November 19, 2013

Dear Mr Healy,

I noted in my previous letter that the information you attempted to deliver was received. I looked through the case and the docket with the Courts. I want to assist you but I cannot find anything that would supersede the Courts’s Order. I did see that appeals have been filed.

My office is merely an arm of the Court charged with enforcing the Court’s Order. At such time as your appeals have been decided upon and an order is entered please let me know and I’ll immediately update our records if I haven’t already received the new order.


Gary Kline

Arm of the Court? Seriously? If so, you would address the defective and void order as a part of the judiciary.

Things which supercede the Court’s authority include THE LAW, DUE PROCESS and PROCEDURE. A Judge is required to have jurisdiction to issue an Order of the Court. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio did not have jurisdiction, therefore she was NOT acting as a judge when she issued her deliberately defective and void order of May 9, 2011.

The Domestic Relations Office has a responsibility to execute a Court Order when it is valid. WHEN IT IS GIVEN AN INVALID AND DEFECTIVE COURT ORDER there is a responsibility to respond accordingly to address the defects in the order.

Your department can address the defect in the void order of May 9, 2011. Do your job, or resign and give it to someone who will do the job lawfully.

If you are an attorney who may not take any action to expose the criminal misconduct and corruption of the judiciary, or you have been advised by legal counsel, you are welcome to respond that ‘Pursuant to Rule 1.6, I am unable to take the lawful actions required by my office.”

Then write your resignation letter, before the County Commissioners must ask for it.

I asked for a meeting. None has been scheduled.

I asked for a review of the void and defective order. No review of the defects has happened.

I presume you wanted to be the Director of Domestic Relations, SO DO THE JOB.

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