lead to a constitutional challenge which exposes why the US Constitution has been ignored since the late 1980’s.


Once Upon A Time has been advertising that WICKED IS COMING. Maybe that’s right in Storybrooke, but in ‘the real world’…

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 is currently in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia…

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