November 22, 2013
Gary Kline
Domestic Relations Office
P.O. Box 311
Norristown, PA 19404-0311

By facsimile (610) 239-9637.

Healy v Healy 2007-12477
PACSES 853111584

Dear Gary,

Arm of the Court? Seriously? If so, would you care to address the deliberately defective and void order as invalid? Or valid? Things which supercede the Court’s authority include the Law, Due Process, Procedure, etc… A Judge is required to have jurisdiction to issue an Order of the Court.

Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio did not have jurisdiction, therefore she was NOT acting as a judge when she knowingly issued her deliberately defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

The Domestic Relations Office has a responsibility to execute a Court Order when it is valid. When given an invalid and defective order the Domestic Relations Office has a responsibility to respond accordingly to address the defects in the order.

Your department can address the defect in the void order of May 9, 2011. Your department can schedule a hearing to address the defect. The defect is not a judgment, it is procedural. The judge lacked jurisdiction. There is no way to retroactively obtain jurisdiction. The void order is never going to be valid. Never. Ever.

You continue to evade the defect while you perpetrate the invalid order and are complicit in the deliberate corruption ordered and where the County is feigning an obligation to follow a void order while it continues to harass my life.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has additionally been served the void and defective order. The deliberate void and defective order continues to attack every aspect of my life.

If you wish to do the right honorable and lawful action, simply recognize the defective and void order and resume APL until the a proper and lawful order can be issued.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 exposes the inability of a litigant to get a hearing when an act of judicial misconduct or corruption is involved in a matter. This will explain why Court Administration has been so directly involved in denying access to the court to address the matter.

If you are an attorney who may not lawfully take any action to expose the criminal misconduct and corruption of the judiciary, you are welcome to respond that ‘Pursuant to Rule 1.6, I am unable to take the lawful actions required by my office.’

Another matter, Healy v Miller #2013-29976, also awaits scheduling by Court Administration. In that matter, the Millers are attempting to assert the same void order as a power of attorney instrument. They were the victims of fraud in an amount in excess of $400,000.00.

My personal property and possessions were disposed of as a result of the same defective and void order.

According to the information returned in Healy v Miller, there is support owed which has not been collected by the Domestic Relations Office.

You have not explained why my file is marked CONFIDENTIAL? I am aware that the file has been altered and electronic records have been deleted.

I asked for a meeting, conference or proceeding. None has been scheduled.

I asked for a review of the void and defective order. No review has been scheduled.

I asked for an explanation of the rudeness and false allegations of your staff. It has been ignored.

I am spending another Thanksgiving destitute and homeless because of the complicity of Montgomery County in concealing the corruption and defective order of May 9, 2011. I have persevered through this injustice and terror since the initial concealed act of misconduct in August 2007. The facts are clear. The law is clear. The corruption is clear.

I presume you wanted to be the Director of Domestic Relations, SO DO THE JOB… or resign.

Terance Healy

cc: Montgomery County Commissioners
Josh Shapiro, Chair
Leslie S. Richards, Vice Chair
Bruce L Castor Jr, Commissioner

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