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Dear Mr Malcolm,

You were contacted my Michael Labate and after an introductory discussion it was suggested that we forward the following documents to you for review.

We have discovered that Rule1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct can result in the denial of constitutionally protected rights and liberties. Once this occurs there is no assistance or escape.

I lost my civil rights when an act of judicial misconduct occurred in 2007. It was kept secret for 3 years while undermining court hearings. Once discovered in 2010, the injustice grew. There was no lawful way to address the judicial misconduct, as any lawyer, district attorney or attorney general must follow Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct which prohibits lawyers from taking any action which might implicate a member of the judiciary in a crime.

The Cash for Kids scandal in Luzerne County PA went on for almost a decade until Federal agents intervened. Over 5000 children and families were affected by the criminal corruption of a judge. Putting children in jail for his own gain. No one could stop him. No one could explain their inaction. No one coudl respond to the requests of the victims for help.

This is also why the foreclosure crisis has resulted in millions of people being removed from their homes. A fraudulent deed presented in court was the misconduct necessary to effectively result in the loss of civivl rights and liberties – the misconduct could not be addressed in the court or publicly.

Rule 1.6 was not written by the legislature, nor signed by the Governor. It immediately became impossible to address as it was enacted by an act of judicial miscondduct. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court illegaly and unl;awfully enacted the law on October 16, 1987, efffective April 1, 1988. Injustice became impossible to address within the state of Pennsylvania.

The same law, same number, same name has been encacted in EVERY state. This is no coincidence. The author of the law is the same in every state.

We have filed in Federal Court. Civil Action 13-4614. The matter is currently proceeding for reconsideration by the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and a concurrent Appeal to the Third Circuit is being prepared.

Any support of assistance that you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank You

Terance Healy
Todd Krautheim

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