Chief James Miller,

I have just been advised that my mother was visited by a patrol car at her home today at 871 Mustang Road.

My mother is an 80 year old woman living alone with health issues. While unintentional, the visit from your officer frightened her. the officer asked about my whereabouts, what car i drove, and how often I driove her car. I am sure you can understand her fright.

Your officer was relaying a message from a Montgomery Township Police Officer after she received repeated calls from him today. I have responded to officer Ruchkin by fax. I include that fax for your reference.

I would like to know what allegations were made that caused Warrington Police to pay a courtesy call to learn my whereabouts and what car I drove. This is a genuine request for information.

The matter in Montgomery Township is a civil matter being litigates in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. I am seeking to assert my lawful and legal ownership of property illegally and fraudulently conveyed to the Millers – a lawyer and real estate agent. Judge Coonahan has been notified of the threat against me made by Montgomery Township Police via a court filing this evening.

Thank You,

Terance Healy

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