When a corrupt judge issues a corrupt and defective order (AND DOES SO WITH DELIBERATE INTENT TO ISSUE A VOID ORDER), it causes lawlessness and terror which cannot be addressed. NO ONE WILL ADDRESS THE CORRUPT JUDGE’s CRIME AND INJUSTICE. Your life becomes daily terror, additional injustice and constant frustration – 24 HOURS A DAY.

Any and all lies and fraud are ignored, because if you attempt to assert your rights or the truth, the corrupt judge will be exposed. It doesn’t matter how many people become involved in the crimes against you. You have little recourse but to suffer continuing criminal acts against you.

All anyone has to do is connect the void and defective order of the corrupt judge to their actions and you get hurt. There is no escape until they kill you.

Healy v Miller is a case where I am attempting to recover my home and property. By law, the home and property is mine. By deed, the home and property is mine. Miller invalidly asserts 3 words on one page of a defective order against the facts. For the last 2 years, Law enforcement will not prosecute the theft of my home, or the theft of the Miller’s money.

Until I succeed, I remain homeless and destitute. That was the intent of the 18 judges involved in my divorce. I received my injustice (and death sentence) when Judge Rhonda Daniele issued a secret order in my divorce. The order was hidden for 3 years and destroyed my life, my relationships with everyone, my reputation, caused problems with law enforcement and denied me my children. No hearing. I’ve never seen Judge Rhonda Daniele. Judge Rhonda Daniele was never assigned to my case, yet her corrupt order was the impetus to injustice and denial of civil human and parental rights since 2007. Through 17 other judges who sacrificed their integrity to conceal her crime – terrorizing my life in the process.

When the secret order was found and presented in court, the retaliation from the court became worse. The corruption and and retaliation escalated taking everything from me. It has been two years since that defective and void order was issued. It was issued defective and void intentionally so that no one would ever address the evil that Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was executing. They return to attack constantly. I cannot get hearings, but everyone else does. The hearing then delivers another injustice. In March 2013, Judge Garrett page ordered me to pay over $300,000 for a penalty of contempt BUT without a finding of contempt. A contempt order will put a person in jail until it is satisfied. Their goal was Jail. It lead to the proof necessary to demonstrate complete loss of rights when the matter made it to the superior Court. It lead to the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6. It proved the corruption was based on the Rule. And the Rule proved to be so much more evil by design and intent.

I present the facts in court and when the judge realizes the corruption of the court, the judge perpetrates further terror. Eighteen judges have terrorized me since 2007.

Civil Complaint – Action in Ejectment ( PDF )

Emergency Praecipe for Immediate Eviction / Order of Possession( PDF )

Emergency Praecipe for Immediate Eviction/Order of Possession (Addendum)( PDF )

Defendant’s Preliminary Objections and Defendant’s Memorandum of Law ( PDF )

Plaintiff Responds to Defendant’s Preliminary Objections and Defendant’s Memorandum of Law
( PDF )

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