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A movie that presents aspects of my annihilation by divorce has the potential of being ‘misery porn’ which was something I feared before going to this film.

I was concerned that my experiences which had been handled and those emotions filed away would be pulled out and thrown back into the air around me.

Since 2007, I had been in contact with many of the people in the movie… they hadn’t helped. Among them Gloria Allred who I thought came across well in the movie. We had exchanged emails years ago. Judge Lynn Toler who has not blocked me from communication on Facebook and must be aware of my terror. The private investigator who calls it as it is… Death is easier than Divorce. He presents the truly aggressive possibilities. I can assure you his raw and direct information is sugar coated when compared to reality.

I cried at a few parts. An emotional relapse. I had tried to prepare myself for it, Make myself laugh before going in. For the record, the movie IS NOT IN 3D.

I lived every aspect of the movie, and continue to do so, since 2007. They don’t even show the other abuses which occur. The false allegations don’t begin to demonstrate the destruction. The abuse of county resources, like the psych wards. The terror inflicted by an aggressive pursuit of ‘deadbeat dads’. Child Support IS a weapon, which can cause you to be jailed, arrested, attacked, prevented from employment, denied drivers license, and more.

While under the childs support system, the facts are summarily dismissed. The pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas, and pre-Fathers Days roundups of ‘deadbeat dads which is televised in every corner of the country and treated as a national joke is truly an evil joke for the public which terrorizers the victims. The system loves to shit on an attacked dad… and no one listens.

The Appeal process in the movie doesn’t show that when the judge HAS COMMITTED a deliberate error in their orders, they obstruct the appeal process. There are 2 orders which are more powerful than the US Constitution. The secret order issued behind your back which makes you seem paranoid and will crush you when you find it. And the deliberately defective and void order which lacks jurisdiction and any authority. The deliberately void order is followed by everyone even when they know it is invalid… because the judges won’t expose the crimes of the judge who issued the order. They just pretend that the order is valid… even when you present the defect over 80 times. ANYONE may attack anything about you and wave that order to get away with their crimes.

It became necessary to find out why everyone thought their actions were lawful. Why is became ‘lawful’ to ignore the law and my rights. The result of that investigation was the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 filed on August 8, 2013 in US Federal Court. The movie supports the information which lead to the challenge. Things started in the late 80’s as Rule 1.6 was enacted in EVERY US State. Injustice became ‘lawful’. Ignoring judicial crimes became ‘lawful’. Though still VERY unconstitutional, law enforcement was not lawfully permitted to address judicial corruption. The reforms suggested in the documentary will not work until peoples rights are no longer ignored. That will occur when Rule 1.6 is declared unconstitutional in every state.

Rule 1.6 is Confidentiality of Information. Same number, same name in every state. It’s is a law which lawyers must follow. When they do it requires them to ignore people’s rights, mandates injustice continue, and prevents and obstructs any law enforcement person from acting on your behalf and prosecuting the crimes and abuses. Enforcement of Rule 1.6 is strongly enforced with a heavy hand. It’s the first rule of “Fight Club”. It is also the second rule.

I exited the movie hopeful. The movie ends somewhat abruptly. I witnessed the ending twice as we had gotten to the theater early and caught the end of the previous showing. Both were the same. People sitting in silence… attempting to pull themselves back together before heading back out into the world that ignores them.

I could’t keep myself from asking through that silence. “So, we have all survived this?” While my thoughts were on those who had not survived. A theater full of people who understood isolation and had shared 90+ minutes isolated together went back out into their nightmare.

2014-01-10 15.36.04The movie may not have been in 3d, but the experience shared was more realistic than if it had been. The 3D glasses helped hide the hollow feeling while I put everything back into its emotional compartment.

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