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Archdiocese Of Philadelphia
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Philadelphia, PA 19103-1299

Re: Pursel-Healy 381-13

Dear Rev. Msgr Di Girolamo,

Currently, the parties in this matter are not divorced in the State of Pennsylvania.

A defective, invalid and void divorce decree was issued on May 9, 2011. It is currently under an Appeal filed on August 15, 2011, and again on April 29, 2013 raising the matter to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Sonya Healy has additionally testified under oath on September 20, 2011 that she believes herself to be married. (Copy Attached)

Mrs. Healy signed a document swearing to her marriage, however, she was doing so to perpetrate a larger fraud. She was illegally conveying the marital residence and disposing of a lifetime of possessions of her husband. Illegally and in violation of all court orders. The family to whom she illegally sold the home is now in litigation because of the damage she brought upon them.

Mrs. Healy has engaged in conduct that can only be referred to as destructive and terroristic. She has denied her children access to their father. She has lied in court. Her malicious litigation and fraud are well documented in the courts. Sonya Healy is acting out of extreme malice.

Her actions have been so corrupt within the court that it has been before 18 judges of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. The Divorce is also in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania as her fraudulent testimony has threatened to incarcerate me. The matter is additionally before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as a Federal Issue was discovered. The Federal issue is before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania 13-4614.

I have been a Catholic my entire life. Growing up my family was a founding family at St Robert Bellarmine in Warrington. I went to St. Joseph’s Elementary, Warrington and Archbishop Wood High School, Warminster. My own family was a founding family at Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish in North Wales from its inception.

Sonya Healy is a Methodist from Bethany United Methodist Church in Milton, PA. Though she converted after our children were born she was never a practicing Catholic.

She is seeking this annulment in an attempt to inflict further damage to myself, my parents and my children by attacking through my religion. We have been married for over 25 years. I would greatly appreciate copies of any documents which Sonya Healy has provided to the Tribunal.


Terance Healy
871 Mustang Road
Warrington, PA 18976

Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Powell, DMA
Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Di Girolamo, JCD
Rev Eduardo Montero, JCL
Rev. Sean Bransfield, JCL

Copy attached:
Sworn Statement from Sonya Healy that she is married on September 20, 2011

Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct – This case is based on the extreme malicious injustice brought about through Sonya Healy’s terroristic divorce actions.

Cross Reference:
Court Docket #2007-12477 Healy v Healy
Court Docket #2013-29976 Healy v Miller
Superior Court Docket #1330 EDA 2013
Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania #155 MM 2013
US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania #13-4614

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