How did the American Bar Association overthrow EVERY state government and get away with it. They followed what Nazi’s did in Germany and perfected their state government overthrow while distracting the people… and leading everyone to believe that the victims were non-existent. A very nazi-esque way of thinking.

They created a LAW. Illegally enacted it. The LAW prevented lawyers from lawfully addressing their overthrow. In exchange the law excused judicial corruption. The judges could excuse the lawyers crimes when presented in court. The victims were denied justice and denied their rights. Victims are left with no where to turn but a court which cannot address their injustice. The LAW prevents it.

The rhetoric scripted through the American Bar Association convinced law abiding people to abandon their ethics and morals. MANDATING judges to sacrifice their integrity to protect the corruption and crimes of other judges. Destroying individuals and families everywhere… terrorizing them to the point of suicide or to where they were ostracized because of constant attacks. They lacked any constitutional rights and no one could explain it.

I lived it. I experienced it. I found their crime. Rule 1.6. It terrorizes people everyday.

Even with my exposing their crime to the Federal Court, a lone lawyer Randall Henzes acted to prevent Constitutional Rights from being restored. He acted without presenting proper authority. He usurped the authority of Attorney General Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania.

ONCE HE ACTED, the act of misconduct in a court of law by an officer of the court, no one could touch him or expose him because Rule 1.6 prevented him from being lawfully prosecuted for his crime. Kathleen Kane’s authority was stripped from her because of a unconstitutional law which she must follow because it is in the Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorney General kathleen Kane got Rule 1.6’d.

Eric Holder, US ATTORNEY GENERAL. Are you watching the power of this Rule 1.6 as it destroys the country. You, Eric, are the only LAWYER in the country who may lawfully take action against Rule 1.6.

No law may be written which prevents the US Attorney General from acting to address it. The US Attorney General. ALONE.

Eric, baby… Restore the Constitution. Shut down the largest and most corrupt and seditious and treasonous organization in the country. A monopoly of corruption with mandatory membership organized in every county with District Attorneys and Attorneys General among their membership. An organized crime syndicate known as The American Bar Association. The largest RICO organization in the country. Sedition and treason in every state would justify their prosecution.

The only other lawful way to address Rule 1.6 is through Pro Se litigants. Terance Healy and Todd Krautheim on behalf of the United States of America.

The team of lawyers assisting an 85 year old Senior Judge in the Eastern District Court obstructed justice by drafting for his signature an order which fails to address the constitutional issue presented. They could not lawfully do so under Rule 1.6.

You can try to convince me that an 85 year old crafted the dismissal of the Constitutional Challenge, but understand the first question in the appeal will relate to the authors and editors of the order failing to identify their conflict of interest. WHERE THE AUTHOR COULD NOT LAWFULLY ADDRESS THE ISSUE PRESENTED, THAT AUTHOR SHOULD HAVE CONFESSED TO THE CONFLICT TO THE JUDGE. The judge would have immediately recognized the basic constitutional matter before him.

Let’s not embarrass Judge Thomas O’Neill after his lifetime of service.
A Motion for Reconsideration is being prepared concurrent with appeal documents.


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