Gary Kline
Domestic Relations Division
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404

Dear Mr. Kline

I attempted before noon today to deliver the attached letter to the Domestic Relations Office (DRO). The treatment I received at the direction of an obese clerk with blond hair and a pink blouse was inexcusable.

When I arrived I proceeded to the check-in folks and asked them to accept a letter and time stamp copies for distribution to the parties. They asked if I had a case number. It was on the letter.

When they looked into their computers, they indicated the file was CONFIDENTIAL. There has never been an explanation ffor my file being confidential. I have been denied access to the file for years without explanation.

The counter person took the letter (and copies) to the back and about 10 minutes later the woman who refused to identify herself indicated I needed to open up a new file. She refused to accept the letter or to time stamp the copies. The counter person then explained to her that I had a PACSES number already. She ignored her. I instructed her this was about delivering a letter to the DRO about an existing case, not initiating a new case.

I asked her to identify herself or contact her supervisor. She ignored me and called the deputies. She falsely indicated she had already given her name. if she had, why would I not have it? or written it? Why would I still be asking for it? Why was she calling the deputies? Why were they saying she had given me her name when they were not there? Why was the delivery of a letter causing such drama? Why was she refusing to provide her name. Even a first name would have been useful. This woman was determined, for no apparent reason, to prevent me from simply delivering a letter and having it time-stamped for distribution to the parties.

In the past no presenting a time-stamped copy of the documents filed with the Domestic Relations Office has been reason for inaction and failure to collect arrears.

As such, I would appreciate your confirmation of the receipt of the attached letter dated November 7, 2013.

I would appreciate the opportunity to review the matter with you and additionally understand why the information in my file is being prevented from me. The DRO activity was initiated on my behalf by my attorney in July 2007.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the DRO, discuss my experience, and review and obtain the file contents.


Terance Healy

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