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My home at 110 Banbury Avenue was fraudulently conveyed on September 20, 2013. Usingf an invalid, defective and void court order, along with misinformation and false testimony the transaction took place without my being informed.

Police have refused to take a complaint ion the matter.

Judge Andrea Duffy was prevented from hearing the complaint by her court administrator.

Judge Patricia Coonahan has the matter in her court, however court administration has failed to schedule any hearing.

The fraudulent conveyance is clear. Based on fraud, forgery, bad power of attorney, misrepresentation of marital status, undue influence, mistakes in recording legal documents, falsified title records, and representations on legal documenta which are invalid or incorrect.

The fraud has been confirmed by Nancy Becker, Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds.

The fraud has been reported to Montgomery Township Police.

The fraud has been reported to Montgomery County Sheriff Eileen Behr.

I have been homeless since these malicious actions regarding my home commenced in June 2011.

Montgomery township police have threatened ME with arrest based on a false report after current occupants were served with the Civil Action in Ejectment. This is inexplicable. If someone stole a car it would be returned to the owner. This is my home which has been stolen.

What I have discovered is that I lost my civil rights when an act of judicial misconduct occurred in 2007. There is no lawful way to address the judicial misconduct, as any lawyer, district attorney or attorney general must follow Rule 1.6 of the rules of Professional Conduct which prohibit lawyers from taking actions which might implicate a member of the judiciary in a crime.

This is why Cash for Kids in Luzerne County went on for years. As over 5000 children and families were affected by the criminal corruption of a judge. No one copuld stop him. No one could explain their inaction to the requests of the victims.

This is why the foreclosure crisis has resulted in millions of people being removed from their homes because a fraudulent deed presented in court was the misconduct necessary to effectively result in the loss of civil rights and liberties – as the misconduct could not be addressed in court or publicly.

I have filed in the Federal Court to address the denial of my rights and liberties protected by the United States Constitution and restope the rights not only for myself but for all Americans. A copy of the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of information of the Rules of Professional Conduct is attached for your review.

Rule 1.6 was not written by the legislature, nor signed by a Governor. it immediately became impossible to address as it was enacted by an act of judicial misconduct. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court illegally and unlawfully enacted the law on October 16, 1987, effective April 1, 1988. Injustice became impossible to address within the state of Pennsylvania.

The same law, same number, same name has been enacted in EVERY state. This is no coincidence. The author of the law is the same in every state.

I would appreciate your help and support regarding the restoration of the constitutional rights of the people of Montgomery Township.

I would appreciate your help and support in the efforts to obtain my home, and to restore the rights of the people in the township, the state and nationwide.


Terance Healy

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