I discovered the hacks to my computer. AGAIN. I’ve resigned to the fact that the best I can accomplish alone is to maintain some functionality with the knowledge that the capabilities which can be used to prevent the story being presented by the media, or to other victims , is much stronger and better staffed than one man in the burbs of Philadelphia.

The fake phone calls and messages from people pretending to need help. They always reveal themselves. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they always reveal themselves.

The auto-attendant fake phone calls… which steal your time. Force you to use their automatic system and waste your time pressing buttons only to never get thru. And an hour later they call again. Time wasted. CONSTANTLY.

The fake bill collectors when I have no bills. WHY CALL EVERY HOUR? Because it interrupts. It interrupts constantly.

The hosting company cron job which runs without reason, or explanation. THEY REFUSE TO OFFER ANY INFORMATION ABOUT IT. OF TO INVESTIGATE. And their repreated interest in opening a specific pdf file. Is someone at Host Gator getting married in Montgomery County PA? And using my site to obtain that info instead of going to the Montgomery County web site? Strange behavior… unless you know that code could be hidden in the file and executed remotely via a cron, or to set up the next cron. Could that be what is blocking this site from so many people?

The support exchange with the hosting company today was incomprehensible. Apparently, there is a higher power at work here preventing access to information ABOUT MY OWN ACCOUNT. Last time it was hacked I had to have a subpoena issued to find out the person behind it. That took 6 months to accomplish. Looks like there are strong indications of another hacker who has covered his tracks with an illegal court order. Pretenders. Private Investigators pretending to be FBI interfering with my life, and preventing the Rule 1.6 Challenge from being visible. I wonder who hired them?

If I was not on the right path, they wouldn’t persist in their tactics and their attacks. It has been a productive week… major developments, and more in the pipeline. The retaliatory actions always increase at these times. Recall, I have been at this since 2007… the patterns are clear.

If I was not destined for success they would put this story on the news. Instead some girl who loses her wedding ring gets 24 hour coverage for 3 days. Seriously.

When the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Legislature is made of of members who are BOUND TO UPHOLD THE RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION… it is clear who the largest racketeering organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is… and evidently the entire country.

Perhaps it is time for me to escalate and ask why the FBI has not investigated the ABA’s sedition and overthrow of every stste government?

The situation they created could only lawfully be addressed by someone who was not a lawyer finding the needle in the haystack after enduring enough terror to expose their terroristic actions, and to have survived their terror. And having to bring the terror to them each time begging for relief… only to receive further injustice.

FBI… How many Americans will die from this domestic form of judicial and litigious terror.

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